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presented by: Nicole Guidetti and Brian Henninger

Dance the Night Away - Partner Dancing 101

Learn To Dance Socially Without Learning How To Ballroom Dance

ballroom dancing lessons

Here is how you can master the simple, easy to learn ballroom dance steps you can use in weddings, parties, and on any night on the town, how you can develop amazing confidence on the dance floor learning not only how to ballroom dance, but how you can just dance the night away and sweep that special somebody right off their feet - without ever worrying about your dance moves again, and even if you swore you had two incorrigible left feet.

Anyone can learn to dance, and you do not need to learn formal dance styles like Ballroom, Tango, or the Waltz (which can take years to learn and master and can look too out of place and formal in most social dancing situations).

We'll teach you the shortcut to learning how to ballroom dance so you can become a great dancer fast. And you won't have to take hours of dance lessons or ever feel lost or left behind in a group class (which can be intimidating and too fast moving). We'll show you how anyone can look terrific on the dance floor . . .

Celebrity dance instructors Nicole Guidetti and Brian Henninger, who have collectively danced with Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Ashanti, P Diddy, Jay Z, Gwen Stefani, and more, have created a revolutionary new dancing system that has already taught thousands of beginners how to slow dance, how to dance as a couple, and how to turn, spin, and even dip on the dance floor, in as little as a few hours, and without learning any complicated ballroom dance moves. Forget spending hours taking group dance classes, which can be intimidating and too fast moving, and don't even think about hiring a private instructor, which can set you back hundrerds of dollars. You'll skip learning how to ballroom dance the formal way, and you'll be able to learn to dance in any social situation step by step on DVD.

The secret is in the innovative way of teaching which cuts out all of the formal steps and teaches you the simple, attention grabbing moves you need to be smooth, natural, and spontaneous on the dance floor.

You see, when it comes to going out . . . blending in on the dance floor . . . and having a fantastic time dancing with that special somebody . . . there's a secret that most "good dancers" and even most dance instructors don't want you to know.

A secret that keeps most men and women in a lame "dancing rut" . . .doing the same few steps on the dance floor over and over again, and keeps them from dancing in the, fun, care-free, attention-grabbing way they've always wanted.

"What's This Secret I'm Talking About?"

You probably already know what it is without being able to put it into words . . . You may have seen it out on the dance floor . . . . or felt it yourself.

The "secret" is that to be a really good dancer, you don't need to know dozens and dozens of moves . . . learn long and complicated routines or spend years learning to dance ballroom and making yourself a "pro."

Nope, to become a really good dancer (maybe even the best dancer in the room) you just need to learn a few fun, attention grabbing moves, and learn to do them really well.

Just think about the last time you went out and saw a couple on the dance floor who you thought were really good dancers . . .

Were they throwing out a ton of moves and doing complicated sequences?

Nope. They were just doing a few fun spin moves over and over . . . but they were doing them REALLY well . . . with complete confidence . . . and in sync with the music.

Don't get me wrong . . .the "complicated" stuff does have its place . . . but if you want to go out, have fun, ignite the romance, and feel free tonight. . .

You need to be able to feel the music . . . to dance to any type of song, no matter the beat . . . to effortlessly switch from move to move . . . and to do so with a smile on your face . . . without having to constantly think about what comes next.

In Other Words, You Need to be Able to Dance "Naturally" and Really Be in The Moment.

With that in mind, ask yourself these important questions. Be open and honest with yourself as you do. . .

  • Have you ever watched Dancing With The Stars, and wondered just how they makes those "hard" moves look so easy? Have you wondered if you could dance like that?
  • Have you ever been bored at a party . . . doing the same few moves you've been doing for years and years or embracing your partner with that that awkward hug while you sway back and forth . . desperately wishing you could vary things up . . . do more interesting, seductive moves and have more fun without even thinking about it?
  • Have you ever wanted to dance as a couple in the sexy, sultry way you wish you could dance . . . rekindle the romance on the dance floor, and ignite those nights out as you fall in love all over again on the dance floor?
  • Have you ever taken a dance class . . . thought you were really "getting" the steps . . . but found yourself completely unable to remember the steps or couldn’t use them when the music changed between songs? Have you wished that you could "just dance" . . . and have fun . . . without having to think about it or work so hard?
  • Have you ever said "no" when your girlfriend or wife asked you to dance . . . or gone, but just "held up the wall" with a drink in your hand watching the party from the sidelines . . . or gone, but just did the same small steps on the side of the dance floor. Were you were feeling shy and felt like you might be embarrassed if you called attention to yourself?

Have You Ever Wished or Even Dreamed that You Could Sweep Your Partner Right Off Their Feet, and Dance Just Like They Did in the Movie Dirty Dancing, Without Ever Worrying About Your Dance Moves Again

If you can answer "yes" to any one of these questions (and if you're like the thousands of men and women I've asked before . . . then I'm sure you can) then you're going to be very, very glad that you found this website today.


