What Your Star Sign Says About Your Dance Style.

Astrology is a fun way to find out more about yourself but did you know you can also use it to determine what dance style best fits you? Read on, it’s a different type of “dancing with the stars”.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Your sign begins the calender year so naturally, you are seen as a leader. This means that you usually are one of the first people to know of the hottest trends. For instance, you knew all about the Harlem Shake before it was butchered on every single Youtube channel imaginable. And while you’re very much a trailblazer, you are also not afraid to help teach these new moves to your friends.

Pisces (Feb 19-March 20)

You’re alluring and mysterious, especially at the club, which is why people are always trying to dance with you. You can successfully combine old school grooves with newer moves, which is a very rare feat to pull off successfully. You enjoy hitting up clubs that offer decade-themed nights and can bust out a mean moonwalk if the occasion calls for it.

Aries (March 21-April)

Adventurous and competitive, you are most likely seen competing in a dance-off, whether it be for cash or just for kicks. You’re often the first person out on the dance floor at a wedding and usually the last to leave. If you see someone dancing with the hottie you want, you will stop at nothing to get them to notice you. You do best at trendy clubs with lots of people, because you always love a competition.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

You are not a fan of change and therefore can be seen at the same haunt every weekend. You also tend to stick with the same drink (Vodka Redbull is a Taurus fav) and stick to the same types of moves. However, because you stick to the same place, you are extremely well-known and liked by all the other regulars at the club.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You are never ever seen dancing without your BFF and are a complete package deal. You also love to travel and are always on the move to try new venues and styles of dance. One weekend you’re taking Salsa lessons, and the next, you’re twerking on top of a bar. This indecisiveness isn’t always a good thing though; you sometimes spend the entire night fighting with your friend about where to go instead of actually going out.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You tend to use dancing as a way to attract romantic attention, so outward appearance is very important to you. You always make sure that you smell great and that nothing your wearing is wrinkled. You research bars that have the most single people before you go out and prefer intimate styles of dance like the Tango.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Eyes naturally gravitate to you on the dance floor because you are a natural dancer! It is impossible for this sign to have two left feet, and feeling the rhythm is pretty much ingrained in your very DNA. However, you may be so caught up in your dancing that you ignore the other people around you, making you seem unapproachable. Your natural skills may also make you the subject of jealous friends.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

You are seen as the ultimate selfless friend and are often the designated driver/ the one wiping puke off your best friend’s dress after a night gone awry. You are graceful on the dance floor but are often preoccupied with worrying about your friend’s shenanigans to really concentrate on your dancing. However, when that one special song comes on, you are all over the floor.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

You are constantly researching the latest trends, hoping to use  them to your advantage when you go out to the club. You spend hours watching YouTube videos of great dancers and more than likely have a “Learn Club Dance” DVD in your DVD player as we speak. You tend to crave expensive and exotic-themed clubs so you will most likely be found at a Tiki Bar or East Asian-themed club.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

You spend a lot of time at the gym and see dance as another way to broaden your fitness horizons. Your repertoire includes a lot of Latin-inspired moves you have learned in Zumba and you have an amazing body from all of the barre classes you’ve attended. While you’re definitely an accomplished dancer, you sometimes forget to let your hair down and have fun when you’re at the club.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Another sign who likes to travel, you have a bucket list of popular clubs around the globe that you would like to see someday. You also feel most at home at EDM and music festivals, where you are not afraid to get down and dirty with nature to enjoy yourself. You’re extremely independent by nature so you don’t like being tied down to one dance partner for the entire night.

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

You are all about the high-rolling, glitz and glamour lifestyle and have the attitude to match. You have never been refused entry by a bouncer and if you have, the management will be sure to hear about it! You tend to use dancing as a way to de-stress after a hard week at work, and often pair your dance moves with several martinis throughout the night.




Dance Floor Alter-Egos

Nervous to Bust a Move? Try One of These Alter-Egos on the Dance Floor

“Just be yourself.” “Be the best YOU that you can be.” We’ve all heard how wonderful our true selves are, but when it comes to dancing at a club or a social event, sometimes just being YOU is simply not going to cut it.

Just being YOU can lead to some really mortifying, let’s-pretend-that-never-happened moments.

So unless you’re 100% confident in your own dancing personality, I suggest trying something/someone new. Even if you just need a little confidence, inspiration, or a quick disguise to get rid of that dude you met that one time that one night who just saw you across the bar, try on one of these alter-egos and be a brand new YOU!

