Simple Tips To Be A Better Salsa Dancer

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to write a quick blog with some great tips on how to be a better Salsa dancer, but really these are all tips that will take your whole dance experience to the next level and make you a better dance partner for your girl/or guy out on the floor!

I want to break these tips down into two categories 1. tips for dancing solo 2. tips for dancing with a partner.

1. Dancing solo:

When dancing solo to salsa music people often get overwhelmed or self conscious because they feel like “all eyes are on them”. Unless your actually performing for a crowd then chances are this is NOT the case. RELAX! Actually when your dancing alone there are less “Rules” you need to keep in mind. Here are a few tips for dancing salsa alone.

– Keep the beat in mind always: We know that salsa is dancing on a 123-567 rhythm, so before even starting to dance,  start that 123-567 count in your head just like when you practice your basic salsa steps.  As long as you understand this rhythm you can literally interchange almost any footwork you want within that rhythm and look decent if not amazing!

-Dont stop moving: This is the biggest mistake I see new dancers make. You see that guy or gal on the floor and they are doing great when all of a sudden they lose the rhythm and instead of just continuing to move until they find it again hey stop completely and everyone can see that they feel self conscious.  If you ever lose your rhythm or forget a step just go back to that count in your head, do a simple step touch until you can jump back into whatever salsa step you were previously doing. This looks way more confident then just stopping and looking like a deer in headlights! 🙂

2. Dancing with a partner:

When dancing with a partner, especially to music as specific as salsa, there are a few hiccups that can happen and take away from the experience of really dancing with someone. lets go over a tip for the guys, and then a tip for the girls. these may seem simple but trust me its the simple things that make all the difference in your dancing!

for the Guy:

-You must LEAD the girl not let her lead you: What I mean by this is we as men in salsa dancing set the rhythm and pace of the dance. We decide when the girl spins, We decide when the girl gets dipped, We even decide when we are done dancing! part of the appeal of latin dancers is the strong male presence and the “take charge” attitude of male salsa dancers. this doesn’t mean that you need to throw your partner around the floor, but it does mean that you need to be confident and follow through with your movements by keeping a firm grasp on her hip or shoulder as well as her hand that you are holding. when your confidence and strength drops, then the chemistry will drop pretty soon after. Be confident and make sure that if your going to spin her or dip her you do it with enough force that she knows to go with your movement and not second guess it.

for the Girl:

-You must Allow the guy to LEAD you: So many times in salsa dancing beginners I see girls who want to take charge and direct the dance because they feel like thats the only way people watching will notice their strengths as dancers. This is actually the opposite of the truth. The whole point of latin dancing is to showcase the Beauty and Grace of the woman and the connection that the man and woman have! Think about it, who does all of the flashy moves, spins, and lifts in latin dancing? The WOMAN!  yea sure the guy is the one doing the lifting, but the Woman is the prize, the jewel that is being shined and twirled across the dance floor attracting all the attention!  Let your man lead you and sweep you off your feet and I promise the whole experience of Salsa will change for you.

These are just a few tips to better your Salsa and partnering game. Remember as always you only look as confident as you FEEL!  Practice those steps, and HAVE FUN!

Till next time-


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