Different types of Hip Hop music

In this blog I want to take a few minutes and talk about the different types of hip hop music that exist, and the areas they come from.

Hip Hop started in the New York but quickly spread across the country and eventually the entire world as a culture. From this culture different styles of “Hip Hop” music developed. In the beginning these different styles varied GREATLY, as time has gone on many of the different styles of hip hop music have degraded due to the over popularization of hip hop as a genre, and most of the various styles sound similar now. lets rewind back in time a bit though and talk about some of the various Hip Hop styles when they first came on the scene. (More to come on each individual style in a later blog!)

East Coast (New York City) Hip Hop: Characterized by high energy beats that go back to the first beginnings of Break dancing. Some of the biggest names in East Coast Hip Hop include: The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Method Man, Rocafella records, Bad Boy records, Diddy, 50 cent.

West Coast (LA, and the Bay Area) Hip Hop: Characterized by more laid back groovy sounding beats ( Picture driving with your top down ) With influences from Funk music, and some latin styles. Some of the bigger names in west coast hip hop include: 2Pac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Ice T, NWA, Public Enemy, E40. Death Row Records.

Southern (ATL, Florida) Hip Hop: Characterized by DEEP, DEEP, Bass. Most of these songs are more Midtempo, and combine elements from both East and West Coast Hip Hop while having a style all its own. Artists of Southern Hip Hop include: LIL jon, Cash Money, Lil Wayne, Bubba Sparx, Outkast, Pit Bull, FloRida.

This is really just scratching the surface of the differences in the different types of hip hop just within this country!

In upcoming blog posts I will go a little further on each region and how Hip Hop music progressed in that area.

Some Current real Hip Hop ARTISTS to check out:

Talib Kwali



Kendrick lamar

Until next time… Keep Dancing!


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