Ten of the Cheapest Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Still Cool

The economy is in the tank and everyone is suffering, but that doesn’t mean your Valentine’s Day obligations are gone.  It just means you’re going to have to tighten the belt and get creative.  Sure, you can go without food for a few days to save up for a night out or you can think of something heartfelt that won’t cost you a cent.  Here now are Ten of the Cheapest Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Still Cool. Oh, and these gift ideas are for the guys. We all know women invented this holiday just to get more presents.

1. A Song or Poem:  A sheet of paper and some brain power is all that is required.  That old guitar used to get you laid in college.  Now it saves you a $300 night out and your girlfriend is convinced you’re sensitive deep down.

2.  A Home Cooked Meal:  The best part of this, even if you screw it up, you get points for trying!  The Internet is full of step by step instructions that are a helluva lot cheaper than booking the good table at that sushi place.  Plus, you can get your food shopping done when you go to buy your ingredients.

3.  A Bouquet of Flowers You Grew:  This one requires a bit of pre-planning, but as long as you’re growing that kind bud in your closet, why not toss in some flower seeds in late January?  Just remember that smoking daffodils will probably not get you high.

4. A Memory Scrapbook:  Finally, something to justify all that time on Facebook you spent tagging pics.  Print them out, put them in a little book and chart the course of your relationship up until now.  Hey, you might need something to flip through when you’re 70 if you’re still together.

5. First Date Revamp:  Remember you first date?  You probably didn’t spend much on that.  Hey, you barely knew this person!  Time to go back and you won’t get penalized if you met a hotdog stand near the dry cleaners.

6. The Coupon Book:  You know all that stuff you hate to do that your s.o. is constantly bugging you about?  Well now you can put it in coupon form!  Sure, it’ll suck to finally have to clean the bathroom but giving massages and foot rubs aren’t so bad.  It might even get you laid!

7. Make Something Arty:  Don’t worry, they have to like it if they’re dating you, no matter how big of a talentless hack you are.  Finally that kiln you bought will pay for itself!  And it’s not like the stuff you posted on Etsy is selling anyways.

8.  Make a Grand Gesture:  Instead of sending a dozen roses and paying through the nose to have it delivered to your girl at work, show up with one rose and make a big deal in front of her co-workers.  It may be a little embarrassing, but it sure won’t cost much.

9.  Plan a Cozy Night at Home:  Netflix, a box of wine and some take out probably won’t set you back too much.  Plus you can both get totally hammered, you’re not going anywhere.  Sure, you might have to sit through The Notebook again, but at least you’ll probably get laid.

10.  Adventurous Sex:  Bust out the body oils and the scented candles, start with a massage and end with some smushing.  Yes, we just used the word smushing. And isn’t it high time you tried out some of those sex tools leftover from your girlfriend’s bachelorette party?  It’s the oldest gift in the book and boning is completely free.

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