Free Hip Hop Dance Lessons

Because the only thing better than learning how to dance hip hop…
is learning how to dance hip hop for free!

Get in a circle and dance with our hip hop dance lessons that cut out all of the complicated choreography and teach you seperate hip hop moves instead – moves that you can combine in any order you would like, in any social situation, and to any type of music. Want to get on the dance floor fast? Check out these free hip hop moves and check out our premium course to learn today’s hottest hip hop moves. .

Lesson One: The James Brown

We named this move after iconic performer, James Brown. This is variation on a move that he always used to do when he performed. We’ve broken it down to a simper version that you guys can learn right now and be able to take to the club tonight. So take a look at it first and then we’re going to break it down step by step.

Lesson Two: The Jerk

Check out this move you’ve probably seen in the Teach Me How To Jerk Video. This is a really fun dance move to practice your footwork on. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Lesson Three: The Dougie

Alright so this next move we’re going to jump in to is one of our favorites, it’s called the Dougie, and you’re going to see it at almost every club or party you go to. It’s a really famous move so get ready to show off! Everyone does it a little differently, and we’re going to show you the easy way to learn how to dougie here!

Bonus Lesson! The Knee Drop

Want an easy way to show off and impress in a circle? Check out this move from out hit DVD, Get In A Circle And Dance! And if you really want to learn how to dance, check out our complete Hip Hop DVD series below!