10 Biggest Mistakes Guys Make On The Dance Floor

Guys have been known to make mistakes. Forgetting anniversaries, leaving the toilet seat up, and forgetting to take out the trash all come up with territory. But did you know you might be making mistakes on the dance floor too? And we’re not talking about that moon walk you probably shouldn’t have busted out, or that girl you probably shouldn’t have danced with. We’re talking dance moves, and the most common mistakes most beginners make out on the dance floor:


>>> Dance Floor Mistake #1:  Avoiding The Dance Floor

This is an obvious point but needs to be addressed.  Many guys are just not comfortable dancing and avoid the situation altogether.  The solution here is just to simply “do it.”  We hate to use the Nike slogan as dance floor advice… but the only way to get comfortable with it is to just do it a whole bunch of times. You will be amazed how quickly you’ll stop feeling self-conscious.

Make it a goal to dance with a few girls every night you go out and if you don’t know what you’re doing, just mimic the moves everyone around you is doing. Check out our article for how to pretend you are a good dancer for more tips. And of course, alcohol helps here too.


>>> Dance Floor Mistake #2:  Body Language

When you do any dance move you need to do it by oozing confidence.  You need to have that look on your face like you’re the man and you know without a doubt that you’re an amazing dancer, even if it isn’t yet true.

Any move with more “energy” behind it looks better.  That’s like the big dance “secret.”  An average move performed by a guy who’s smiling and having fun with it is much more attractive than a better dancer doing a more complicated move with no energy and a blank stare.

Girls can sense this and its a major turn off.  It communicates that you are either self-conscious and uncomfortable with yourself or bored — neither of which is what you want.

You should always be having fun when you’re dancing.  That’s the whole point of it.  Girls can sense when you’re not having fun and it makes them feel uncomfortable.


>>>Dance Floor Mistake #3:  Let A Smile Curve Up Your Face While Dancing

The smile climbs the chart in the most immediate thing most guys mess up when their dancing in clubs.  Eye contact and a strong smile are must do’s before a successful approach on the dance floor.  Even the best moves will not make the impression you want if you’re facial expressions are all wrong.  Imagine dancing next to someone for 5 minutes who looks like their bored, or worse… uncomfortable.  They will instantly make YOU feel uncomfortable… and when girls feel uncomfortable they walk away, or go back to dancing with their friends.

The trick about the smile is not to wear it all night, but to let it out only after you’ve made eye contact, like after you’ve seen an old friend.


>>>Dance Floor Mistake #4: Approach Girls From The Back With A “Grinding” Move

We’ve all seen the guy in the club, who just sneaks up behind a girl and tries to start grinding with her. It almost never works. Girls just find it creepy. And it’s a sure way to fail on the dance floor. Maybe if you’re a really … and I mean REALLY… good looking guy then you might get away with it. But more often then not they’ll just move away. You need to approach girls on the dance floor so they see you coming. And you need to start out with a move other than grinding. For more on this, check out this article on the number one club dancing sin you can make.


>>>Dance Floor Mistake #5: Too Much Grinding

When you just start dancing with a girl you don’t want to start immediately grinding.  You want to first start dancing about a foot apart from each other.  This is the perfect opportunity to show off your dance moves.  If you don’t have any yet don’t worry.  For now, just do a simple two step while spinning her around a few times.  Want to get in closer? Do so after you’ve been dancing for a while and spin her around so that her back is facing you. More often than not she will move in closer to you and start grinding.

When you don’t start immediately grinding and instead make her feel comfortable while having fun with her on the dance floor she will soon enough move in closer for the grind.  When you’re grinding with her you don’t want to grind for too long either.

Instead, make her want more.  Spin them around, dance in front of them, spin them some more, grind a bit, spin them back out, grind for a bit longer — this is the recipe.  It’s not to see how long you can grind with her for.  That’s what every other guy does and it’s already played out.  When she sees you doing something else you will immediately stand out from the crowd.  Let the grinding be her idea.  And believe us when we tell you that she will start and when you “back away” she will follow you for more.  Her “chasing” you like this on the dance floor will amp up the attraction, so just keep that in mind.


>>>Dance Floor Mistake #6: Not Leading

In Dancing, Men Lead and Women Follow. Sure, it’s 2015 and some people are going to disagree. But when it comes to dancing the night away and sweeping that special someone off their feet, it’s all about leading your partner on the dance floor. Show her you are a confident leader by spinning her around, cover lots of space on the dance floor instead of being tucked away on the edge, and by changing up level as you dance (more on that below). If you don’t feel you’re a good enough dancer to lead her yet, then don’t worry about it for now.  Just work with what you have and when you get better, be sure to keep it in mind.



>>>Dance Floor Mistake #7: Only Dancing With The First Girl You Meet

When you’re out clubbing don’t feel that you have to only dance with just the one girl you met early in the night.  When you know how to dance and get confident on the dance floor, you’ll be able to approach and dance with whomever you want. Seeing you dancing with more girls will make whomever you have your eye on want you that much more. When dancing with several different women, make sure you are seen as the fun guy who knows how to have a great time on the dance floor rather than someone who is just getting around.  “Regular guys” don’t do that.  So when you’re surrounded and dancing with several girls and having a blast, you’ll immediately stand out and become more attractive to everyone around you.


