How to Dance at a High School Dance

When wanting to know how to dance at a high school dance, you’re going to want to learn some moves that look cool, but aren’t overly sexual or dangerous where you’ll get reprimanded by the watchful eye of the school supervisors. That being said, you will, guaranteed, be involved in some sort of dance circle and partner dancing.

Hopefully your mom won't be there in the circle after she drops you off.

Hopefully your mom won’t be there in the circle after she drops you off.

At high school dances, the dance circles are your opportunities to shine and really impress the heck out of that one guy or gal that you’ve had a crush on since the 5th grade. So as the overweight and just a tad bit creepy DJ spins the bumpin’ beats, you should be able to bust out a sick knee drop to kick things off:

Followed by a cyclone wave:

Then finally, wrapped up with the James Brown:

Now you’ve got the crowd “oohing” and “ahhing”, but then your biggest high school rival shows up to steal your thunder, showing up and being all like:


This is when you need to bring out the real moves. Like the dance moves in this routine:

So now that you served up some of the finest humble pie around, the beats cut to slow music. Now you’re going to have to bring out some of your best partner dancing moves that you know. The moves above just aren’t going to work out when you’re dancing with another. Trying, will only make you look something like this:

Roxbury school dance

So if you really want to know how to dance at a high school dance, you need to learn how to move with a partner. So none of this:


But something similar to this:

And also this:

In a slow dance, one person has to lead while the other follows. Typically, the guy leads and the girl should follow in-step, but it’s perfectly plausible for a girl to wear the pants in a relationship. If this is your case, consider handing in your man card (image source):


We’ve given you the tools to kill it at your next high school dance, but it’s not nearly enough to outshine everyone at your school. So if you really want to be a superstar and learn how to dance at a high school dance, check out our DVDs.


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