How To Dance With A Girl – Approach Technique 3 – The Finger Cross

>>>  Approach Technique #3:  “The Finger Cross”

Next time you spot a girl who looks bored with the guy she’s dancing with, make eye contact with her and hold it.  Smile.  If she reciprocates, point to her and then the guy she’s dancing with… and then cross your middle and pointer fingers… like when you were little and you crossed your fingers when telling a lie… as if to say “you two are perfect for each other.”

She’ll usually shake her head like she’s jokingly saying “no no we’re not” .  That’s when you smile and gesture with your shoulders as if you don’t believe her.

Soon enough she’ll ditch the guy because she’ll just get bored of him.  And as soon as she does, she’s all yours to approach in any way that you want.

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