How to Dance at a Party

So you got invited to a party, but you don’t know how to dance at a party, and now you find yourself here. The fact that you went on the Internet to solve this problem is commendable in itself. There are just some things you can’t ask your best friends about. Mostly because your friends won’t know the answer either.  So pat yourself on the back and welcome to the world wide web of  scary chat rooms, cat videos, selfies, and thankfully, instructional dance videos. Sit back and enjoy. You’re about to take off on a journey to becoming the life of the party.

First, you need to think about what type of party you’re attending.  Are you going to a wedding party? A divorce party or a college party? Maybe a rave? Or are you going to a high-class “puffy shirts only” party? This is important because knowing how to dance at a party is largely contextual. It would be weird if you were wearing this and pulling off head spins, while at a wedding party:

Learn Club Dance - Puffy Shirt

If you’re going to a college party, you should learn some hip-hop dance moves.  In fact, dancing like Usher never did anyone wrong:

Now you can’t pull off the same Usher dance routine for 3-4 hours straight. You’d get tired and if there are actual people at this party, and it isn’t just you alone with your stuffed animals, you’ll be getting lots of strange looks. I guarantee it.

Learn Club Dance

Chances are if you’re at a party, there will be people of the opposite sex there. So if you’re still at that college party, you should learn how to grind for guys.

But, what if you’re at a classier party, like a wedding? Well, you’re going to have to learn some high-class moves, like the simple sexy turn, because grinding on the bride’s mom probably won’t go over too well with anyone:

Now if you want to be a truly good dancer, you should learn other moves and forms of dancing like salsa:

Most important though, is to just let loose and not get in your head about it.  This sounds cliché, but it’s stated often because it’s true: dancing is largely mental and less physical. If you’re concentrating so hard to remember the moves you learned a couple days ago, you’ll come off robotic and rehearsed. You’re not dancing at your 8th grade recital here, you’re at a party, so let loose and have fun.

Dance like a human, don’t dance like a preprogrammed robot.

But this little bot CAN break it down…

Now that you have the resources (you’re welcome for doing the work), get to practice and learn how to dance at a party. If you have good foresight and the party isn’t this upcoming weekend, consider buying something more comprehensive like a DVD:

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