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Introducing the no-nonsense, superstar shortcut to take your moves to the next level, become an amazing dancer, and learn how to dance like the pros without the grueling practice, and without memorizing any routines

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Own The Dance Floor Elite Series

Hip Hop Basic Grooves ~ Iconic Hip Hop Moves ~ Popping ~ Waving ~ Isolations ~ Breaking ~


learn to dance now

Hey guys,

This is Brian Henninger and I'm excited to share the new Own The Dance Floor Elite Series with you.

I'm going to show you how to become an amazing dancer, how to control and move your body smoothly and naturally like the pros, and how to do the jaw dropping, awe inspiring, ridiculously cool move that will leave your friends staring in amazement.

I had a lot of fun filming the Own the Dance Floor series. We’ve gotten tons of great feedback from guys all over the world, guys who had no idea how to dance before, guys who were now able to go out, and have so much more fun after they watched the videos, guys who never had to worry about their dance moves again, and who finally got the attention and the attraction, they were seeking in clubs and bars.

And it was while we were filming Own the Dance Floor, when one of the producers came up to me and said Brian. . .

These moves are really cool and they’re perfect for clubs, but how can I learn to dance like you? How can I do the crazy moves you’ve been doing and become an unbelievable dancer?

He asked me to literally unload everything I knew, to teach the average joe how to dance like the pros, and I couldn't wait to share everything I've learned with you, and show you how you can gun straight to the meat and potatoes, and learn to dance like a pro by learning the flashiest, easiest to learn moves first, and skipping the things you don't need

You see, when it comes to really learning how to dance, taking your dance moves to the next level, and impressing everyone around you . . .there's a secret that most "good dancers" and even most dance instructors don't want you to know.

A secret that keeps most guys in a lame "dancing rut" . . . locked away taking dance classes for years

You probably already know what it is without being able to put it into words . . . You may have seen it out on the dance floor . . . . or felt it yourself.

The "secret" is that to be a really good dancer, you don't need to know dozens and dozens of moves . . . learn long and complicated routines or spend years and years of training and practicing and making yourself a "pro."

Nope, to become a really good dancer (maybe even the best dancer who everyone just can't take their eyes off of) you just need to learn a few hot, easy to learn, attention grabbing moves, and learn to do them really well.

Don't get me wrong . . .the "complicated" stuff does have its place . . . but if you want to go out, have fun, and dance like a pro without spending years taking classes like I did, then there has simply never been a better way. . .

when you complete the Elite Series, you'll be able to feel the music . . . you'll react to the people around you with confidence and ease. . . you'll be able to effortlessly switch from move to move . . . and to do so with a smile on your face . . . without having to constantly think about what comes next.

You're Going to Be Able to Dance "Naturally" and Really Be in The Moment.

And with that in mind . . .

We've broken the Elite System down into Three Jam Packed, easy to follow Volumes to take you from dance novice to dance pro in surprisingly little time

Pick and choose your favorites and order each DVD seperately, or take your dancing to the next level and order the entire Elite package today.

Each DVD retails for $29.99 for the physical copy and $26.99 for the instant download version.

Hip Hop Basics and Beyond (2 Disc Set)

This two disc set will not only teach you the most important and iconic hip hop dance moves and grooves this century has seen, including the must know party moves like the dougie, the shuffle, the freak, and our brand new take on the moon walk, but you’ll also learn how to take everything you already learn in the Own the Dance Floor series and make it flow smoothly and seamlessly to eliminate that sometimes stiff and awkward feeling that most beginners get.

Our innovative system will practically force your muscles to move your body like a pro so you’ll never feel stiff or awkward again.

Hip Hop Basics And Beyond is jam packed with so many moves, we had to make it a two disc set just to fit it all. With over ytwo hours of dance lessons to choose from, you'll be ready to move on to the show stopping, more advanced moves in Get In A circle and Dance, Break Dance Moves for the Club.

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Get In A Circle and Dance

If you’re like me, you’ve been to weddings, sweet 16s, and plenty of parties where a circle formed and everyone encouraged you to jump in but you held back, worrying about what people would think about your dancing, and worrying about embarrassing yourself. You really wanted to jump in, to show off and impress, but you never had the arsenal of moves to do so. . .until now.

That’s why I’ve also created this special, flashier, “for the circle” DVD that I call Get In A Circle and Dance - Breakdance Moves For The Club

You’ll learn gravity defying moves that are much easier to learn than they look. You’ll discover how to use moves like the Top Rock and the Lunge Groove and how to make even the simple act of walking into a circle into a hot, attention grabbing maneuver. Whip out the edgy moves you learn in the middle of the dance floor, and check out the jealous stares you’ll get from the guys.

