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Break Dance Moves for the Club

" The Number One Rated How to Breakdance DVD "


breakdance movesHere is how you can get in a circle and impress, how you can learn the hottest, easiest to learn break dance moves in just a few hours, and how to walk away with the jaw dropping moves you need to awe and impress your friends! Get ready to learn how to breakdance!

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If you’re like us, you’ve been to weddings, and plenty of parties where a circle formed and everyone encouraged you to jump in but you held back, worrying about what people would think about your dancing, and worrying about embarrassing yourself. You really wanted to jump in, to show off and impress, but you never had the arsenal of moves to do so . . . until now.

That’s why we’ve also created this special, flashier, “for the circle” DVD that we call Breakdance Moves for the Club - the Shortcut to Learning How to Breakdance!

You’ll learn gravity defying moves that are much easier to learn than they look. You’ll discover how to use moves like the Top Rock and the Lunge Groove and how to make even the simple act of walking into a circle into a hot, attention grabbing maneuver.

Whip out the edgy moves you learn in the middle of the dance floor, and check out the jealous stares you’ll get from your friends. You're going to be amazed at easy it was to learn all of these moves, and how confident you’ll feel when you pull these moves out on the dance floor.

"Breakdance Moves for the Club is the most unique break dancing DVD ever"

What make's it so different?

We teach you moves you can show off and impress with tonight. If you're looking to spend months learning to how to break dance, then this might not be the DVD for you.

But if you want a "shortcut" to learning the hottest moves fast, moves like the 6 step and the cc . . . if you want to learn from celebrity instructors who have already taught thousands of beginners how to breakdance . . . if you want to floor your friends and bust out moves you've seen in Step Up and Stomp The Yard . . .then this is the DVD for you!

While other break dancing DVDs teach you long and complicated moves . . . we chose the flashiest moves that are much easier to learn than they look.

We teach you moves you can do on your feet, and how to drop down in a flashy and stylish way. You'll learn the moves you've seen in your favorite music videos, and you'll be able to impress your friends!

"Breakdance Moves for the Club" is yours to download for just $19.99

And, of course, this package is backed by our legendary . . .No-Risk, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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