Three Cruel Lies About ‘What to Say Next…’

***Guest Post By Bobby Rio

Let’s agree right now that if you don’t know how to talk to women… you’re NOT going home with them.

Plain and simple.

No amount of muscles, nice clothes, or fancy cars will change that fact.

Unfortunately for guys who lack this skill there is a TON of useless advice out there… (trust me, as a former painfully shy guy I spent years being led down the wrong path)

Yep. Most of the advice on conversation is flat out misleading (if not damaging)

Here’s three of the most erroneous lies you’ve probably been taught about talking to women.


Lie #1:  Try to find things in common

For some reason people just love to advise ‘finding things in common’.

Problem is that when you fish for things you have in common you are  walking the slow death into the friend zone.

You’ve probably heard my “health food girl” story….

How I spent 2 hours talking health food with some chick thinking we were practically soul mates…

… 15 minutes after our conversation ends she’s upstairs giving some other dude a handy dandy…

When you search for ‘things in common’ you pigeon hole yourself as THAT GUY.  Her music buddy, or her health food friend…

Instead you want to be the FUN GUY she she gets sexually excited around.

Lie #2:  Pretend you’re not interested

I can’t tell you how many guys I coach who don’t close the deal because they’re trying to seem ‘disinterested’….

While you definitely should NOT be writing girls poems, obsessively complimenting them, or showering them with drinks….

She MUST know you’re interested in her.

When you try to *hide* your interest what you are actually hiding is your MASCULINITY.

You are a man.  You are supposed to be sexually interested in her.

Trying to overtly seem disinterested will make you seem **gay** or she’ll assume you’re just too shy to know what to do.

Lie #3: Be funny.

Women want FUN. NOT funny.

Here’s the thing.. being funny is hard work.

The fact is most humor requires inside jokes and previous knowledge…

Its very easy to be funny around your friends because you can laugh about things you are both familiar with.

But SHE probably won’t find the same story as funny (when she doesn’t know the people involved)

So stop trying to be funny. You are making it too damn hard on yourself.

Give her fun.  It’s easier, and its what she wants anyway, and dancing is one of the best ways to do it!

“FUN” is the ultimate commodity.  Its what we search for when we go out.

But here’s something you might not know..

Fun is also an aphrodisiac.  Yep. The more “Fun” she is having around you the hornier she will become.

Its because of a chemical reaction that is going on in her brain.  i won’t go into details, but just know that when she’s in that giddy, fun mode she’s also slowly getting more and more turned on.

So there you go…

I just finished up a new video all about “Changing the words you use” to create chemistry and attraction…

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In this video I reveal the Triangle of Temptation.  These are the three emotions a woman is powerless against.

When you block out all the ‘noise’ and focus on these three things you’ll find your conversations quickly reach the next level.

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Check it out soon because I’m not sure how long i’ll be leaving it up.

Make it happen!


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