7 Dances We’ve Learned From 90s Sitcoms

1. The Carlton


Obviously, this iconic moment in 90’s television history had to be number 1. This also must be where the origin of “dance as if no one is watching” came from.

2. The Sprain


In a classic episode of “Saved By The Bell”Screech and Lisa create this ridiculous dance to win a contest.

3. The Bartman


To kids in the 90s, no one was cooler than Bart Simpson. And this song/dance combo only solidified that when it debuted. There were even rumors that Michael Jackson himself was going to collaborate with Bart on a song.

4. The Elaine


Looks like Elaine could have benefited from watching a “Learn Club Dance” DVD.

5. The Monkey


Cartoon Network’s favorite tough guy/ total mama’s boy, Johnny Bravo, had us all doing the Monkey with him in the early 1990’s

6. Jump on It


I just had to include the “Fresh Prince” again on this list. Who can forget this scene, with an iconic 90’s dance floor song to match?

 7. The Ross and Monica Routine


Nothing says brother-sister synchronicity more than this classic scene from “Friends”.

Bonus. The Robin Sparkles


Who can forget these 90’s-tastic dance moves from Robin’s alter ego in “How I Met Your Mother”?

The Urkel


This one didn’t make our top seven list because is it really a dance? Of course it is. “All you gotta do is hitch up ya pants.” This dance gave nerds in the 90’s hope that they could woo ladies on the dance floor.

To Twerk or Not To Twerk? A Short Analysis


Ever since Miley Cyrus jerked her latex covered behind all over Robin Thicke dressed as Beetlejuice, the media has been abuzz with the concept of “Twerking.” Some people like it, some people think it’s the dance from the devil himself. But how is it different from other booty type dancing? Where did Twerking get its start? Can anyone Twerk? Let’s examine all that and more!

Question #1: What is Twerking and where did it come from?

Ms. Cyrus, as many have already deduced, did not in fact invent Twerking. While it may have its roots in some African dances, specifically the Mapouka, Twerking manifested in the early 90s out of the New Orleans-based bounce music scene,  a hip-hop genre that focuses on call-and response vocals. The first recorded reference to Twerking was found in DJ Jubilee’s “Do the Jubilee All” where he encourages dancers to “Twerk baby.” It stayed as a bounce music idea for the rest of the 90s, being mentioned by Cheeky Blakk in ’95 and DJ Jubilee again in ’97. Finally after the turn of the Milennium Twerking began to hit the mainstream, and was mentioned throughout the first decade by noted artists like the Yin Yang Twins, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Wacka Flocka Flame. According to legend, Miley herself learned to Twerk in New Orleans, and once video of her popping those hips went viral, the rest is history.

Urban Dictionary’s most popular definition defines Twerking as “the act of moving/ shaking ones ass/buns/bottom/buttocks/bum-bum in a circular, up-and-down, and side-to-side motion.” The word possibly comes from a hybrid of the words “twist and jerk.”

Question #2: How Do I Twerk?

Now that we know what it looks like, thanks to Miley, and where it came from, how does one actually “Twerk it.” I will try to describe one way with words, but the best and most helpful way to learn is to watch our short instructional video. We made this video before the term twerking came into vogue. But you get the idea:

If it’s more helpful to you to see steps written out, you can try these simple instructions:

First, put your feet more than shoulder width apart and bend your knees. Make sure your feet are turned outward and your knees are over your toes. Also make sure your back is arched

To start, try placing your hands on your hip bones, thumbs at the back.

If you want your hips to thrust forward, you push your thumbs on your butt bone. Press your hips forward.

If you want your hips to thrust backward, pull your hips back with your front fingers. Thrust your hips backwards.

Once you have that motion down, you can squat down further, move your hands to your knees, or even go with no hands at all! Just go for it: backwards or forwards, or both alternating, to the beat. This is quite a workout for your whole lower body, and your core!

Question #3: Can I Twerk?

This seems to be a question that sparks much debate. There seems to be some people of the opinion out there that one needs a certain type of posterior in order to actually Twerk. Well, it is of the opinion of this reviewer and this website that anyone capable of using their lower limbs can therefore shake what their momma gave ya, regardless of size, shape, or nature of your behind. That said, Twerking is surprisingly physically trying, so those with lower back problems might want to take it easy for their first few attempts.

Question #4 Should I Twerk?

