How to Dance at a Rave

Along with the recent popularity surge of EDM music, is the rise of rave parties.  Raves have been around for years, but just when you might’ve thought glow sticks and ecstasy-induced epileptic seizures were a thing of the past, DJs and groups like Deadmaus burst onto the music scene. With more and more rave parties on the horizon, exactly how do you dance at a rave?  The answer to this question is a lot easier than it may seem, but first, here’s how you don’t dance at a rave:

Oh those faces! Look, just like any other type of dancing, learning how to dance at a rave requires in-synch body movements. The first tip, as with any “how to dance at x” tips, is to feel the rhythm of the music and move with the beat. This is particularly vital when it comes to raves because the music is so “beat heavy.” Check out this video from our channel that explains upbeats and downbeats:

So now that you’ve got the knowledge of upbeats and downbeats, here’s a cool video showing some super basic dance movements:

Now that you’ve got the easy stuff down like your 6th tequila shot, try something a little more complex:

It’s a dance for “house music” but house music also tends to be very “beat heavy” so the mechanics translate over well. Now if you’re feelin’ real confident, try to do something like this guy:

In all, learning how to dance at a rave is pretty basic stuff. It’s just a matter of being able to move to a fast-paced, beat-heavy song, without falling over yourself. Although now you think you can rip up the rave scene with your new, Jersey Shore-esque, fist-pumping skills, you might want to consider getting some more dance moves in your arsenal. rave fist pump

Don’t be a one-move stooge. Pick up a club dance DVD and turn yourself into a dancing machine that even the most hardcore ravers can’t keep up with:

Learn Club Dance Advanced

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