>>>Dance Floor Mistake #8: “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”

The secret to having girls all over you on the dance floor is to “tease” them.   Always leave them wanting more.  Guys never do this. Guys will just stand there and grind with them until they get bored and leave.  Don’t make this mistake.

Instead, just as things start getting “hot and heavy” take a step back.  Then take “two steps forward”… and amp up the attraction, touching, grinding even more than before… and then pull back again.

>>> Click here to learn how to grind with girls!


>>>Dance Floor Mistake #9 Don’t “Make Fun” Of Your Own Dance Moves

Here’s what I mean:  Often I’ll see a guy who knows he’s not a good dancer, and at one point in the night either his friends will start dancing or some girl friend of his will try to dance with him…

… And he’ll do a really, goofy exaggerated dance moves that’s meant to be a joke.  Often, he’ll get a half-laugh out of his friends.

But here’s the problem:  Everyone else will see this and they’ll interpret that as you’re making fun of your own dance moves.  And that’s not attractive.  Girls want to see guys who KNOW how to dance… and they’ll just interpret you dancing goofy as you making fun of yourself in hopes of drawing attention to yourself.

10 Mistakes (1)

>>>Dance Floor Mistake #10: Don’t Worry About Getting Rejected. 

That’s because the truth is, that you WILL almost certainly get rejected at some point in the night. Most girls love dancing.  And girls love dancing with guys.  The truth us, most girls want to have their very own “Dirty Dancing Moment” when they go out.  They want to meet a fun guy who knows how to move… and just “dance the night away” with him. ,

Sure, there will be one or 2 groups of girls in a club, who just went out to dance with each other (they’re usually married or in serious relationships… and just want to have a girls night out).

But 99% of girls you see out dancing, would love it if a guy approached them, and started dancing with them.  The KEY is knowing how to dance… and approaching the RIGHT way… rather than the WRONG way… which almost always ends in rejection.

Most girls you see dancing by themselves are literally waiting for YOU to approach THEM.  The reason you often see hot girls dancing and grinding with their girlfriends… and not with guys… is because most guys are either too intimidated to approach them… or they’re not confident with their own dance moves… to think they even have a shot.

But here’s the thing.  Even if you’ve got “Brad Pit” looks, sometimes you will get rejected.  It happens. Whether it’s a bad day at work, or just not the right timing, even the perfect approach on the dance floor can result in a rejection.

Simply don’t let it phase you and keep your head up high.  Most of the time it has nothing to do with you at all.  Simply brush it off and keep on having fun!

>>> Bonus Tip:  Don’t “Lurk” or “Hover Around” Girls You Want To Approach

This tip is absolutely crucial.  You have to “train” yourself to the point where once you see a group of hot girls you instantly approach.  There’s no counting to three.  No thinking about how they might react.  You just see them dancing, and being the good dancer that you are… you know they’re going to be thrilled to dance and have fun with you.  So you instantly and confidently approach without hesitations.  (Just make sure you approach them from the front… and please, PLEASE don’t try to start immediately grinding with her.)

A lot of guys will make the mistake of hovering around a group of girls they want to approach… and they’ll just stand there checking them out… while they’re deciding whether they’re going to approach them, or not.  The problem here, is by the time you work up the courage to approach, they’re already not interested… because they view guys like this as creepy.

Don’t walk around the dance floor looking for girls. If you need to walk through, walk with your friends and walk with a purpose.  If your not on the dance floor, don’t stare in, get a drink. Chat with your friends, don’t give it the attention it does not deserve.

Don’t stare into the dance floor If you’re not on the dance floor, then don’t look at it. Kinda of like beer pong and guitar hero, theres some uncanny magnetic force that makes everyone look and face toward the dance floor, watching other people have fun.  Don’t do it.  If you’re not dancing, find something else to do and keep away from that gravitation pull of the dance floor.  If women catching you starting into the black whole, they will brand you as a creep.

Finally, don’t  let your dance moves hold you back from going out and having a blast.  Dancing is the type of thing you just have to do and get used to.  You can only get better with practice.

And if you guys want to REALLY accelerate this entire learning process and learn exactly how to dance at a club, then I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of Own The Dance Floor, the complete series.

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There’s over 5 hours of back to back dance lessons on these DVDs.  We break down every move for you step by step… and make sure to go slow so that even if you have two left feet, you can learn all these moves.

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The bottom line is, if these DVDs don’t transform you into a much, much better dancer, then we simply don’t deserve to keep your money.

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P.S. Here is another BONUS Tip

Stay away from the “circle of death.” Make a note of the size and make of groups before you approach women on the dance floor.  Any woman standing around alone is a good target to approach.  If she is alone because her friend is with a guy, she’ll be jealous and more open to your advance.  If she’s waiting for a drink, she’s probably worried about looking like a loser standing alone and will welcome your company.  And in the case her boyfriend is in the bathroom, just gently exit the situation with a smile.  With a circle of girls, don’t be one of many guys standing on the outskirts and peering in.  If you’re really got your eyes on one of the girls, make a note of when she goes to the bar and try to pick her up there.  Or, if you’re seen as having tons of fun, dancing with other women, and then again with just your friends, girls of the group will actually open up and practically invite you in.


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