Miami “Casino” Salsa

Last time I wrote briefly about the history of salsa dance, and the different varieties within the style and where they came from. Today I want to tell you all about one of those styles in particular which is the Miami or “Casino” style of salsa.

Miami style salsa dancing varies a bit from traditional salsa because instead of the emphasis being placed on the 1-2-3- 5-6-7 counts evenly, it is instead placed on the down beat and 1-count while letting the rest of the counts flow more evenly after it.  This gives the whole dance a slightly more upbeat and flashy look, and also allows for more tricks and partnering moves to be thrown in!

This style is probably the least “Traditional” of the salsa styles because having originated within southern Florida, it naturally has elements of north american styles of dance as well. Many Miami salsa dancers will mix in elements of swing dance, Jazz, Ballroom and other styles to spice up their routines and add difficulty and flare to their partnering work.

This flashy style has to be seen in person to really appreciate the talent it takes to whip your partner up and down the dance floor! If you ever find yourself in Miami make sure to get out to a salsa club and see this awesome dance style for yourself!

And if you want to learn a comprehensive, versatile style of dancing salsa, then check out our crash course instructional salsa video.

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