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Own the Dance Floor is a brand new series, and we want to hear how you guys are doing!

Do you have any comments or suggestions? Do you want us to include a new style of dancing, or add a new move? We want to hear from you, and we'll be sure to listen to you when we update the members area every month

Send us your success stories and enter to win a Free copy of "Hip Hop Moves for the Club" This crash course DVD was the number one selling instructional dance video on Amazon, Cypher Styles, Empire Videos, and Active Videos, and it can be yours for free! We're not selling this amazing video anymore, but we've got some extra inventory in stock, and we're giving them away in return for you taking the time to send us a quick email, and share with us what you think of the DVDs!

Till then, check out some of the rave reviews we've already gotten!


Confidence boost in and out of the club.If you're sick of standing around feeling like a lemon who doesn't look like he's having much fun (like I've felt in clubs for years) while other guys and gals are dancing away - this is the solution, period.

I received my copy around 2 weeks ago after 6 years of going out drinking and never *once* dancing. Sure I'd been asked before by a few women, but I didn't know how, I didn't think I could, I didn't even think I would *enjoy* it. I always turned the invitations down.

It's all changed now and even though I've only watched the DVD twice over and practiced for around 15 minutes in total, I'm confident in my basic ability to dance and the thought of dancing doesn't phase me anymore. I know I could dance the entire night with only a few basic moves I've learned from this DVD if I wanted.

It's exactly what I needed as a total beginner - there's simple side to side movements mixed in with plenty of actual 'moves' that stand you out as someone who *knows* how to dance and places you firmly above most people in the club who don't really know what they're doing.

Mr. P (England)

Easy to follow with great results Great video! It teaches you everything you wanted to know about dancing in a club from grinding, to dancing apart, to approaching, to transitioning, to showing off, and everything in between. The instructors were great and easy to follow. It was a good combination of slow instruction where after you learn the move, you get to practice it at full speed with tips and suggestions.

I like that there were three instructors that teach you and show you different styles and variations that you can choose to follow. Also, all of the instruction takes place in a club which makes the video exciting and fun to learn. I was a pretty good dancer before getting this video, but I learned a lot of new things. It definitely has something for everyone. Overall, this DVD delivers on what it promises. I highly recommend it!

John C

Practical, Well Made, and Perfect For ClubsI received this DVD as a gift from my girlfriend. It's got really good moves and practical advice. The grinding section is especially useful. I've definitely improved in my dancing because of it..

E. Meyers (New York)

I am the most uncoordinated person on the planet! but after a few times watching this DVD, I can safely say my dancing has improved quite a bit. I'm no Napoleon Dynamite, but this DVD does work if you put in the work!


Finally! I've actually purcahsed several DVDs in the past but this was the first one that actually taught me how to dance in a club. Instead of routines, it teaches you a bunch of moves you can use interchangeably all night


definitely worth it!I'm really glad I made this purchase. I've wanted to take dance classes for a while but I didn't have the time nor the money. A friend recommended that I buy a DVD. After looking around I chose this one since it looked like it was going to be more my style. I was impressed with the moves and especially the instruction.

A Karshenboym

Finally an instructional dance DVD that caters for beginners When girls asked me to come on the floor and dance, they may as well have asked me to join the orchestra and play lead violin - it would always be a humiliating catastrophe. This DVD made it so much easier for dual left footed klutz like me to get confident and comfortable and actually have some fun! I was busting some serious moves at the club within two weeks of purchase!

A. Gore

They have very good music in these videos and they actually go really slow in helping people pick up the moves which is great cause I have seen so many that move so fast you can't keep up...and I loved that you could go to a specific move from the main menu so if it was one you wanted to learn more than another you can go to that one only. I think these dances are pretty cool and would be a hit in any club just make sure you have some room though cause some of these moves need a good size dance floor. The moves as well they are so fresh and look great with just about any song with a beat to them. Who really wouldn't love to Learn to Dance so check these out and get a little more hip to today's music.

Danyale N ( North Carolina)

I wanted to learn to dance solely to pick up some moves I can use in clubs. I had no previous dancing experience whatsoever and was glad to see these guys break all the moves down into easily learnable steps. The first part of the DVD teaches you a bunch of club moves. Most of these moves are hot, maybe only 1 or 2 I can't see myself doing. it was helpful to see the guys, after teaching each move, dancing with the girls with each of these moves. Part 2 of the DVD is all about dancing with the girl and turning up the heat. They also show you how to approach girls dancing and how to go from starting to dance with them all the way to grinding and all the stuff in between. I just mimic exactly what he does for those 4 minutes and the girls I dance with are all about it. I definitely recommend this DVD to any guy who wants to learn how to dance in the clubs because it will be a huge help.

Daniel Schwartz

If you want to learn how to dance in a club then this is the video for you! The first time I got compliments for my moves, I knew this was a worthwhile investment. There's nothing to it really but you need to start somewhere. The instructors show you everything you need to learn. I'm waiting for volume 2 so I can get even better.

KL (Saratoga)