Free Couples Dance Lessons

Check out these free, emergency dance lessons from our home study course we call “Dance The Night Away – Partner Dancing 101”

If you’re searching for quick and easy dance lessons for that upcoming occasion, then check out the lessons below. Instead of teaching you formal ballroom dancing (which can take years to master and which can look a little silly on a crowded dance floor), we teach you easy social dancing that you can use tonight!

Lesson One: Basic Step

In this video we break down a simple salsa inspired step that you can use in the club, at a wedding, or on any occasion, tonight.

Our moves are inspired by formal dance styles like Salsa, Swing, and Ballroom, but you’ll skip all of the formal steps that can take years to memorize, and you’ll learn the hottest, easiest to learn steps that you can combine and use on your own.

Lesson Two: The Wrap Turn

In this lesson we show you a fun, flirty turn that is so much easier to learn than it looks. This one will really allow you to show off and impress in front of your friends and family . . . and it looks great to just about any song, even if you’re a little shy and haven’t done much dancing before.

Lesson Three: Slow Dancing

Now we’re going to show you something a little different. We’re going to show you how you can slow dance and twirl that special someone around the dance floor all night long. It’s a really basic move that some beginners often stumble with. We chose to share this free dance lesson with you because we wanted you to see just how easy it can be to learn to dance socially!