The Best Wedding Dances From Movies

Wedding movies range from romantic to funny to bittersweet… but one thing that is always memorable is the dancing! Here are some of the most memorable wedding dances from movies…


These dance moves from Will Smith and Kevin James are so bad, they’re good.

Wedding Crashers

This wedding montage makes wedding crashing look like a lot of fun…

The Wedding Singer

There’s nothing cheesier than an ’80s wedding!


Wilson Phillips make you want to hold on for one more day

Bend It Like Beckham

What’s the only thing more fun than dancing at your sister’s wedding? Winning your big soccer game.

Bride and Prejudice

In this Pride and Prejudice remake done Bollywood style, every dance scene is epic, but this might be the best one…

The Wedding Date 

Not technically a wedding dance, but they’re at a dance lesson before the wedding…

You Again

Another pre-wedding dance lesson, but this scene is a lot more… violent… than the one above.

American Wedding

This scene from American Wedding is sweet…

… but this was really the best dancing moment from that film!

Iconic Dance Moments You Know You’ve Tried To Recreate

Certain pop culture moments just stay with you after you’ve seen them. They’re not necessarily the best scenes from movies or television or music videos, but for whatever reason they’ve stuck with you over the years. Any of these scenes might’ve been part of your childhood experience or remind you of a certain point in your life. Maybe you’ve watched them over and over… maybe you and your friends tried to reenact them. (If you haven’t tried to recreate at least one of these moments then you probably at least wish you had.)

These are some of my iconic pop culture dance moments. If you’re near my age, you’ve probably done at least one of the things on this list.

The “lift” from Dirty Dancing
(especially in a swimming pool or lake)


Any of the moves from the library scene in The Breakfast Club


Pee Wee Herman’s “Tequila!” dance


Will and Carlton’s “Apache” routine from Fresh Prince of Bel Air


The Kid ‘N Play dance from House Party
(my personal favorite, I do this every chance I get)


Snapping like you’re in a West Side Story gang


Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video


Were you born to hand-jive in Grease?


Dancing on the bar like in Coyote Ugly
(Bonus points if you got more than two steps done before they kicked you out)

coyote ulgy

Dance without pants like Tom Cruise in Risky Business


Fist pump like you were on The Jersey Shore


Headbang in the car a la Wayne’s World


Anything John Travolta does in Saturday Night Fever


Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the VMAs


The Best Random Movie “Prop Dancing”

One of our favorite parts of musical films is the way the choreographers sometimes have to manipulate a scene to include singing and dancing where it might not necessarily make sense naturally. Sometimes this results in movie magic perfection. Other times… you get people dancing with bowling balls.

Yes, that’s right. Dancing with bowling balls. Sometimes a prop makes a dance scene all that much better… and sometimes it doesn’t. Here are a few of my favorite musical moments that involve some pretty random props…


We’re Gonna Score Tonight – Grease 2

Everyone knows that Grease 2 is the ugly stepsister to Grease… but I secretly kind of love how cheesy it is. It tries so hard to be as good as the original but fails miserably. Even Michelle Pfeiffer can’t save it. However there’s something kind of amazing about the bowling alley scene…. It’s so bad, it’s almost good. They are dancing with bowling balls!



Get’Cha Head in the Game – High School Musical

Get’Cha Head in the Game was one of the bigger hits from the insanely popular High School Musical. And yet… it’s so ridiculous that they’re singing and dancing while playing basketball.



Singin’ in the Rain – Singin’ in the Rain

This one is a true classic. Gene Kelly uses both an umbrella and a lamppost… but truthfully the rain and puddles are as much of props as the umbrella.



It’s Raining Men – Magic Mike

Channing Tatum and company managed to take Gene Kelly’s immortal dancing-with-umbrella and somehow make it sexy.



Step in Time – Mary Poppins

Another classic. Bert and the rest of the chimney sweeps dancing with brooms across the rooftops with Mary Poppins and the Banks children. You can’t help but love it.



The Lady in the Tutti Fruitti Hat – The Gang’s All Here

An oldie-but-a-goodie… in 2014 this one seems completely ridiculous, but remains the best use of bananas as a dance prop ever.



