Ten Pick Up Lines So Awful They’re Good

Ultimately, pick up lines are meaningless, as most women make up their minds about you in the first five seconds.  But there are certain lines that are just so bad, they’re kind of endearing if you use them right.  Here now are Ten Pick Up Lines So Awful They’re Good.

1.  “Nice dress.  It would look better crumpled up on my floor.”  Turn your delivery to maximum smartass, if you expect to get away with this without looking too aggressive or creepy.  If she let’s you hang out, you’re probably in.

2.  “Did you fall from heaven?  Because I really think we should have sex.”  This one doesn’t need 100% confidence, but it does need a fun and light delivery.  Just make sure you reapply your Axe cologne if you get slapped.

3.  “Are you a hard worker?  I have an opening you can fill.”  Generally, ladies don’t need pick up lines.  Guys will pretty much talk to anyone that bats their eyes at them.  Still, if you want to prove you’re just as cheesy.

4.  “Do you believe in love in first sight or should I walk past you again?”  Funny and light, but the less aggressive tone opens the door for a big turn down.  You need to catch her off guard.  If she shows off in front of her friends, you’ll be trying this at the other end of the bar.

5.  “Great legs.  What time do they open?”  It’s dangerous to spout something this vulgar, but then again, women love to “fix” scumbags.  If you can pull off the “handsome rogue” persona, you’re probably in.

6.  “Can I buy you a drink?  I’m much more handsome after alcohol.”  This one is slightly self-deprecating, which is good.  However, it does open you up to a zinger like, “No, thanks.  There’s not enough alcohol in this city to make you handsome.”

7.  “Are you a parking ticket?  Because you got FINE written all over you!”  It’s funny, cheesy and not at all aggressive.  It’s not likely to get a zinger response.  Worst case scenario, she just laughs like you’re being stupid and goes back to her Appletini.  You may not get to see boobs, but at least you’ll get a laugh.

8.  “Can you give me directions?  Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”  Supremely cheesy and you run the risk of getting cut off half way through with “Yeah, get lost.”  But it is a compliment about her eyes and women take to compliments like a crack addict takes to crack.

9.  “Is it hot in here or is it just you?”  Again, you cannot go wrong with a line that is basically a compliment.  What is she going to retort with?  “No I’m not!?”  It’s more likely she’ll say something like, “Does that line actually work?”  To which you can respond, “I’m talking to you aren’t I?”

10.  “Can I have your phone number?  I’ve seem to have lost mine.”  Classic cheesiness, but it establishes what you want in one sentence.  You might have to banter a bit to actually get her digits, but alcohol tends to loosen lips and you’re probably in a bar anyways.


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