From Dancing To Kissing – A step by step “how-to” technique

You’ve probably seen it before… A group of hot girls dancing out on the dance floor, grinding with each other…
… and a whole bunch of guys staring at them.

These girls *really* know how to move… and they’ve got everyone’s eyes on them.

Suddenly, some guy walks over, and starts dancing with them. Before long, he’s passionately grinding with one of them.

Ten minutes later, your friend motions for you to turn around to see them still grinding… only now, their foreheads are practically touching.

And a few minutes after that, you look and see them passionately making out… and you can tell that she’s loving every minute of it.

And if you’ve ever danced with a girl, and things started getting “hot and heavy” and you wanted to move in for the kiss, but just weren’t sure HOW to do it smoothly…then read on my friend.

Here’s my proven step by step “seduction” technique that I use to transition from dancing to kissing.

And you can use this to start having WILDER nights… every night you go out.
Using any of the approach techniques I’ve written before… dance up to a girl you like on the dance floor.

First, do the “comfort-building” dance moves when you are dancing apart… then do a few spin moves… and transition into grinding.

If you’re not sure which moves to do, check out our comprehensive club dancing system for men.

My favorite way to transition into grinding is to spin her into me, and place her hand on the back of my neck… this just gets things a bit more intense.

Keep grinding with her for a bit, and then pull back and keep dancing. This almost never happens to her, as every guy will try to keep grinding until she gets bored and walks away.

She’ll wonder why you’re not into her… and it’ll drive her totally nuts.

Spin her again, this time placing her hand on your neck and start grinding with her again, a bit more intense now.

You can guide her hand to your neck, and then let go and slowly caress the side of her hip, or you can choose to guide her hand to your own waist.

Whatever you decide, just remember this: girls love it when a guy takes charge on the dance floor.

They think it’s sexy.

Gently place both of your hands at her sides, right above her butt. Keep them there for about 20 seconds and just keep grinding.

If you’re not sure “how low to go” with your hands… just keep them high enough at her waist, so she doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Now, slowly run both your hands up her body, to her armpits, and then up her arms. Do this really sensually, and raise her arms up in the air as you’re doing it.

Then, when you reach the tops of her hands, which are now stretched out in the air, slowly runs your hands back down her body.

Slowly and sensually slide down her arms and sides until they reach just above her booty.

Slow down your grinding a beat and your partner will follow suit.

Don’t worry if it’s a fast song and you’re dancing slower.

She couldn’t care less what pace you two are dancing at… she’ll be too busy enjoying what you’re doing to her now.

While your hands are right above her butt, move your head in slowly, and breathe softly on her neck.

Don’t try to kiss her yet.

Now, move your hands up and down her back, slowly… while your head moves around her neck and the side of her neck very slowly . . .

Breathe slowly on her neck…

You’ll see her close her eyes and practically go into a “trance.”

Now move your head and hands down her body, (still facing her), and crouch down, slowly… as your hands travel down to her legs, then slowly move up again, to her butt…

Now, slowly stand up and go back to breathing on her neck, as your hands run up and down her back again.

Now repeat the arm-raising technique and the neck-breathing technique.

And this time around pull her body in closer to yours.

Your bodies should be pressed against each others.

Now, that last time you raise her hands up, and both your hands are up in the air… let go of her hands and just leave yours up for a second or two. This is her cue to now do the same thing to you, and she will.

She’ll slowly run her hands up and down your body, like you did to her. You’ll see a naughty smile on her face the entire time… girls love teasing guys like this.

Let’s rewind back, just a drop…

Let’s say she doesn’t get the hint to do the same thing to you, or maybe her eyes are closed… Don’t keep your hands up for any longer than a few seconds… otherwise it will just look funny.

Instead, take her hand and spin her around full circle, once… and instead of letting her hand go… just smoothly place it on your neck.

Next, while holding her hand on your neck, guide it down to your chest, and let go of it…

She’ll take over from here and run her hands across your body.

After a few minutes of her “taking advantage” of you…continue the neck breathing technique.

Most times the girl will copy you and start breathing on your neck.

If she doesn’t, don’t let it phase you.

Here’s the reality of the situation… At this point she wants to kiss you… badly. There’s no doubt about it.

You’ve just gotten her “fired up on all engines”…

She’s enjoying you teasing her and she’s anticipating the kiss.

Keep breathing, running your lips on her neck, and face… up until they “accidentally” touch her lips.

Then go in for the kiss.

If you want to gauge her “temperature” and prove to yourself that she’ll make out with you… because I know some guys don’t want to just go in for the kiss and risk getting rejected… do the following “test”.

As you’re breathing on her neck, gently move your lips across a small section of it. If she doesn’t pull back, she wants more.

Then take a tiny step further and kiss her neck. Not a wet, “sloppy” kiss… no tongue… just softly press your lips against her neck.

Honestly, this isn’t really even necessary but it’ll turn her on more… and you can prove to yourself that she really is into you… and is totally down to make out with you.

Now kiss her.

Remember to pull away and end the kiss first. This will leave her wanting more.

And there you have it… from never met to having her all over you…

Hope this helps. Try it and let me know what happens.

Want to learn how to dance, check out our club dancing system below:

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