Sexy Moves For The Club – The Comprehensive Dance System From The Backup Dancers To The Stars With Bonus Dance Workout

Format: Color
Region: All Regions
Studio: Nightlife Media Group
Run Time: 112 minutes

Get ready to learn the fun, sexy dance moves you’ve seen at the club and develop amazing confidence on the dance floor, even if you have never danced before!

From the backup dancer to Beyonce, P Diddy, Gwen Stefani, The Black Eyed Peas, Jay Z, and Shakira, comes a revolutionary new dance system that cuts out all the boring choreography, and teaches you the simple, attention grabbing moves you need to be sexy, natural, and spontaneous on the dance floor.

Sexy Moves for the Club has already taught thousands of women how to dance. You’ve seen it on CNBC, Marie Claire, Star Magazine, and on E News, and now it’s your turn to learn how to dance!

Filmed in a popular NYC nightclub, your instructors show you exactly how to “program” each move into your body so you can do them on demand, the moment you get out on the dance floor, without thinking about your dance moves.

Sexy Moves for the Club is conveniently split up into 4 sections. First you’ll get Sexy Moves For Beginners where you’ll learn fun, sexy moves you can use right away. Next, you’ll unlock the secret sexy movement of your hips in “Awaken Your Hips. Then, you’ll learn all of those sexy booty moves you secretly wished you could do yourself in theFlirty Booty Moves section! But that’s not even it! You’ll then use all the moves you just learned to tone your entire body with the Bonus Sexy Moves Workout Remix!

Watch as you tone your legs, arms, and abs as you dance the night away. It’s the fun way to work out, and you’ll love your new arsenal of dance moves! Once you master this simple DVD, you’ll be able to go out, have fun and “just dance” to any song, even if you’ve never heard it before, and without having to memorize even one single routine!

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