Free Salsa Dance Lessons

If you’re searching for salsa dance lessons, then your either looking for a dance class, a free youtube video, or a DVD.

There are over a million salsa videos out there on youtube. Some of them are terrific. Others are not. Others are just videos of people eating salsa on the couch.

And since anyone can turn on the camera and claim to teach you how to dance salsa, we decided to compile this free resource guide and share our favorite free salsa dance lessons online.

First a disclaimer. We make instructional dance DVDs at Learn Club Dance. We want you to buy our videos. In fact, we have a crash course salsa dancing DVD. But we get it, not everyone wants salsa dance lessons on a DVD. Maybe you don’t want to wait to get our DVD in the mail (we have an instant download option), or maybe you don’t want your roommate to see you ordered an instructional salsa dance DVD. Whatever the reason may be, there are some great reasons to learning how to dance salsa online.

So without further ado, here’s our lists of free salsa dance lessons you can find online!

Okay, so as you can see, there are a ton of free online salsa lessons. But we’re not done yet. Actually, we’re just warming up.

Free Salsa Dance Lessons From Salsa Moves For The Club

Check out a few free salsa dance lessons from our video, Salsa Moves For The Club:

For more salsa dance lessons, check out hit new salsa dancing system we call Salsa Moves For The Club. It’s the crash course to learning how to dance salsa quickly and easily. Check out our simple, spicy, salsa steps now!

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