How To Dance At A Club – Dance Tip 5 – Take The Lead

Be the Leader:

After just a few lessons, and after following the tips in this blog, you should be able to grind and dance your way in most situations.

But songs change rhythms and beats and djs often mix up different tracks – that’s why every now and then you’ll probably be out of sync with the girl you’re dancing with.

No Worries!

A lot of my students just starting out aren’t confident enough to take the lead when they’re dancing and let the girl’s movements determine the beat.

No way! The truth is that you should be taking the lead every time by controlling the dance from the very beginning.

Even if your rhythm is off, and as a beginner it just might be, as long as you are in control, your girl will be amazed at your dancing and will even wonder if she is doing something wrong.

You see, most girls are as insecure as us about dancing, and if you show her you know what you are doing, she will assume you’re a great dancer and will follow YOU, even if you are off-beat.

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