Free Club Pickup Tips For The Guys

On Clubs…
The Real Reason Picking Up Doesn’t Work

Clubs are a funny thing. Supposedly they are the best place for meeting women. But are they really? When was the last time you met someone and the interaction went well. Perhaps you got a number, or a date, or something to make the night more enjoyable. Probably not too often.


Well it’s because you guys are not going about clubs in the right way. Going up and talking to girls is just not productive.

There’s a ton of bright lights, pounding music, and tons of people screaming and yelling because their favorite song just went on. Even if she is interested, a conversation, at least a meaningful one that can lead somewhere is next to impossible. Don’t worry, it’s not you. It’s the surroundings.

And to be honest, she probably doesn’t care. And not because she’s mean or cold hearted, but because she’s in a nightclub.

People go to a coffeehouse to chat. People go to a club to party. Your conversation about where she’s from, what she does, and what she’s drinking is at best delaying her grabbing another round of shots with her girlfriends and dancing.

But you know what? This is actually what makes picking up girls in the club and on the dance floor so great.

There is no canned material to memorize. And you can forget  those gimmicky approaches on the street. Forget cheesy pickup lines and leave that awkward small talk behind. Clubs are a place where you can say everything you need through with body language – whether it’s a smile or your dance moves. That’s why clubs are the best place to meet and attract girls.

On Girls…
The Truth Behind What They Really Want

What is the number one thing girl’s say they look for in a guy?


What do you think that says about guys who stand around the dance floor starring at the girls dancing but are too worried to approach? Nothing good!

Women want a guy to approach them who’s confident in himself and knows how to move. Everyone tries so hard to look good and avoid looking bad these days that even if she likes you, but not your moves, she will start hoping that noone is watching and will undoubtedly part ways with you shortly.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Girl’s are not grinding up on each other to experience being bisexual for the night. It’s a warm thought – But just not the case.

They have noone else to dance with them. Most guys are either watching from afar, grinding way too early, or clumsily and doubtfully making their way over.

Your Act…
How To Become The Guy In The Club That Every Girl Wants

Two points on being in a club:

1. Always have fun. Whether its hanging with your friends, throwing back shots, dancing, or just having a conversation, make sure you’re enjoying whatever you are doing.

2. Never just stand around scoping out the club for girls to talk or dance with. If they see you doing this you might as well go home. Night’s over. You have just been placed in the same category as nearly every other guy in the club and that is the “he’s just out searching for targets” label.

In their eyes you want to be the fun, cool guy who’s out having a great time enjoying himself, chilling with his friends, dancing, grabbing drinks by the bar – that guy!

NOT someone who looks bored and tired and generally in a bad mood – because girls just want to meet guys who are fun, social and can show them a great time dancing with them.

Get it?

And if you don’t have the moves down yet, don’t worry. You are not alone. Most guys have no idea how to dance, and its not their fault. Noone ever taught them. So when YOU get this down you will have such an edge over every other guy at the club that it won’t even be funny. You’ll get all the girls because you’ll be the one out there having a great time, drinking, dancing with tons of girls, being the fun, social, confident guy that every girl wants but can’t find.

But you have to go about the dance floor the right way rather than the wrong way. Walking up behind a girl and grabbing her to try to start grinding is not going to work. They’ll just give you that look and walk away. Of course you could play the numbers game and do this same exact thing with 15 or so girls and one girl will react positively because she’s just lonely and wants company.

But chances are she won’t be the one you want and this whole process will be filled with rejection and feel like work.

On Approaching…
The Right Way To Approach Girls Dancing And Make Them Feel Comfortable

So what’s the answer?

First always approach a girl from the front. It makes her much more comfortable. Coming from the back is creepy and even though you might think sneaking up on her is a good strategy, she’ll just find it unpleasant. Always smile when approaching and dancing with the girl. Even though this seems small – its HUGE because this makes her infinitely more comfortable and lets her know you’re not a threat. Also remember to keep eye contact while approaching and dancing. This shows her you’re a confident guy which is an attractive quality.

These subtle techniques may seem trivial but they will have a huge impact on the dance floor. It’s all about conveying the correct image through body language and making her feel comfortable and attractive.

Start a bit further and then get closer and closer through smooth transitions. Your dancing with her at first should be to get comfortable around each other. Of course the situation changes when its 2 am, the club is packed, and everyone has had a few drinks. Then you could turn up the heat sooner, but be careful to still not do it right away. Dancing should be playful at first. Make her feel comfortable and let her know that you’re not like every other guy in the spot who’s just trying to get a lap dance.

