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Custom Wedding Dances Tailored Specifically For You. Order A Custom Wedding Dance For The Big Day Today, and We'll Not Only Send You A Simple, Elegant, and HOT Routine, We'll Teach You How To Do It With Step By Step Instructions

Whether it's a wedding dance for the bride and groom, a hot routine just for the boys, something for the bridesmaids, or a routine for walking down the aisle, we've got you covered and can tailor a special wedding dance for the following occasions:

We'll work with you to create a meaningful, impactful routine that will look a lot harder than it really is, and we'll make sure to create the perfect wedding dance, no matter your level, and even if you have never danced before. Choose from a hot hip hop wedding dance, or make it slow and sensual with simple spins and dips.

Think you can do better than these popular wedding dances on Youtube? We know you can!

How To Order Your Custom Wedding Dance Routine

When you order now, simply fill out a short form selecting your song, your dance experience, and the occasion you need your routine for, and we'll get started on it right away. We'll call you on the same day and we'll work with you to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Then we'll put together a hot wedding dance just for you. Everything we put together is absolutely original, and specially made for you.

But that's not even it. We'll actually send you the entire routine, complete with step by step instructions so you can learn your special wedding dance whenever you have the time. Unllike dance lessons that can literally cost thousands of dollars, your unique "instructional manual" will be yours to keep, and you can watch it as many times as you need.

Who the 'heck' are we, and why would you want to learn a wedding dance with us?

You'll be getting your specially made wedding dance from Brian Henninger, one of the hottest choreographers in New York. Brian's specialty is teaching beginners how to dance and he's literally traveled around the country and around the world teaching thousands of students how to dance. You've seen Brian with mary J Blige, Snoop Dog, Justin Bieber, and Justin Timberlake, and now it's your turn to master a simple, impactful routine just like the stars.

We're not saying that to brag . . . but just to show you that when it comes to dancing in the spontaneous, fun way you want, we definitely know what we are talking about. But you know what? The fact that we've danced with big names and famous artists isn't what's important here. What's important is that we've gotten great results for thousands of men around the world . . . men and women who thought they'd never be able to become good dancers. . . some couples who had never even danced a step in their lives . . . but who had so much fun on their big day, and who dance the night away, without worrying about their dance moves.

We'll complete your entire wedding dance routine in just one week.

Once we get started, we'll need a week to put together your routine and your complimentary step by step instructions. Why so long? Brian Henninger is usually away on tour performing, so he'll need a few days to put everything together. But you can be sure that you will have everything in your posession in just one week. You'll get both the routine and the instructions in mp4 format, so you'll be able to watch and learn on any computer, DVD player, or tablet.

Because Brian is so busy on tour, and because we want to make sure that you only get the absolute best, we'll be limiting how many wedding dances we do each month.

To make sure you reserve your wedding dance routine, please act now.

When You Order Your Custom Wedding Dance

you also get these 2 Bonuses Absolutely free as well!

how to dance at a wedding

We'll include our favorite instructional videos
"Dance The Night Away - Partner Dancing 101" and "Turn Up The Heat" a $54 value,
absolutely free.

Inside these videos, you'll learn:

  • How to spice up your slow dancing and get ready to make those moments more intimate and so much more magical. You'll learn the easy steps to make even the simple slow dance a memorable experience.
  • No formal steps or ballroom dancing. You'll learn elegant moves inspired by salsa, swing, the bachata, and romantic Cuban dances without memorizing any routines, or following outdated patterns. You'll learn hot, practical moves that are going to look amazing when you bust them out on the dance floor.
  • Learn to dance like the stars and learn the simple patterns you've seen on your favorite shows.
  • You'll learn simple, yet incredibly effective spins and graceful, daring dips that will have you twirling around to the jealous stares of all your friends. And the best part is, they're so much easier to learn than they look!
  • You'll learn fun party moves like the "hip bump" and "kid and play", (perfect for weddings), and how to bring it in closer with seductive grinding moves and techniques.
  • You'll also get a free, exhilarating couples hip hop routine that we'll show you how to link up with the rest of your moves.

Here's How You Can Get Your Hands on Your Custom Wedding Dance and "Dance The Night Away" and "Turn Up The Heat" RIGHT NOW . . . And At A Surprisingly Low Cost

By now you're probably wondering "How much is this incredible package going to cost?"

And I think you're going to be shocked at the answer . . . because it's that low.

After all, private dance lessons to learn these moves would cost you at least $100 per session . . . Add in the fact that you would need at least 10 classes to really learn and master a routine and you'd end up paying over $1000 to learn just a portion of the material you'll get with this package . . . and that's if you could find someone to teach you the simple, easy to learn way of dancing on your special wedding day.

But I'm not going to charge you thousands of dollars . . .

You can get your hands on this custom made wedding dance routine for just $325

To reserve your wedding dance and guarantee you'll get it this week, simply click on the "Order Now" button below and fill out your info during checkout. Brian will follow up with you in just moments, and we'll start working on your big wedding dance right away!