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Here is How You Can Learn to Dance With That Special Someone and Have Your Very Own Dirty Dancing Fantasy, How You Can Learn the Simple and Elegant Spins, Dips, and Turns, That will Have Everyone's Eyes on You, and How You Can Learn Sultry and Seductive Grinding Secrets To Do With Your Man

  • Learn to dance for that upcoming party with Dance the Night Away and Turn Up The Heat
  • Two jam packed DVDs teach you how to use the moves you already learned to dance with a man
  • Learn how you can take any man in your life, and make him fall in love with you all over again on the dance floor, even if he has two left feet!
  • Choose which style fits you best, or try both DVDs risk free, and save 30% when you purchase both today

You don't need to learn ballroom dancing or spend hours taking dance classes to learn how to dance with that special somebody. Learn the simple tips and tricks to spice up your nights out, get ready to be swept off your feet in time for that upcoming occasion, and impress everyone on the dance floor on your next night on the town. Learning to dance has never this easy! ~ Nicole and Brian

We've created two jam packed DVDs that take everything you know and show you how to take it up a notch and dance with your man to today's most popular music, in any type of social situation, without teaching you any formal steps, and without asking you to memorize long sequences.

Ballroom, Swing, and Salsa can look way too formal on the dance floor. And it can take years to memorize all of those steps.

That's why we created a system that teaches you how to dance naturally in a fun and classy way and we'll share all of the tips and tricks to add style and flare to your dancing, so you can impress everyone around you whenever you want, without worrying about your dance moves, and without taking months of dance classes.

We draw on the most popular styles of partner dancing, like the Bachata, Cha Cha, Salsa, Swing, and even the Rumba and teach you the easy to learn spins, turns, and dips that are so much easier to learn than they look. And we teach you how to combine every move, and how to take it from formal, to casual with just the simple change of your hand position, and we'll show you how to do these moves to any type of music.

So when the DJ changes the music from Latin, to the Oldies, to today's most popular music, you'll be prepared!

Thousands of customers just like you let us know that they wanted to learn to dance in social situations, and they wanted a crash course DVD that wouldn't take hours of grueling practice. Most people simply don't want to learn to dance like the pros, or to devote themselves exclusively to one style of dancing.

Our DVDs teach you fun, easy to learn, versatile moves, that will look amazing in any type of social situation, from weddings, to cruises, to formal galas, to the hottest clubs. And the best part is, since there are no routines to memorize, we'll teach you to dance smoothly and naturally, and we'll get you ready in just a few short hours!

We created two jam packed DVDs called Dance The Night Away and Turn Up The Heat to get you dancing with your partner in no time!

Choose which style fits you best or try both DVDs risk free today.

Own The Dance Floor - Turn Up The Heat

Get ready to turn up the heat. You'll learn how to take everything you've learned in Drop Down and Dance, and take it up a notch while dancing with your partner. You'll learn how to spice up your nights out, and how to dance with the man of your dreams.

  • First you'll learn the fun and flirty way of dancing apart and then we'll show you how to bring things in closer with tongue and cheek techniques to keep your partner guessing and on his toes.
  • Then we'll show you how to mix up your moves in a spontaneous and fun way and you'll learn the simple, yet incredibly effective ways of keeping things exciting on the dance floor.
  • You'll learn all of the sexy and seductive grinding secrets that are classy and elegant and will really impress that special someone you're dancing with.
  • You'll also learn fun and flirty moves to keep your dancing fun and spontaneous, moves that will get you two laughing and having fun, and moves that look hot in any social situation, be it a wedding, a bar, or a party!
  • You're going to love your new dance moves, and you're going to love doing them with your man!

To order Own The Dance Floor, Turn Up The Heat, simply select which format you would like to recieve.

Select, "I want the Download Version," to download your digital copy in just minutes for $26.95, or choose "Send Me My DVD" to order a copy of Turn Up The Heat right away for only $29.99. We'll ship and process your order on the same say, and you'll be dancing in just a few short days.

