Dance Fitness made Fun and Easy with our Dance Workout DVDs

First you’ll learn the moves, then you’ll put them together in a fun fat burning workout.There’s no silly choreography, or excruciating crunches. You’ll use fun, sexy moves to help you work up an incredible sweat, sculpt those abs, and whip your entire body into fantastic shape fast. And the results speak for themselves. You’ve seen Girls Night Out featured on CNBC, Star Magazine, Marie Claire, E News, Better TV, and on Channel 11 Morning News. The secret is in the carefully selected dance moves. Each move was carefully chosen to trigger your various muscle groups that simultaneously use your core muscles to balance and tone while you work out your legs, arms, chest, and back - all at the same time. working out has finally become fun. And the best part is, you’ll Feel the burn when you’re just LEARNING these moves. Too many dance fitness videos breeze through the instruction. And when it’s time to use the moves in the workout section it’s tough to keep up because the moves were hardly explained. That’s not the case here. In fact, Girls Night Out is as much of an instructional dance dvd as it is a fitness video. so if you’ve ever wondered how you can get that slim, sexy dancers body while learning fun, sexy dance moves... then let the backup dancers to the stars show you how. You’ll learn to dance with confidence, to adapt to the music, and to be the center of attention whenever you want. And you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to learn these fun, flirty dance moves This dance fitness system is conveniently split up into 4 sections that total over one hour and twenty minutes. First you’ll get Girls Night Out where you’ll discover those, fun, flirty dance moves you've always secretly wished you could do yourself. You’ll have so much fun with these moves you won’t even realize you’re simultaneously toning your abs, thighs and even your booty… and you’re going to get a ton of moves you are going to love! Once you’ve mastered these moves you’ll be ready to move onto Hip Hop Dance Party. Have you ever wanted to be the center of attention at a club, bar, or wedding? In Hop hop dance party, you’ll learn those fun and sassy dance moves that’ll really allow you to show off. You’ll be able to get in a circle and impress your friends. They’ll be wondering if you’ve secretly been taking dance lessons for years! But that's not all, you'll also take your dance moves to the next level in Step it Up. After appearing on stage and in music videos with many of today's biggest stars, your instructors have taken they're favorite moves and broken them down for you step by step in four fun mini routines that really turn up the heat. you’ve seen these moves in your favorite music videos, performances, and movies, and now you’ll be able to do them too. And you haven’t even gotten to the actual workout section yet! Once you’ve learned the moves you’ll be ready to put them all together in the Dance Your Way Thin Remix. This 15 minute workout combines all the moves you just learned in one fat burning dance workout it's the FUN way to get in shape . . . to force those pounds to melt away and to finally give yourself the hot, sexy dancer's body you deserve so much. Plus there’s no motivational talk in this 15 minute workout so you don’t have to worry about pressing the mute button on your 5th listen... you can just put on your favorite music and we let the moves do the talking, as you just follow along and dance! You’ve got a very simple choice to make… The simple fact is . . . IF you want to tighten and tone every part of your body… to get those lean sexy muscles… and to learn fun sexy dance moves in the process. . there has simply never been a better way. Order now . . . we personally promise that, just like the thousands of girls before you, that you won't regret it. So get ready to let loose, have fun and dance your way into great shape! The sexy dancers body you’ve always wanted is just one click away.

Separate DVDs for both men and women

We believe that guys and girls dance differently. Whether it's ballroom, salsa, or even club dancing, men and women use different steps, accentuate different parts of their bodies, and learn a different style of dancing. That's why we created different DVDs for men and women.

Guys, enter here

If you have two left feet and want to learn to dance fast, then you are just moments away from being very happy.  You’re about to learn how to dance with confidence, how to enjoy your own dirty dancing moment every night you go out, and how to dance the night away without worrying about your moves.

Girls, enter here

Have you ever wanted to move your body like Beyonce and shake your hips like Shakira?  Created by the backup dancers to the stars, our instructional dance videos are about to teach you today’s hottest and sexiest dance moves and the best part is, they’re all much easier to learn than you think! 

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Collage Videos is a great resource for dance fitness products but our dance workouts are only available here. So go on, take a gander, and checkout the scoop on our videos! You are just moments away from getting that dancer's body.  All of our instructional dance videos will get your heart pumping and your body moving! You can literally start working out in seconds. And if you live abroad, you’ll take comfort in our free international shipping!

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"Sexy Moves For The Club" and "Girls Night Out" will teach you fun, sexy dance moves that will drive the guys WILD and make all your friends jealous."



"Hip Hop Moves For The Club" will teach you hot, practical dance moves that are sure to impress any girl you're dancing.