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Why Don’t Guys Dance?

A quick, even WEIRD history of guys learning to dance…

Imagine walking into a club, party, or wedding, and having your choice of who you want to take dance with.

Imagine being able to approach any woman (or even just that one special one) on the dance floor with complete confidence, knowing you’re about to sweep her off her feet and show her the dirty dancing fantasy of a lifetime.

Clubs are the best place to meet new women. It’s where women go to let their hair down, have fun, and possibly bring a guy home. So stop imagining and start doing- because going out and having fun dancing is so much easier than you thought possible.

Not the smoothest talker in the world? In a club you do not have to be. It’s where looks do not matter and where you do not have to worry about memorizing any “canned” material. Dance floor game in the club takes care of all the steps of attraction – without you having to do anything!

You’ll learn how to build comfort through playful dance moves, while you slowly turn up the heat with attraction building moves and hand gestures on your way to a spectacular kiss close.

Most guys fail on the dance floor because they do not have confidence in their ability to dance and in their ability to approach the woman of their dreams. But it’s not their fault…

Most of us spent time growing up playing video games and sports. The fact is, no one ever taught us how to dance – which is actually a very strange development.

Because for the last 200 or so years, dancing was the only way to meet women outside of arranged marriages.

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret. And it might make you wish you were around for the 1920’s . . . and not just because you could’ve rubbed shoulders with Al Capone.

Dancing was probably a lot easier back then.

Dances like Swing, the Waltz, and the Fox Trot have clear steps, and once you master the sequence of steps and avoid stepping on your partner’s toes, you’re practically all of the way there.

Social dancing today is much different.

Whether it’s dancing at a wedding, your friend’s summer party, or at a club, the range of music is constantly changing, ever absorbing new styles like pop, electronic, hip hop, reggae, and even salsa.

And that is exactly why we’ve spent the last several months putting together a truly unique system that cuts through all the “complicated stuff” and that teaches you the simple, practical, and attention grabbing moves you need to be smoothnatural, and spontaneous on the dance floor . . . to dance with confidence . . . to dance to any type of music . . . and to be the center of attention whenever you want.

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