Even Snakes Can Dance: 10 Critters Who Can Bust A Move


If you’ve got any kind of finger on the pulse of pop culture, you’ve seen Snowball’s youtube channel. This sassy little parrot has made a career out of rocking out to the Backstreet Boys like it’s 1999. Check him out:

My Dog Spot

Ok, so it’s not my dog. And it’s name is actually Stuart, but let’s not split hairs! This little fella has the salsa style down pat and errbody knows it.


Little known fake-fact: B-boying started in the Congo. Mighty Joe Young was not-actually the forefather of the dance! But really, here’s one of his descendants making us humans look bad:


To the especially hopeless: let this be a lesson. There’s nothing a catchy jingle and some clever editing can’t fix.

The Superb Bird of Paradise

Last time I tried to puff my head out and hop around a lady, it didn’t go so well. Now it all makes sense:


Didn’t you know? Happy Feet was actually a documentary. Although you’d never guess it from the distinct lack of Morgan Freeman voiceover.


And no, I’m not referring to the big drunk guy that steps on my toes and spills my drink at a Rihanna concert; I’m talking literal elephants. Just keep your martini close.


So you say you’ve got two left feet? Poppycock! Says the charmed serpent. Evolution may not have been kind to nature’s perpetual less-thans, but no one can deny this swag:


They may be skittish, but these little creatures sure know how to bust a move. But of course, it helps when you’re sexy and you know it.

Blue Footed Booby

Sure, they’re not the prettiest birds on the planet, but their colorful feet alone drive the opposite sex cuckoo. Because – duh – gettin’ lucky is all about showing off your best parts.

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