How To Dance At A Club For Men- Dance Tip 2 – What To Do With Your Hands

In all of our videos, we show you how to dance at a club step by step.  We show exactly how to stand, how to move, and exactly what to do with your hands.  And we use close-ups so the specifics are easy to see and learn.  If you have not seen our videos, check out the tip below to learn what to do with your hands while dancing.

One of the biggest mistakes guys make on the dance floor (and you can thank the 5 shots of tequila you just took with your friends) is not knowing what to do with your hands – a problem that’s exaggerated when you’ve had a few drinks in you.

That being said, keep a watch out for your arms and make sure you’re not waving them in the air like you just don’t care. It can make you look goofy and draw some unwanted attention to yourself.

One of the cures you can try is holding a drink, preferably a beer…lest you spill your long island ice tea over some girl’s brand new dress and risk her wrath for the rest of the night.

Another tip is to watch your elbows. If they’re not by your side for the better part of the night, then you’ve got good reason to believe your arms are doing a dance of their own. That can include anything from being outstretched horizontally to doing a move you’ve seen in a hip hop video.

Finally, watch out for “dinosaur arms.” You how the T-Rex holds his arms, with his elbows low and his forearms raised with palms facing down? A lot of guys hold their arms just in that way, up by their chests almost as if their bracing for a boxing match.

Keep your arms loose and away from your chest. The same rule goes for holding a beer. Keep it low to the ground.  Holding a beer by your chest can make you seem defensive and insecure.  Dancing is all about projecting fun and confidence.

In the next tip, we’ll reveal how you can use eye contact to accomplish both of those things.

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