This can only be answered by looking deep inside yourself. Only by exploring within can one know if one holds the true Twerk spirit. Try having a couple cocktails and listening to some bouncy music, and you will find the answer: You’re a born Twerker, like all of us. As a famous Sith Lord once said, “Search your feelings. You know it to be true.”

This guy Twerks better than Miley

This guy Twerks better than Miley




How To House Dance – House Dancing for Beginners

If you can tell the difference between dub step, house, trance, electro, and the noise a dial up modem makes then good on you mate. You probably own a pair of sunglasses and neon lights and hang out with a friend called Molly on a regular basis.

For the rest of us, know this: electronic music is here to stay. And actually, it can be a ton of fun to dance to. Dancing to house, trance, and dub step is great. It’s freeing. There are no lyrics belittling women, and no one around you is paying attention to your dance moves. Mostly because they are all on drugs.

Of course, you’re not here to read through our bad jokes. After all that’s what Buzzfeed is for. Although you can’t blame us for trying : )

You’re here to learn some house dancing moves. Fear not brave electronic dancer, we are here to help:

In this video, we have two house dance steps: “The Jack,”  and “The Skate,” as well as some amazing videos from the Jabawockeez below:

Learn these basic house dancing moves and then take then out to a club or the party.

And don’t forget your sunglasses.

For more simple, practical, “club style” dance moves that you can take to the club tonight, check out our comprehensive club dance system. And because men and women dance differently, guys, you enter here. Ladies, you click here.

Back to how house dancing.

When it comes to dancing to house, the key is to let yourself go in the moment and just dance. And drink. Because when it comes to dancing to house music, there is no such thing as drinking too much.*

And most importantly . . . even though we hate to use this expression:

Just feel the beat.

When the song speeds up. You speed up. Unless it’s too fast. Then master the half beat.

When the song slows down and everyone around looks like a crazy interpretive dancer, join in and dance in slow motion with your favorite Tai Chi move. Actually, that’s why we included the “Silver Surfer” move in Own The Dance Floor. Even though Own The Dance Floor is not made for any one style, we made sure to jam pack this comprehensive club dance system with enough moves that you can use them to hip hop, electronic, reggae, old school jams, slow dancing, and even salsa.

The truth is, moves don’t really “change” from hip hop to house. What changes is the speed at which you’re doing them, and whether you are doing an up groove or a down groove; whether you are dancing to an up beat, or a down beat.

Check out this video from the Jabbawockeez.

This video is from the 2012 World Hip Hop Dance Championships . . . which is crazy because none of the tracks in this video are necessarily Hip Hop. Actually, the music is very much electronic. But even though the music is electro, the moves are still all popping, and freezing, and very much hip hop.

Here’s another video of the Jabbawockeez dancing hip hop to electronic music:

So why are we droning on and on about hip hop moves and what does it mean for you?

If you want to learn how to dance to dub step, to house, and to electronic music, then you should check out our Hip Hop videos, especially “Hip Hop Basics and Beyond” and “Next Level Dancer,” which teaches you the popping, waving, and isolations that you see in the Jabbawockeez videos.

However, if you just want to learn to dance to club music, which combines hip hop with electronic and pop, then our Own The Dance Floor series, which teaches you subtle, simple, “club style” moves is the DVD series for you. You’ll learn versatile moves that you can do to any type of music. We made sure to choose the latest club dance music so you can learn and practice our moves to the type of music you can expect to hear in clubs.

Here’s one more video from Chris Brown that shows how dance music has changed, and how hip hop moves are being used with electronic music.

Welp, that’s about it. Hope you enjoyed our free video on how to dance house, and hope you had fun learning our two house moves!

* That was a joke. Please dance to house music responsibly.

The best of the worst movie dance battles

Everyone loves a good dance-off, but what I love more than anything is a bad dance-off.

These are my Top 10 favorite movie dance-offs that are hilarious and ridiculous. Some of the dancing is actually pretty good – while some of it is hilariously terrible – but each of these scenes is hysterical in its own way.

#10 Once Bitten


Am I the only person who remembers this ’80s movie about a teenage vampire? Despite Jim Carey in the lead role, this scene wasn’t supposed be as funny as it is.


#9 Euro Trip


This one isn’t exactly a dance battle, but he is familiar with over 600 dance moves and he is programed to get… freaky.


#8 Zoolander

Warner Bros

Technically this one is a “walk off”, not a dance off… but it still makes the list.


#7 Take Me Home Tonight

20th Century Fox

He probably totally deserved that.

