Club Dancing vs Learning To Dance

Club Dancing vs Learning To Dance

If you are searching to learn how to dance, then you know that there are a wide array of styles that you can choose from.  But if you are reading this article, then you are probably searching to learn how to dance at a club.

So what does “club dancing” mean?  What does it mean to lean how to dance for a club?  How does that compare to learning to dance for other types of situations . . . say when you’re out with your friends.  Can you use club dancing moves at parties, in weddings, or on the beach?

Now we don’t claim to have invented this genre, but we were certainly one of the few pioneers.  We realized early on that too many dance studios and instructional dance videos went about teaching in the wrong way.  And worse, we felt like they were teaching the wrong stuff.

Most dance lessons and learn to dance dvds teach you how to become “professional” dancers.  Whether it’s Ballroom Dance Classes or Hip Hop Dance Courses, you’ll learn how to dance in a very large, impactful way.  Even if you are learning to dance as a hobby, even if you take dance classes for beginners, you’ll learn how to dance for performances. You’ll learn dance choreography and dance sequences that may look good in the classroom, but will probably look a bit silly out in the real word at a club, a wedding, or at a family function.

Learning to dance can take years, and the moves that you’ll learn are grandiose and meant to tantalize judges and stimulate audiences.

Most beginners don’t really need to learn how to dance like the pros.  Even if dancing is just a hobby, most people want to learn how to dance in common social situations so they can really show off and impress for their friends.  You can’t really use Ballroom Dancing moves when you get together with your family because it feels like you are showing off.

That’s why for those people who are searching to learn how to dance at a club, or just want basic social dance moves, then there is finally a better way.

Select “Club Dancing For Men” to learn basic, social dancing moves for the guys. You’ll learn everything from hot, subtle, and practical dance moves, to simple smooth transitions to get your partner dancing closer, to fun, flirtatious moves you can use to break the ice, to sexy spins and dips, and even more intense grinding moves that you can use with your date. Everything is covered. They tell you exactly what to do, how to stand, where to put your hands. You’ll learn how to approach any woman on the dance floor with confidence ease, knowing you are one of the best dancers at the club.
Select “Club Dancing For Women” to learn to dance like the stars. Featuring the backup dancers to Beyonce, P Diddy, Gwen Stefani, The Black Eyed Peas, Jay Z, and Shakira, and our new breakout dance lessons show you the simple, attention grabbing moves you need to be sexy, natural, and spontaneous on the dance floor. And the best part is,
you’ll get in a sexy dance workout while you go through this program and to learn to dance. You’ll be amazed as as you tone your legs, arms, and abs just by going through each lesson. It’s the fun way to work out, and you’ll love your new dance moves for that special night out painting the town red.

Select “Partner Dancing” to learn slightly more formal dance moves that you can use with your partner in any social situation. There’s no need to learn formal dance styles like Ballroom, Cha Cha, or Tango – dance styles that can take years to master. If you just want to learn to dance for an upcoming wedding or party and you want to learn simple dance moves that will impress your friends and family, then this is the DVD for you. You’ll learn moves “inspired” by Salsa, Swing, the Blues, Cha Cha, the Waltz, Tango, and the Bachata for a complete, versatile arsenal of dance moves that you can keep in your back pocket and use in any social situation. We’ll show you how to transform every more from formal to frisky, so you’ll be able to dance in weddings, corporate parties, and in the hottest club. You’ll learn everything from sizzling spins, to daring dips, to basic slow dancing moves.

So there you have it.  With our instructional dance videos, you can skip years of learning to dance by just picking up the bare essentials, the must-know moves to get you dancing tonight.  These moves are hot, subtle, and practical, and they were designed specifically for social dancing, whether it’s at a club, at a wedding, or a party.  For more on how to dance at a club, click here!


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