Dentist – Little Shop of Horrors

This must be the only time that dental equipment was used as a dance prop. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)



Heart and Soul/Chopsticks – Big

Not exactly a proper dance scene (and not exactly a “prop” per se), but this is one of those iconic movie moments that will stick with us forever.



Time – The American Mall

I’ve only met a few people who have even heard of The American Mall and that’s probably because it is incredibly dumb. (My daughter and I refer to it as “the best teen musical film… that takes place in a mall”).  Almost every moment from this movie is hilariously silly, but this sequence with The Janitors might just take the prize for most random and ridiculous props used in a single dance scene.


The Steamiest Dance Sequences

They say that you can judge how someone is in bed, by how they dance… If that’s true, then these dancers must be some of the hottest people on earth because these dance sequences are so steamy it’s hard to believe they’re all from movies that are only rated PG-13 or R.

Take the Lead

This tango scene is pretty hot…

…but it doesn’t even compare to this one…

…giving new meaning to the term “it takes two to tango”.

The Thomas Crown Affair

Rene Russo’s dress alone could get this dance scene on the list…

Sin City

It’s Jessica Alba. Enough said.

Shall We Dance

Leave the light…

Center Stage

This might not be the sexiest dance scene, but it is quite possibly the sexiest ballet dancing you’ve ever seen.

Meet the Millers

Jennifer Aniston like you’ve never seen her before…

…in probably the only sexy scene that started in khakis.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Quentin Tarantino’s fans have been talking about his alleged foot fetish for years… and this sexy scene with Salma Hayak just might prove it.

Magic Mike

Really, any single frame from this movie would’ve qualified… but this might be the best one…

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had both long denied that their relationship began while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith… but the sexual chemistry between them is pretty noticeable in this scene…

Years later, Jolie did admit that they “fell in love” during the making of this movie.

Dirty Dancing

It’s no surprise that this scene was deleted from the film.

Spontaneous Choreography From Some Unexpected Movies

I love dance movies. I’ve seen both Dirty Dancings, both Center Stages, and every single one of the Step Ups. Sometimes the only thing better than a great dance movie, is a ridiculous dance scene in a non-dance movie. I like to call this “spontaneous choreography” because there’s no logical explanation for how the whole crowd can do a dance scene in perfect unison without it having been pre-planned. Logical or not, it’s usually fun to watch.

These are some of my favorites…

Clerks 2

This one starts out normal enough (even though it’s kind of unrealistic that they would be able to hear the music clearly both inside and outside the restaurant, on the roof, in the men’s room, etc.) before launching into full fledged random choreography.

She’s All That

My prom didn’t look anything like that. What did they all learn this number? In gym class?

500 Days of Summer

I wish everyday could feel the way Joseph Gordon Levitt looks in this scene.

40 Year Old Virgin 

This actually happens every time Steve Carell has sex. It’s totally inconvenient for him.


(Both the 1984 original and the 2011 remake)

Okay, Footloose is a dance movie but it’s a dance movie about a town where no one is allowed to dance. So how exactly did everyone get so good at dancing?



Enchanted actually lampoons the whole “spontaneous choreography” premise – as it is happening – by creating a fairytale-like scene where everyone knows the song and dance routine, except for Patrick Dempsey’s character who is left saying stuff like “I’ve never heard this song” and “I don’t dance.”

Tank Girl

This scene would be weird in any other movie, but in Tank Girl it totally works. Let’s do it.

Slumdog Millionaire

I love this Bollywood-style routine at the end of Slumdog Millionaire. Technically, it’s not part of the movie (because it would make absolutely no sense if it was) but it’s still totally random to break into dance with a bunch of strangers at the train station.

A Knight’s Tale

Even though it begins with him “teaching” them a dance (that he’s actually making up on the spot), the instructions only last a few seconds before the entire group knows the whole routine flawlessly.

Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion

This is by far my favorite. Even if Romy and Michelle had planned this out in advance, they haven’t seen Sandy in 10 years and none of them would have expected they’d need a 3-way dance routine. Still, this one is epic and might be one of my favorite dance scenes of all time.

The best of the worst movie dance battles

Everyone loves a good dance-off, but what I love more than anything is a bad dance-off.

