A. Baskin  

(Boston, MA)

The product description is actually amazingly close to the real thing! You almost never see that these days. Sexy Moves For The Club is a two disc set. The first DVD is about 100 minutes long and only has the instruction. The instruction is definitely really good. All three ladies on the cover a re instructors in the video although only one of them does most of the talking, the one in the center. They all really know what they're doing though and they all differ a bit in their styles - which is good since you get to pick the one you want to copy. Each lesson is about 5 minutes long and is incredibly detailed. The section on transitions is very useful as well. By transitions, they mean a short spin or dance move that you can do in between the other dance moves to switch between them. They actually show you four different transitions and they're all pretty good. 


The second DVD has the Bonus Workout as well as some other special features. The Bonus Workout is 15 minutes long and is actually pretty good. They don't say anything while they lead the workout and let the music do the talking - which is actually great because I hate it when fitness instructors have too much motivational talk. Pop-ups throughout the wor kout give you different tips and announce how much time you have left. The other special features are a Bio page (these girls have danced with some seriously famous people), and something called Instructors In The Club which shows how each of the instructors would dance in a club using the moves from the video. 

Overall, what an exceptional product! One of the best instructional videos I've seen for sure.

K. mourning "kella" 

(Phoenix, az)

lovedddddddd it! It was an incredibly well done video and the most important thing, the instruction, was also the best thing about it. The video is set up like this: there are about 25 moves in total, including transition moves. Eac h move starts out with the dancers demonstrating the move first, lasting about thirty seconds or so. Then the lead begins with a very detailed explanation where she breaks everything down, body part by body part. Her pointers were extremely effective and she's great at anticipating what you would be struggling with. Each move is about 5 minutes long and Nicole shows you the move from the front as well as the back. The camera angles were very professional and the close-ups were definitely useful. Oh did I mention they were wearing heels? Yes, these hot dance moves are possible in four inch heels! Finally, each section is wrapped up by the girls showing you the move full speed one last time and giving you last minute pointers. You may have to rewind some of the more difficult moves several times, but it's almost scary to see yourself improve. I started seeing changes almost immediately after I bought the video and my moves became smoother in no time.

Faerie at Heart 

I saw their practice stuff and one of the moves from the dvd on youtube and I thought, what they hey, the music sounded pretty good and the dance move they showed seemed done in a professional enough way. So I decided to buy this and the accompanying dvd..... I love it. Not only can I use these moves at the club, but it's a really great workout (My legs were sore the next day after trying one move, although I was repeating the move all day long trying to get it down :P) I like the music (it is repetitive but I liked it.) and the way the host breaks down the moves helps you out so much. And it's really great that they do these moves in heels. (the other DVD they wear sneakers, but I still love the moves). If you want to learn some easy moves that will give you the basics for the club, I def recommend this dvd. This gives you a nice base to start on.


This review is from: Nightclub Dance Series: Sexy Moves for the Club

I loved this DVD. I basically have "two left feet" and I am terribly uncoordinated and NOT a dancer. I was surprised wit h not only how easy these moves are, but also how useful they are. I was so tired of avoiding dancing in clubs because I was soooo bad. This video has given me hope and I am learning the moves and using them and am no longer embarrassed about dancing.


(WI, United States)

I mostly bought this product to see how much of a workout it'd be. I love dancing, but I love it more when it gets me sweating. 

-Most moves are easy and fun 

-Definitely gives you a great workout! 

-Works well with all sorts of club music 

-The moves are great for in the club 

-Although repetitive, the music is good for the moves 

-Each move is broken down step-by-step and shown from various angles. Tips are also given for some of the harder moves. 

-It starts out slow with helpful basics that make later moves easier. 

Overall, I really liked this DVD. It's a great workout and, if you get tired, it's easy to stop and go back later, as each move is broken into scenes in a moves menu (like a scenes menu). I'll definitely be practicing these moves whenever I can!

K. Y. 

(Elk Grove, CA)

I love this dvd! I hate working out because it just seems so boring. So I use this as one of my workout routine and it gives me a good sweat every time I use it. At the same time, I learning some really sexy moves.

Manda "MizzManda" 

(NSW, Australia)

Great DVD! I love to dance but was always pretty pathetic and awkward at it, although I'm in pretty good shape. So I decided I needed something to teach me how to dance properly as well as sexy. I saw somewhere that the instructor in this dvd has actually been a choreographer for beyonce and some other pretty fa mous people so felt like a good buy. This DVD is perfect! The instructor has an example of each move and breaks each move down so you know exactly how your body is supposed to move. It involves about 20 or so moves, not all of them suitable for clubbing but great to know how to do if you ever want to use them. The only bad things about it is that the mic gets muffled a little at times and the chick on the right kinda sucks. Also the music could be changed up a bit. The moves are sexy and not slutty. Also a pretty good workout! Now I'm way more confident dancing! Fabulous buy :) 

Legal Eagle 

(Los Angeles)

If you have googled this product or done a search for sexy dance moves, there is no doubt you need to buy this. Even if you use only one of the many moves, its worth the price. These ladies are so REAL. You can see them in a club dancing and having fun. Its not some wacky fitness video - its a total for real dance instruction video. Sexy dance video I should say. I loved it. I don't go to clubs much anymore but now I'm looking for excuses to show off some of these moves. 

If you like to dance - get this. Why not perfect a few moves or learn some. Its fun. 