#6 Austin Powers in Goldmember

New Line

Any dance moves that make Britney Spears blow up can’t be all bad.

#5 Starsky & Hutch


Ben Stiller yet again and he is rocking the denim.

#4 Disaster Movie

Lions Gate

No explanation necessary. Just watch it.


#3 The Baxter


Michael Showalter’s finger waggling alone make this scene worth it.


#2 Cuban Fury

eOne Films

This is by far the best parking lot salsa dance-off I’ve ever seen. This is what every parking lot salsa dance-off should be.

#1 American Wedding


Stifler in a gay bar… if that’s not a winning combination then what is?

Which one is your favorite?

L kick tutorial – B Boy Freeze For Beginners Bonus Free Move

Hey guys, here’s your go-to “show off” move that looks a lot harder than it really is. It’s called the L kick tutorial, and it’s a b boy freeze. Make sure you’ve got some space on the dance floor for this one and bust it out at wedding or party. It’s perfect for dancing in a circle.

For more moves like this one, check out “Get In A Circle And Dance – Breakdance Moves For The Club

Now available as an instant download, you are just minutes away from learning how to dance in a circle, how to breakdance, and how to show off and impress during weddings and parties.

Check out Get In A Circle And Dance – Breakdance Moves For The Club here.

What did you think of this free bonus move? We’re going to upload free monthly dance lessons every month. If there is anything you would like to see, please let us know!

For more moves you can show off with, check out these other videos:


Busta Rhymes Routine

Jimmy Fallon/Will Smith Evolution of Hip Hop

For the “shortcut” to learning how to breakdance, click here.


Busta Rhymes Choreography

Check out with we do in our spare time when we’re not teaching you guys how to dance. Sure you might send a few cocktails flying if you bust out this routine in a club, but you have to give this video a watch:

Learning a routine like this takes practice and dedication. But not everyone wants to learn how to dance like a pro. For easy hip hop dance moves that you can use in the club tonight,  check out “Hip Hop Basics and Beyond” and the rest of our hip hop videos!

Want more cool choreography?

Check out an easy routine you can learn tonight to Scream by Usher

We didn’t put any routines in our DVDs because we know you’re here because you want to learn how to dance socially in the absolute least amount of time. But if you have the time and dedication to really become a great dancer, you should check out some Hip Hop grooves and routines that you wouldn’t necessarily use in a club, but that will get your muscles moving in a new way.

Dancing is all about muscle memory, and by practicing as much as you can, you’ll be looking smooth and confident in the club in no time. In fact, that’s why we released the Own The Dance Floor Elite Series. In our advanced hip hop DVD series, we teach you larger than life hip hop grooves. You’ll learn iconic hip hop dance moves like the moonwalk, and the James Brown. But what makes the Elite Series so incredibly useful, is that you will learn how to move your body in new ways.

Some beginners have trouble with club dancing because the moves are so subtle. By learning how to move your body smoothly and naturally like the pros, you’ll be making everything you learned in club dancing look that much better!

Leave us your comments and let us know what you think! As always, feel free to contact us anytime to ask about our videos, our teaching method, or just to say hi, at support @ learnclubdance.com.

Puppies Dancing (because sometimes, we all need to see some puppies dancing)

In honor of this week’s puppy bowl, here is the best collection of puppies dancing ever compiled on the internet. Get ready to say “Awww,” and remember, it’s never too late to teach an old dog a new trick!

This puppy has some great stage presence!

This video is so good, it might be a human dressed up as a dog:

This dog made it to the pros. Skip to 2:43 to get right to the action:

And of course, things wouldn’t be complete unless we include a puppy moonwalking:

Okay we threw in this one too, because honestly, we just can’t stop. Warning, there may be some “tighty wighties” in this video. But give him a break, he’s foreign.

We can’t stop. We may have a problem. But your co workers are starting to wonder what you’re doing over there giggling and you have to get back to work. So here it is, la finale:

Chinese Food (Official Music Video)

In honor, or dishonor of the new Chinese New Year, grab your chopsticks and dance!

Because sometimes, we all need a cheesy foreign dance video. Gangnam style it is not, but enjoy, and let us know what you think!

The Cyclone Wave

Here’s a bonus waving move to expand on the moves you get in Next Level Dancer

Up-beats and down-beats explained

In this video we take you through how to tell the difference between an up beat and down beat, as well as an up rock and down rock groove. With these simple exercises you will be able to dance to any song that comes on in the club within seconds!