How To Approach Girls On The Dance Floor

In a moment i’ll share with you my favorite ways of how to approach girls on the dance floor.

But first, here’s how NOT to do it:

We’ve all seen the guy in the club, who just sneaks up behind a girl and tries to start grinding with her. Almost never works, since girls just find this creepy. Maybe if you’re a really … and I mean REALLY… good looking guy then you might get away with it. But more often then not they’ll just move away.

You need to approach girls on the dance floor so they see you coming.

Here’s exactly how I do it:

First, start out dancing next to them for 15 seconds or so. Doesn’t have to be longer than that, but just long enough so they see you and feel semi-comfortable, since you look like you’re having fun dancing.

Next, you get a bit closer and maybe playfully bump your hip into hers. See her reaction. If she moves away, she’s probably not interested. If she smiles, laughs then you move onto step two below.

Reach your hand out to take hers, and just spin her around. And just start dancing with her. Remember, you don’t want to be overly aggressive and try to start grinding with her right off the bat.

One of my other favorite ways how to approach girls on the dance floor is to dance over to them, look at them dancing for 2 seconds and nod like you’re impressed by their dance moves and high five them as if to say “nice moves”. It’s going to be hard for her not to high five you back.

At this point, now that you have her hand, spin her around and start dancing with her.

And if you want to see a video that shows you step by step how to approach girls on the dance floor check this out and learn exactly how to dance with a girl.

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