How To Dance Like Chris Brown

Learning to dance like Chris Brown is much easier than you think. If you are brand new to dancing and you would like to dance like Chris Brown, your focus will have to be to learn beginner’s hip hop moves, hip hop foot work,break dancing, and most importantly, popping.

  • First Step

    Learn individual moves instead of complicated choreography. Most dance instructors will teach you a full routine when trying to learn how to dance like Chris Brown. But if the song changes in the club, you’ll be stuck with a routine that doesn’t fit.

  • Step 2

    Learn our transitions that allow you to move from step to step smoothly and seamlessly. Once you master these simple connectors you’ll be able to bust our moves like Chris Brown to any type of song.

  • Step 3

    Start learning routines to see how dance moves interact with the different parts of a song and practice, practice, and practice!

We recommend you start with dance moves from the 80s. Watch Michael Jackson’s music videos in particular as Michael was an inspiration for many of Chris Brown’s dance moves

Watch Chris Brown’s video to pick uo on some reoccuring themes. You will notice some moves start repeating themselves.

As backup dacners ourselves, that is exactly what we did in our instructional dance videos. we have danced with today’s top artists and we took the moves that repeat from one artist to another, the basic moves that all hip hop artists use. Our instructional dance videos will teach you to dance like Chris Brown and will take you from a beginner to the next level.

Want to learn how to dance like Chris Brown? Check out this short routine to get you on your way!

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