How to Dance at a Nightclub

If you want to learn how to dance at a nightclub, the first step is to not give a damn, get out of your head and just dance. You can learn all the fancy schmancy club dance moves out there, but if you aren’t able to not be self- conscious about how you look, you’ll just end up looking like this: 

After you get that down, it’s time to really learn how to dance at a nightclub. Before we teach you some moves, it’s important to note that dancing at a nightclub is not really that complex.

If you can move to a beat, you’ll be able to dance – plain and simple:

However, you will run the risk of being very vanilla and simply “blending in” with the crowd. That cute girl or guy won’t notice you and you aren’t going to get their attention with your plain moves. If all you want is to not look like a fool, don’t read any further and close this window now. If you want to know how to really stick out, read on.

A classic club dance move that never fails is the knee drop:

This move is very basic and you can probably master it within a couple days, given you aren’t this guy:

Now one move isn’t nearly enough to make you stand out in a crowd. Some people might take notice, like you might take notice of a neon light, but they’ll just keep moving on.  Try the “James Brown” on for size:

Now imagine how awesome it would look if you were to James Brown into a knee drop? There would be more than a few panties and jaws dropping at that! Well, maybe not, but you’ll definitely impress a few people. Now that we’ve started you off, check out some more free dance moves at our channel:

Another big aspect of learning how to dance at a nightclub is being able to dance with a partner. In nightclubs, you won’t typically find people waltzing or square dancing to Avicii’s “Hey Brother.” Instead, most people will be grinding. We suggest checking out a more in-depth post on learning how to grind here.

But, if you’re lazy, we’ll break down grinding for you right here in this post. If you’re a guy, it’s important to remember to lead the female. Failing to do so will lead to some very awkward dancing and that looks something like this: 

Also, remember to use your hands to help you guide your partner. Using your hands also helps to make the dance a little more “intimiate” (if you have another goal in mind).  Grinding is more than just rubbing your crotch into some girl’s butt. It is actual dancing, and so chemistry and unity (moving as one) is key to having a good dance.

Now if you’re a female, it’s simple – just follow the man’s lead. Don’t stick your butt out more than you have to, it makes the dance more difficult and you’ll just look silly: How to Dance in a Club

Also, when you’re grinding, focus more on the hips than your feet. Guys all know how ladies love wearing their 10-inch heels of death when they go out. Doing too much with your feet will not only potentially hurt you, but can hurt the guy you’re dancing with as well.

If you’re trying to learn how to dance at a nightclub, just get out of your head about it, dance to the beat, and throw some dance moves in the mix. If you want to take your nightclub dancing to the next level however, buy a DVD and they’ll be calling you the “showstopper.”

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