On Dancing…
How To Show Her The Time Of Her Life And Make Her Crazy For You

Girls LOVE when you spin them around. Use this knowledge so you can spin them into you, thereby bringing them in closer to make things more intense. When you don’t start immediately grinding with girls and take this route instead, most girls won’t be able to resist and will start grinding with you first.

Keep grinding for a bit and then pull back and just keep dancing. This almost never happens to her as every guy will just keep grinding until she gets bored and walks away. After a bit spin her into you again, perhaps placing her hand on your neck and start grinding with her again, a bit more intense now. After a short while stop again and just keep dancing. You’re teasing her and she’ll love you for it.

You’ll see a huge smile come across her face. You’ll be doing to her what she does to every guy, giving her a taste and then pulling away.

This whole thing will make her want you that much more.

If she’s with a group of girlfriends don’t just dance with one girl. Spread the love around. The easiest way to do this is when you’re grinding with her, playfully place your back onto one of her friends who will then start dancing up on you. This works almost every time because they see how much fun their friend is having and will want to get in on the action.

What’s Possible…
How To Make Every Girl In The Club Want And Chase You

They’ve probably never had this much fun dancing with a guy before because most guys don’t know what they’re doing. At this point, you can simply say you’re going to move on. Go the bar or start dancing with other girls, repeating the same exact steps. This will leave the original group hoping that you’d come back. They’ll talk about how much fun they just had and how cool and awesome you are. Then the jealousy they’ll experience seeing you have a great time with another group will drive them insane. You’ll see how they’ll begin following you around the club to try and get you back!

The best part is that there will be other guys who will approach the original group with the same old crap that doesn’t work – which will only reinforce how cool YOU are to the groups of girls trying to get you back.

This is what happens when you know what your doing. This will happen night after night you go out, week after week to the level where you’ll just start expecting it. And then you’ll get even more and have more girls chasing you in the clubs and on your cell than you’ll know what to do with. Other guys will still be trying to start conversations and ask them where they’re from and if they want another cocktail and more crap that doesn’t work, and 15 minutes later will see them dancing all over you wondering what you SAID to them.

It seems obvious how this will just happen with minimal work on your part. Girls just want to go out and dance and have a fun time. Noone except for you is willing to give them what they’re looking for. Is it any wonder then why they’ll chase you to have more fun again! While every other guy is doing things the old way, trying to grind with them and start meaningless conversations – they’ll be practically pushing the girls into your arms so all you have to do is show up and the night will repeat itself.

Now There’s Good News And There’s Bad News

The good news is that since practically no guys know what they’re doing on the dance floor NOW is the time for you to walk in and clean house. And it’s never been easier!

The bad news is that you can’t learn how to dance through words on a page. You can get the whole outlook on clubbing and meeting girls in clubs down which is absolutely critical, but the actual dance moves – everything from hot club moves, to smooth spin moves, to grinding variations, to approaching girls on the dance floor can’t be effectively taught through text. Just like you can’t learn to play soccer through an e-book, you need to be able to see each move being slowly explained, step by step so you could practice along.

Own The Dance Floor will teach you the hottest moves for the clubs so you can use them every night you go out. You will learn everything from approaching girls, to laid back moves to use by the bar or talking to a girl, to high momentum steps you can use to dance in a group, to grinding moves, to flirtatious spin moves and transitions, to eye-catching moves you can use to show off. We get exactly what you’re looking for and deliver it in an entertaining, easy-to-learn, step-by-step manner.

Unscripted commentaries throughout the video from girl club goers reveal exactly what they’re looking for in guys on the dance floor. They cover everything from how they want to be approached and danced with to common mistakes most guys make consistently.

Knowing and understanding what we just talked about is a huge help and will certainly give you an edge. But without the moves and confidence that comes from knowing exactly what you’re doing you won’t be as successful nor as quickly as you could be.

For just $27 you could learn exactly how to dance in clubs and start living the life you’ve always wanted. Isn’t that a fair deal?

Actually no – isn’t that an incredible deal? If you knew without a doubt that you could learn the hottest moves and get this area of your life handled, what would that be worth? What would you be willing to pay to get tons of fun, sexy girls dancing, flirting all over you every night you went out? Perhaps a DROP more than 20 bucks?

And yet that’s all it will cost you. In fact, we are so confident in our product that we want you to try it risk free. That’s right. Order the DVD now and it will come with a 2 week 100% Money Back Guarantee, INCLUDING shipping costs. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked!

What are you waiting for? Order the DVD now, receive it in three days and start living the life you’ve always wanted!

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