Because we've spent the last several months putting together a truly unique system that cuts through all the "complicated stuff" and that teaches you the simple, incredibly fun, and incredibly versatile moves you can use to today’s most popular music, in any type of social situation, without teaching you any formal steps, and without forcing you to memorize long sequences.

Learning how to ballroom dance, or any other type of formal dances like swing, the waltz, and even salsa can look too flashy and take up too much room on the dance floor. And it can take years to memorize all of the steps.

Instead, we draw on the most popular styles of ballroom dancing, like the Bachata, Cha Cha, Salsa, Swing, and even the Rumba and teach you the easy to learn spins, turns, and dips that are so much easier to learn than they look. And we teach you how to combine every move, and how to take it from formal to "frisky," from classy to casual, and from a wedding to the hottest club, with the simple change of your hand position. And the best part is, you'll learn how to do these moves to any type of music. It's truly the short cut to learning how to ballroom dance.

We call this DVD . . .

partnering 101

Dance The Night Away - Partner Dancing 101

Dance the night away, partner dancing 101 is loaded with so much content, we almost had to
make it a two disc set just to fit it all. We'll will teach you moves you can do on any night
on the town, from formal events, to summer parties, to weddings, cruises, prom, to any club
or bar. You’ll learn how to transform every move from casual to classy, and you’ll be able to
master all of these moves with confidence and ease, no matter your skill level, and
even if you have never danced before.

  • Spice up your slow dancing and get ready to make those moments more intimate and so much more magical. You’ll learn the easy steps to make even the simple slow dance a memorable experience.
  • No formal steps or learning to ballroom dance. You’ll learn elegant moves inspired by salsa, swing, the bachata, and romantic Cuban dances without memorizing any routines, or following outdated patterns. You’ll learn hot, practical moves that are going to look amazing when you bust them out on the dance floor.
  • Learn to dance like the stars and learn the simple patterns you’ve seen on your favorite shows.
  • You’ll learn simple, yet incredibly effective spins and graceful, daring dips that will have your man twirling you around to the jealous stares of all your friends. And the best part is, they’re so much easier to learn than they look!

We created these DVDs for beginners, and we made sure to go slow and cover the most important lessons, so you can purchase with confidence, knowing you have two expert dance instructors by your side.

Grab Your Partner to Practice Along With You, or Grab the Reigns Yourself!

We designed these videos to make it easy for you to follow along with a partner, and you get two instructors that both give you advice, so if you’re watching this video together, you’ll be able to practice the moves right away.

But we show you how to spice things up all by yourself, so even if you don’t have a partner, you’ll be able to take the reins the next time you’re out, and really impress that special someone you’re dancing with!

We show you how to lead, how to hold your partner's hand, how to stand, and how to work together, leaving no question unanswered and no stone unturned.

"Now, am I saying that you need to master every move on this DVD? "

Nope. Not at all.

Even if you just learn a few of these moves, you'll be worlds ahead of everyone else on the dance floor. But because I'm offering so many moves, you'll be able to pick and choose your favorites . . .
make them your signature and have so much fun.

"Can YouReally Learn To Dance From A DVD"

One of the big questions we get is whether you can really learn to dance from a DVD. After all, most dance teachers would tell you that they need to see what you're doing and point out mistakes.

And my answer to that question is always the same . . . Yes you can! Take a look at the testimonials on this page and you'll realize that thousands of men and women around the world have already learned to dance at the club from these educational DVDs . . . and have gotten truly awesome results.

The fact is, we've been teaching dance for a long time . . . and when we put these two DVDs together, we made sure to go slow, show the right technique and answer the most common questions before you even have time to ask them. That means that you can order your DVD set with confidence, knowing that you're going to learn to dance the easy, simple, no fail way.

You Might Be Wondering, "Who The Heck are Nicole and Brian , and Why Should I Learn to Dance From Them?

Good question!

After all, if you're going to learn how to dance, you want to make sure the person teaching you really knows what they’re talking about . . . and that they’ve taught other people just like you in the past.

So here's what you should know about us . . .

We’ve been professional backup dancers to the stars and dance instructor for over 10 years now . . . in fact, combined, we've performed on stage and in videos with big name artists like Jay-Z, Mary J Blige, Beyonce, Ashanti, P. Diddy, Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, Gwen Stefani and many, many other artists.

We’re not saying that to brag . . . but just to show you that when it comes to dancing in the sexy, fun way you've seen on TV and in clubs. . . We definitely know what we’re talking about.

But you know what? The fact that we’ve danced with big names and famous artists isn't what's important here. What's important is that I've gotten great results for thousands of men and women around the world . . . men and women who thought they'd never be able to dance. . . some who had never even danced a step in their lives . . . men and women who learned the shortcut to learning how to ballroom dance and who are now having so much fun.

Check out just a few of the success stories that have been sent in by our students all around the world! These are men and women just like you, who wanted to go out, have more fun, and just enjoy dancing more.

When you order

Dance the Night Away - Partner Dancing 101

you also get these 3 Bonuses Absolutely free as well!

