How to Dance Thriller

At Learn Club Dance, we have been backup dancers to P.Diddy, Beyonce, Jay Z, Ashanti, Shakira, and dozens of others of today's top artists. We have come together to teach you club style, hot dance moves, that will take any beginner to the next level. we don't teach routines in our videos, but for anyone looking to leaarn how to dance thriller, or any other famous dance routines, we suggest starting with our instructional dance videos, which isolate the most important moves you will need to nail down any routine you attempt. As performers and backup dancers ourselves, we know where you need to start to learn how to dance smoothly and flawlessly!

In the meantime, we did a quick search to bring you our favorite video for Thriller. Let us know what you think!

If you are serious about learning dance routines to your favorite music videos, then check out our free dance lessons at Click here to learn how to dance right now!

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