How To Dance With A Girl – Approach Technique 7

>>> Last Approach Technique #7:  “Just Ask”

Sometimes, it can be a whole lot more effective to just ask, especially if you’re at a wedding, a party, just dancing at a club, or if you’ve already made eye contact.  If you’re facing the girl, or if you’re just walking by, sometimes a simple “would you like to dance” can be as effective as any plot.

Sometime you’ll get a “yes” and sometime you won’t but if you hold your head up high, and the club is crowded enough that your rejection won’t be seen or heard by too many other women, just asking is always a real viable option.  Simply move on and try again.  She just missed a great opportunity to have a lot of fun and you can always dance with someone else!

Hope you enjoyed these tips.

Be sure to try some of these techniques next time you go out and let us know what you think!

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