Couples Routine


You’ll also get a free, exhilarating couples hip hop routine that we’ll show you how to link up with the rest of your moves. Bust this one out at your next wedding or party and you’ll dazzle your audience with these jaw dropping moves that will only take you a few hours to learn. None of these moves are difficult to learn, but when you do them simultaneously with your partner, you’re going to electrify everyone around you!

Unlimited Customer Support

We want to make sure you're completely happy with Dance the Night Away . . . so we're including unlimited customer support at no cost! You can email or phone our support team anytime . . .whether you've got a question about the DVD's . . . or are having trouble "getting" one of the moves . . . and we'll help you work through your problem right away. We'd like to tell you what this bonus is "valued" at . . . but we're sure you'll agree that there's just no way to put a price on great customer support . . . on having people in your corner who are invested in your success. When you get Dance the Night Away, help and support is a simple phone call away.

Free Priority Shipping

We're going to upgrade you from standard to priority shipping for free, a $14 value, yours for free. Priority shipping gets your package to your door in just two to five business days instead of the 8 to 12 postal days it takes with Standard. When you order right now, we'll process and ship your order on the same day with free priority shipping, and you'll be dancing in just two to five business days. Or with our brand new instant download option, you can download the entire video and start dancing just minutes from now!

Here's How You Can Get Your Hands on "Dance the Night Away" and At A Surprisingly Low Cost

By now you're probably wondering "How much is this incredible dance system is going to cost?"

And I think you're going to be shocked at the answer . . . because we’re making sure that everyone who wants to learn to dance can finally afford to do so.

After all, private dance lessons to learn these moves would cost you at least $25 per session . . . Add in the fact that you could only learn one or two moves per session and you'd end up paying well over $500 to learn just a portion of the material you'll find on this DVD . . . and that's if you could find someone to teach you the right way to dance in the club (instead of just learning long routines that won't get you anywhere.)

But I'm not going to charge you thousands or even hundreds of dollars . . .

Heck, I'm not even going to charge you $100 . . . though I think you'll agree that that would be a pretty great bargain . . .

Get Dance the Night Away rushed to your door for just $29.99 . Want the DVDs even sooner? Start learning in minutes and save even more! Try our brand new Instant Download option for just $26.95.

For less than the price of a night out, you’ll get months worth of dance lessons on a jam packed DVD. A pretty amazing bargain compared to how many HOURS of FUN you'll have once you bust these moves out on the dance floor . . . how amazing it will be when you sweep your partner off their feet . . . how much easier it'll be when you never have to worry about your dance moves again.

And, of course, this package is backed by my legendary . . .

No-Risk, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Simply click the link below and order your copy of “Dance the Night Away. “ Once you get your DVD, use it . . . learn the moves . . . put them into action in the club or at a party . . . start experiencing how much more fun and confidence you have . . . and how easy it is to ignite your nights out and spin your partner around on the dance floor.

If you don’t think this DVD package is worth much, much more than the amount you paid today . . . simply send it back to me and I’ll refund your money in full. . . no questions asked. No hoops to jump through. You’ll get a refund and we’ll part as friends.

Why am I willing to offer such a great guarantee? Because I believe in the work I do . . I believe in the results I’ve gotten for so many men and women around the world and because I believe that if you don’t get great value out of this product, then I don’t deserve a single red cent of your money.

You've Got a Very Simple Choice to Make . . .

The simple fact is . . . IF you want to learn to really dance . . . to have more fun than you've ever had before . . . to be the envy of all your friends . . . to have everyone’s eyes on you. . . . to sweep that special someone right of their feet, and ignite the romance all over again . . . there has simply never been a better way.

Order now . . . I personally promise that, just like the thousands of men and women before you, that you won't regret it. I'm so happy for you! You're about to enter a whole new world of exciting, confident fun!

But only if you click the button below . . . risk nothing . . . and order now. Order Now

Order Now

P.S. Act now and We'll upgrade standard shipping for free. As soon as we get your order, we'll rush Dance the Night Away . . . you'll have the whole system in a matter of just a few short days . . . and will be dancing and having so much fun right away! Or you can go for the digital version and start learning these fun, easy to follow, dance moves just minutes from right now. Sound good? I hope so. Order now!

P.P.S. You’ve got so much to gain and nothing to lose! If you’re not 100% convinced that “Dance The Night Away” is worth way more than you pay today . . . simply send the DVDs back within 30 days for a complete, no questions asked refund! Why are we willing to be so generous? Because so far, every single person who’s ordered this package has LOVED IT. we haven’t had a single refund request. Why? Because this DVD is really that good. Don’t miss out. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to give you this killer deal. Order now.

P.P.S. Still not sure? That's OK. We can't tell you whether or not "Dance the Night Away " is right for you. Only you can do that. Check out the website. Go through the testimonials. Imagine yourself out dancing, feeling so confident...busting out these moves...having so much fun. Then decide if you want to give our simple dancing system a try. You've got nothing to lose.