These are my Top 10 favorite movie dance-offs that are hilarious and ridiculous. Some of the dancing is actually pretty good – while some of it is hilariously terrible – but each of these scenes is hysterical in its own way.

#10 Once Bitten


Am I the only person who remembers this ’80s movie about a teenage vampire? Despite Jim Carey in the lead role, this scene wasn’t supposed be as funny as it is.


#9 Euro Trip


This one isn’t exactly a dance battle, but he is familiar with over 600 dance moves and he is programed to get… freaky.


#8 Zoolander

Warner Bros

Technically this one is a “walk off”, not a dance off… but it still makes the list.


#7 Take Me Home Tonight

20th Century Fox

He probably totally deserved that.

#6 Austin Powers in Goldmember

New Line

Any dance moves that make Britney Spears blow up can’t be all bad.

#5 Starsky & Hutch

Ben Stiller yet again and he is rocking the denim.

#4 Disaster Movie

Lions Gate

No explanation necessary. Just watch it.


#3 The Baxter


Michael Showalter’s finger waggling alone make this scene worth it.


#2 Cuban Fury

eOne Films

This is by far the best parking lot salsa dance-off I’ve ever seen. This is what every parking lot salsa dance-off should be.

#1 American Wedding


Stifler in a gay bar… if that’s not a winning combination then what is?

Which one is your favorite?

10 Love Lessons You Can Learn From Popular Dance Movies

There is a lot you can learn from dance films… but I don’t just mean dance moves. You can learn a lot about love from these flicks too. We all know that dance is often a metaphor for love… Whether you’re picking a partner, knowing when to lead and when to follow, or trusting someone else to catch you when you take a leap of faith… the same rules that apply to dancing apply to dating.

So for Valentine’s Day, here’s some advice to live by from the experts (Patrick Swayze, John Travolta, Channing Tatum and more)…


1. Don’t write someone off until you get to know them.

This is one of the staples of dance movies, new and old. There’s often the “bad boy” who  is really a good guy, the seemingly uptight character who finally lets loose, or the mousey girl who takes off her glasses and surprises everyone with her sexy moves. Maybe you should give that person you’ve been overlooking a chance.


Strictly Ballroom, 1993


2. Choose substance over flash.

The counterpoint to the previous lesson…. Don’t be fooled by the flashy rich guy who promises to make you a star (but is really just trying to get in your pants) or the sexy bombshell who is probably just using you. Don’t just buy the hype… look beyond the exterior.


Honey 2003


3. Your parents don’t always know what’s best for you.

Sure it’s a good idea to consider your parents’ input on the people you date… but remember that they’re not always right. If they don’t approve of your significant other, that’s their problem. (Especially if your daddy is a preacher who thinks dancing is sinful.) You’re a grown up. You can make your own decisions.

footloose dad

Footloose, 1984


4. Always be yourself.

You can try to be something you’re not… but who wants to live a lie? If you have to fake it to get someone to like you, then that person isn’t worth it. Find someone who likes you for you.

billy elliot

Billy Elliot, 2000


5. …But be the best version of yourself.

Relationships and dancing both require hard work. Be the best person you can be. Take pride in your appearance, practice your moves and don’t take your partner for granted.


Saturday Night Fever, 1977


6. Sex doesn’t automatically mean you’re dating.

There’s a difference between a one-night-stand and a relationship. If you’re not sure where you stand – ask. Don’t be a clinger.


Center Stage, 2000


7. Take risks.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there or try something new. Step outside your comfort zone… Bust out those moves you’ve been practicing at home. Ask out that hottie at the bar you’ve been making eyes at all night. Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself… just take a chance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

step up

Step Up, 2006


8. It’s all about trust.

You need to have faith in your partner… trust them to take the lead or follow your lead. Trust them to catch you when you leap… to be there when you stop spinning… and to always be in step. If you’re too busy worrying about what the other person is doing, you’ll end up falling flat on your ass.

dirty dancing

Dirty Dancing, 1987


9. Never ditch your partner for an ex.



Grease, 1978


and finally…

10. Always bring protection… just in case.


Magic Mike, 2012