You’ll draw everyone's eyes to the line of your neck like a tractor beam . . and you're going to be amazed at the confidence you feel when you pull these moves out on the dance floor.

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Next Level Dancer - Popping, Waving, and Isolations (Two Disc Set)

But that’s not even it. It's a fact, there's nothing that turns more heads, stops more shows, than popping like Chris Brown and waving your body through unexplainable illusions.

Popping and waving are my two favorite styles, and they are hands down, the most important dance styles to really take your dancing to the next level. And that’s why I just had to create Next Level Dancer, and why it's packed it with so much content that we had to split it up into three different DVDs.

Popping is so much easier than it looks, and it’s perfect for clubs and bars, for when you don’t have a lot of space, and perfect even if you don’t feel like showing off. Just learning this quintessential hip hop style will permeate through the rest of your dance moves and floor whomever you’re dancing with.

You’ll dazzle and amaze with the section on Waving and you’ll truly defy everyone’s expectations when you’ll learn how to isolate different parts of your body. These moves take a bit of practice, but once you get them down, you’ll be one of the most amazing dancers your friends have ever seen.

We've sold thousands of this special DVD set to men all over the world, and I can't even tell you how many guys have written and told me that the Next Level Dancer DVD set was worth the low cost of this package all by itself.

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Exactly what I wanted! Great moves for beginners! Improved my dancing!

"This is my second hip-hop instructional video purchase, and the first that delivered what it promised. Rather than featuring stage dancers who tell you the most important thing is to feel the "groove", it features pros who break down simple club moves into almost idiot-proof steps. These moves were hot, totally practical, and while I wouldn't use every move out, I had a ton of fun just learning them, and I became a much much better dancer overall after just going through the DVD set once. "

"When it came to dancing, I had no rhythm or skills what so ever. I wanted a DVD that would teach me simple, basic moves for dancing at clubs and this DVD set over-delivered. But I wanted to get even better and while other DVDs are more focused on moves you would see in a music video or choreographed for dance groups, the moves on this DVD are flexible enough that you can change it up with your own style. I also like the added feature of combining the moves and practicing them all together in the end."

"This DVD rocks! I've gotten compliments on my moves every time I go out. I still have a lot to master but I've definitetly improved. I used to be afraid to get on the dance floor but now I do it with confidence. It's amazing how many guys and girls have no idea what they are doing. Everyone seems to have that one move that they just keep on doing and watch in disbelief as I'm able to switch from one to the next with ease. I'm very impressed with this video and recommend it to anyone that wants to learn to dance."

Have You Ever Wished or Even Dreamed that You Could Be One of The Best Dancers in The Club?

This is a truly unique system that cuts through all the "complicated stuff" and teaches you the simple, attention getting and incredibly awe inspiring moves you need to be jaw dropping, natural, and spontaneous on the dance floor . . . to dance with confidence . . . to adapt to the music . . . and to be the center of attention whenever you want. You’ll learn the hottest dance moves you can start using right away!

Own The Dance Floor, the Elite series is a brand new program and it's hot off the "printing press." These DVDs are loaded with so much content that we're thinking about charging two, or even three times as much. Each DVD is jam packed with months worth of dance classes and you would have to spend hundreds of dollars to learn even a quarter of the material in these DVDs.

In fact, we used to offer private dance lessons starting at $75 per hour to teach just some of the advanced moves that we teach in the Elite Series. And you would easily have to spend $400 to learn just a fraction of the content in this system. But unlike a dance class or a private lesson, you get to keep these moves forever, and you can rewind and practice as often as you would like.

If you are reading this today, then you are still in luck. We have not raised the price yet, and you can still take advantage of our introductory low price.

Each DVD costs $29.99. We also have a brand new digital download option for just $26.95 and when you order right now, you'll be able to download the entire High Def Videos in just minutes, and you'll be able to start learning right away, no matter where you live, and without having to wait for the DVDs to arrive in the mail.

And just for a limited time, when you order all of the DVDs together . . . you get "Hip Hop Basics and Beyond, "(which includes "Hip Hop Grooves" and "Hip Hop Past and Present," "Get in a Circle and Dance," and "Next Level Dancer," which includes "Popping," "Waving for Beginners," and "Isolations 101," you'll be able to save with 20% Off and Free Shipping.

That's a 5 disc, Comprehensive Dance System that turns you into a dance pro fast with our proven teaching method for a fraction of the cost of dance lessons. And it's available to download right away

To order now, simply select which version you would like to purchase and click on the buttons below: