How to Grind (for Guys)

Where in the past, dancing with a girl in a club meant knowing how to waltz, how to boogie, or how to disco. Nowadays, with high-volume, bumping beats, you have to know how to grind with girls.  Keep these following tips in mind for knowing how to grind (for guys).

If you’re reading this, then you took a right step in the right direction. First watch this clip of how to NOT grind with girls:

As the title itself states, it’s awkward. Possibility of extreme alcohol consumption aside, you can see how there is literally no rhythm in this guy’s movements. If you don’t have rhythm, then you can’t groove, and if you can’t groove, the girl you’re trying to dance with will feel like she’s grinding up against an epileptic fish out of water – and if you like the girl you’re dancing with, you can kiss your chances with her goodbye because most likely, no girl wants to get involved with an epileptic fish.

So now it’s time to address exactly how to grind (for guys).

Move your hips to the rhythm of the song. Shift your weight back and forth as quickly or as slowly as makes sense.  If you need a visual, think “figure 8” or “side to side”.

Remember, you’re in charge. The girl is expecting you to lead her. This is extremely important if you want to know how to grind with girls Keep your crotch level with her butt and keep her close while you get into the “groove.” Just don’t get a hard-on. This isn’t a lap dance you’re getting and she’s not a stripper!

Use your hands. Using your hips is great and all, but when it comes to grinding, the hands are definitely underutilized.  You don’t want to look like you’re shooting for an 80’s exercise video:

Start with your hands on her hips and move them up and down her body. I feel like I don’t have to say this, but avoid the privates – grinding is a very sexual dance, but there’s an enormous gap between grinding and molestation.

Switch it up. So you got the hips and hands down and you’re leading the fine dance of grind. However, it’s boring if you do the same motion over and over again…so switch it up! You can speed up, slow down, get low, or if you’re a true G, spin her around and have her face you. Get creative and have fun, she’ll appreciate the fact that you’re enjoying yourself with her.

This is what grinding should look like when you have it down:

The above tips should help you solve how to grind (for guys). However, I suggest supplementing your grind moves with other club dance moves because you don’t want to be just another dude who’s extent of dancing is rubbing his crotch against a girl’s butt.  Be unique and have her thinking of you, instead of being just “some random guy” she just danced with for a few minutes.

So OWN the dance floor, instead of just being an accessory:



…And remember, no hard-ons.

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