Dance The Night Away - Partner Dancing 101

Dance the night away, partner dancing 101 is loaded with so much content, we almost had to make it a two disc set just to fit it all! This DVD will teach you moves you can do on any night on the town, from formal events, to summer parties, to weddings, cruises, to any club or bar. You'll learn how to transform every move from casual to classy, and you'll be able to master all of these moves with confidence and ease, no matter your skill level, and even if you have never danced before.

  • Spice up your slow dancing and get ready to make those moments more intimate and so much more magical. You'll learn the easy steps to make even the simple slow dance a memorable experience.
  • No formal steps or ballroom dancing. You'll learn elegant moves inspired by salsa, swing, the bachata, and romantic Cuban dances without memorizing any routines, or following outdated patterns. You'll learn hot, practical moves that are going to look amazing when you bust them out on the dance floor.
  • Learn to dance like the stars and learn the simple patterns you've seen on your favorite shows.
  • You'll learn simple, yet incredibly effective spins and graceful, daring dips that will have your man twirling you around to the jealous stares of all your friends. And the best part is, they're so much easier to learn than they look!
  • FREE BONUS - You'll also get an exhilarating couples hip hop routine that we'll show you how to link up with the rest of your moves. Bust this out at your next wedding or party and you'll dazzle your audience with these jaw dropping moves that will only take you a few hours to learn. None of these moves are difficult to learn, but when you do them simultaneously with your partner, you're going to electrify everyone around you!

The Dance The Night Away DVD costs $29.99, and just $26.95 for the digital download. Simply hit "I want the Download Version" to begin downloading immediately, or select "Send me my DVD" to order your copy today. To save even more, see below to find out how you can save 20% when you order both Dance The Night Away and Turn Up The Heat together today!

Grab Your Partner to Practice Along With You, or Grab the Reigns Yourself!

I teamed up with celebrity dance instructor Brian Henninger to show you how you can take everything you've learned in Drop Down and Dance, and how you can take it up a notch with your man. We designed these videos to make it easy for you to follow along with a partner, and we both give you advice, so if you're watching this video together, you'll be able to practice the moves right away.

You'll also learn how to spice things up all by yourself, so even if you don't have a partner, you'll be able to take the reins the next time you're out, and really impress that guy you're dancing with!

We created these DVDs for beginners, and we made sure to go slow and cover the most important lessons, so you can purchase with confidence, knowing you have two expert dance instructors by your side.

You'll be amazed at how much fun it will be to dance with your partner, how easy it will be to get him to dance with you, and how much fun you'll have together when you order this special DVD set today.

Super Versatile! A plus!Perfect Emergency Lessons! I Got my Boyfriend to Dance!

The problem with dance class is that you memorize steps to specific music, so even if you get the steps in class, its hard to use them out socially. Most people don't need to spend hours learning. After just a few hours learning a few steps in this dvd, i felt like i could dance to any music.

These DVDs are a great starting point. I needed something to get me ready for a party happening in just a few weeks, and it was the perfect emergency dance lesson! I could not have asked for anything better! Thanks!!

It's awkward when you see someone who has taken a ballroom dancing class bust out their really fancy moves at a party or a wedding when the beatles are playing. This set was awesome because you learn flashy moves, but you learn to do them whenever you want, and to any type of music.

Here is How You Can Save 20% When You Order Turn up The Heat and Dance the Night Away Together Today

Each DVD normally sells for $29.99 for the physical copy, and $26.95 for the digital version. That's $54 for the two disc set, and $46 for the digital downloads. But when you order both partnering DVDs today, we'll instantly slash 30% right off the cost.

That means that right now, for just a limited time, both "Turn Up The Heat", and "Dance The Night Away," can be yours for just $43.15 for the physical set , and just $36.72 for the digital version , a fraction of the cost!

No Risk

And of-course, all of our DVDs are backed by our 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
We want you to be absolutely certain you're getting your money's worth. That's why we want you to "test drive" the DVD for a full month before you decide if you want to keep them! If you're not happy with the DVDs for any reason, simple send em' back, and you'll receive a full and courteous refund right away, no questions asked.