How Game of Thrones Is Like A K(night) At The Club

A new season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is set to hit TV screens again this April and with it blood, magic and ALOT of sex. Sounds like a fun night at the dance club huh? In fact, there’s a lot we can learn from Game of Thrones when it comes to the types of people you see rolling into your favorite spot trying to take the “dancing throne” from you and your friends. Check out the list below and arm yourself against those who would challenge your dancing family.

House Baratheon

The first to get drunk and lose their balance this “clan of bros” think that just because they’ve been coming to this club for years it’s their house. In reality, they’re one bad dance move away from being beheaded and sent to a old folks home. Once that happens, the new blood with dance for the vacant throne and club “Games” with be more wild than ever.

House Stark

These band of brothers are true friends; always making sure each other is okay and never leaving a man behind. Although they might not be the most gracefully on the dance floor, their passion more than makes up for it. Good and loyal friends to have, especially if someone is acting foolish (aka “Grinding”) towards you.

House Lannister

One of their uncles owns the club so they act like they own the place too. They kick people out of booths, harass waitresses and make the DJ skip YOUR favorite song. But underneath all that wealth and power however is something creepy and sinister. Rumors have it they are sleeping with the bouncer and the bartender. How incestual.

House Targaryen

These strong “Queens of Dancing” travel together, making sure each is accounted for and protected against the evils of drunk men trying to approach their dance circle. They may seem beautiful and weak but when threatened these women breath fire on the dance floor and will leave you limping back to your buddies.

House Greyjoy

These types are always looking to climb the social ladder no matter what the cost. They may act like your friend but as soon as a more popular person invites them over to their table, you’ll never see them again. And is that YOUR girl they are dancing with? How dare they back stab you like this! The day they crossed you is the day they cross the red velvet rope of their own demise.

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