Meng Liu

"Meng" (Tempe, Arizona, USA)

it really easy to learn, and you dont need to memorize any thing. 

Moves r pretty cool, too. 

S. Snow 

She breaks down the moves really well, very easy to learn them. Finally I understand how to booty bounce! Some are a bit silly and I would never use at a club but the majority I will. There enough moves that I couldn't learn all of them in one session, so defiantly worth the buy. 

Joy Bennett "Joy" 

(Huntington, WV)

I absolutely loved this video! Some of the moves are a little intense, and I would never try outside my room. A few you would have to completely perfect or you would look pretty dumb at the club. However, most of the moves are completely sensible, and all of them are sexy. I especially loved the 15 minute workout program; it's perfect for both practice and exercise. I have a lot more confidence n ow, and my legs have toned up. Haha but what's up with the girl on the right? She's a hoot to watch. She can't keep up with the other two girls.

A. Moscowitz 


Well done ladies! Moves are hot and explanations easy to follow. I definitely recommend this video to any girl who wants to learn to dance. I hope "Girls Night Out" is just as good.

The moves are easy to learn but also challenging, it gets your heart going and they look really nice. I should have gotten this video when I was in my early twenties, oh well, better late than never.

Natasha Castillo "Panda's Lady" 


I REALLY loved this DVD. All the moves were very sexy and relatively easy to do. The instructor broke each move down for you and the moves were very creative and fun. This is by far my favorite of the two DVDs. I would definitely buy again!!!

Live & let

Live (Texas)

When watching this video, i realized that i can do a lot of these moves. It made me wayyy more confident and last time i went clubbing was the best time ever. Guys especially dig using ur hands. 

Dont expect to become the best dancer over night, but watching and practicing a few times definitely makes a difference. 

She explains every move really well and u pick up on the dances easily. It sounds cliche, but this really is one of the best things ive ever spent my money on.


This was one of the best learn to dance DVD's I have ever purchased and there have been many. The instructor teaches at a good pace (not too slow not to fast) and the moves are up to date. I particularly like the fat burning workout which puts all the moves together, so that you can practice. I definitely will be purchasing Girls Night Out. I can finally say "I can dance" and that's an awesome feeling.


(St. Louis, MO)

Fabulous DVD! I wasn't sure what to expect because I didn't see any reviews when I bought this DVD but it really exceeded my expectations. Great instruction, beautiful instructors, sexy dance moves, cool location and a hot soundtrack that just makes you want to shake it. I'm used to something being missing in a product but I haven't been able to find it here. Everything you would expect from a high-budget Hollywood production. Two thumbs up!


You know how you go to a club and then you get nervous and spend half your night against the wall or hiding from the dance floor? Well you won't anymore with this DVD....

Things I liked:

I like that there are women teaching it so I felt immediately comfortable with the instructors, and the fact that they danced on tour with celebs was an added bonus.

It's not too hard: Even if you're a klutz like me, the moves are easy to master after just one viewing. I hate when DVD's show you moves that you have to be a dancer to figure out, this is more simple and makes sense.

BUY IT if you want to get over your fear of dancing!!!


I love this dvd, the moves are so simple to learn, yet look really good on the dance floor. I never normally have many moves or any confidence, but after learning the moves on this dvd, and the 2nd dvd 'Girls Night Out', I have leanred so much and cannot wait to get on the dance floor and bust some moves! 

On both dvds the instructers are brilliant, and they break each move down really clearly and slowly so you can practise and pick it up. Also, each dvd ends with putting some of the moves together, to show you how you would actually use these on the dance floor in a club. I have leanred some of these sequences and have used them on nights out. The dvds are brilliant!


This is a great Dvd for me as a beginer. The Dvd attracted me and guided me through steps by steps. If you want to change yourself and feel more confident about your attraction, you should try this product. Thanks

Ana Bircher

The product arrived way before expected. I am a beginner and found it great, it is amazing to see the fast progress if you follow her instructions. THANKS!

Holly GoLightly

This is a simple, step-by-step instructional video. This is great fun 

and anyone can do it!

Lilac Lily 

(Florida, USA)

I was a little nervous that the moves in this video might be too corny and unpractical for the club. But I was wrong these ladies teach you how to dance!! I absolutely love this dvd and can't recommend it enough!

Perpetu al Motion "Traveler" 

(Everywhere, USA)

This video is totally fun. If you have dance experience you might find it too easy, but I don't have prior dance experience and it's a lot of fun for me. I look forward to doing this workout. IT goes by step-by-step and shows you the moves, goes over them in slow motion, then at normal speed. The video builds on itself, teaching you the individual moves then putting them together. Great video, and great workout!



This instructor really knows how to teach sexy dance moves! As a plus, you also get a workout! I loved it and suggest you buy it!




The dvd arrived very quickly and in excellent condition. The pack contains an instructional dvd with dance steps and combinations that can be used in a club and a dance workout dvd which I have not used yet. It will be particularly useful to women who do not feel very comfortable dancing in a club and also beneficial to any woman who wants to be able to have a sructure to her club dance and some go to moves.


"Sexy Moves For The Club" and "Girls Night Out" will teach you fun, sexy dance moves that will drive the guys WILD and make all your friends jealous."



"Hip Hop Moves For The Club" will teach you hot, practical dance moves that are sure to impress any girl you're dancing.