Five Commercials With Incredible Dance Moves


While commercials can be an annoyance when interrupting our favorite shows or music videos, they also often charm us with their catchy tunes and funny set-ups. As Mad Men teaches, advertising has long informed culture whether we like it or not, but these five commercials have such great dance moves, we certainly don’t mind!

#5 Microsoft Surface



In 2012, Microsoft debuted their new campaign for their tablet with this flawlessly choreographed, step dancing influenced ad. While it had leaked on Youtube, it made its grand debut during an episode of Dancing With The Stars, unsurprisingly. The ad features many notable dancers pulling their best moves, including head spinning and some out of this world flips. The incorporation of the product itself into the routine is so seamless and innovative that you almost forget you’re watching a commercial!


#4 Ipod Silhouette Commercials




Apple’s iconic campaign from the early 2000’s defined Apple products with unique color schemes, fly music, and extremely hip dancing. Not every ad featured daring movement such as the screen grabs above, but they all are infused with an exuberant groove that was so powerful it captivated the early Millennium generation.


#3 Target Dorm Commercial



This 2008 ad features two new dorm-mates meeting for the first time, and designing their new living space together by way of a good-natured Step Up influenced dance-off. The two really do create the perfect dorm room from any college girl’s dreams, and pull some amazing stunts while doing it.


#2 Gap Khaki commercial




In the optimistic times of the late 1990s, swing music and fashion were just starting to make a comeback in a big way. Gap solidified this trend by their energetic, bouncy, and boundlessly gleeful commercial from 1998, where professional swing dancers spun, kicked, and triple-stepped their way into advertising history.


#1 Pepsi Generation Michael Jackson



Going back even further in time to the 1980s, at the zenith of Michael Jackson’s power, we see an adorable group of children perfectly imitating Jackson’s signature moves to the tune of Billie Jean. This ad has got everything: the shoes, the sparkling glove, and that unforgettable moonwalk. Pepsi has always used pop stars to create exciting ads, and this classic is no exception. When Michael sings “You’re a whole new generation,” to the children and the audience, it’s hard not to feel a touch of nostalgia.



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