1) The Class Clown
Everyone loves the class clown. This is one of the easiest alter-egos as it requires little to no actual dancing skill. Never told a joke in your life? That’s ok. You don’t have to actually be funny- you’re terrible dancing will do that job for you. Just unleash your wildest, goofiest moves, and people will be howling in no time. The best part about the class clown is that it intimidates no one. Your own confidence in your lack of skill will attract other less-skilled people from all across the bar. Better to be laughed with than laughed at…


2) The Mystery Wo/Man
While the class clown is great for getting laughs, sometimes you’re in need of a more serious alter-ego that can bring in a serious suitor. Unlike the class clown that lays it all out on the floor, the Mystery Woman or Man leaves questions unanswered and desires unfulfilled. To start, you’ll want to dress sleek and sophisticated. Dressing in all black never hurts. Now, stand off to the side of the dance floor, sipping casually on your drink. Don’t appear aloof or uninterested, but rather sway side to side as you scan the dance floor. You’re so mysterious; you have dark secrets from your past and a lifetime of adventures never shared. People will wonder: Why is she alone? Where did he come from? Does she want to dance with me? Who IS he?! These burning questions will leave your pursuer completely perplexed and enamored, just begging to know more.


3) The Foreigner
No dance skills? No bar etiquette? No game? It’s ok! You’re not from here! No one blames the world-travelling foreigner. The foreigner is always more exciting, more interesting, and makes for a way better story than that guy from Michigan. Pick a country you have some basic knowledge of, geographically in the least. From there, you really don’t need to know much more! Just constantly be confused about America and ask lots of questions. Your cluelessness is so adorable they could just eat you up!


4) The Life of the Party
Even if you find yourself crippled with social anxiety and self-doubt, you can still be the life of the party! It’s all about acting. All you have to do is impersonate that obnoxious club-goer you see every weekend who acts like they own the place (think any Jersey Shore cast member). Throw in some fist pumps and shrieks of joy and laughter and you’ll have people fooled in to thinking that you really are the most outgoing party animal in town. It doesn’t matter if you know no one around you, if you would rather be watching Netflix at home, or if your actual dancing is less than impressive. Your seemingly effortless confidence and enthusiasm for the dance floor will attract others. Fake it ‘til ya make it for this one!


So, next time you find yourself at the club feeling a little uneasy, don’t be ashamed to throw YOU out the window. Put on a character or two and see how ya feel. If something goes wrong, blame it on the alter-ego! And who knows, maybe you’ll find that your new persona isn’t that different from the real you after all…

Learn How to Dance

If you’re reading this, then you’ve decided to stop being such a nerd at parties and you want to learn how to dance. If you want to learn how to dance, you need to start with a goal in mind.  Are you dancing for a specific upcoming event? For example, are you trying to learn how to dance at prom? Or maybe you’re just a weekend warrior and want to learn how to grind. Or perhaps you’re one of the brave few who want to seriously take the time and effort to become a truly good dancer.  Regardless of your reasons, you need to start somewhere.

Step 1: Just Dance.

The fact is some people are just naturally better at dancing than others. No matter where you are on the talent scale, this shouldn’t deter you because hard work and consistency will get you to where you want to be. Just take a moment to watch this video of a guy learning to dance over the course of a year:

To learn how to dance is a process. Even if you want to learn a single move to impress that hot girl or guy at your next party, you need to practice a lot. No one completely novice at dancing can learn a complex dance set overnight.

Step 2: Learn some moves

The next step in learning how to dance, after you establish your goals and get a baseline sense of your dancing ability, is to learn some moves. However, before you get overzealous and throw your back out trying to do a headspin, make sure you are picking the moves that are appropriate for your level. If you have previous experience dancing, try something more advanced, like this:

If you’re a beginner, try the knee drop:

Again, it all depends on what your goals are that determines the best kind of dance move to learn. It would be weird if you decided to break out the moonwalk during a slow dance wedding party. Then again, maybe you’re a complete bad ass and have the confidence to pull anything off.

Step 2a: Choose your method of learning

This is important because however you decide to learn, you must stick with it consistently! If you have a problem with self-motivation and need someone to help you, dancing classes is the way to go. Check out websites like Yelp or Google and type in the type of dance class you want.

However, if you have no problem with consistency, then there are tons of free videos online that you can use. Check out the Learn Club Dance channel to start.

However, the thing with free material is that it only brushes upon the different kinds of moves you can do. If you want something much more comprehensive, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a class, pick up a dance DVD.

Step 3: Putting it all together

So you learned a few dance moves and now you want to get out there and start spontaneous dance battles:

Keep up that enthusiasm, but unless you’re the reincarnation of Fred Astaire, take it step by step. After learning a few dance moves, you want to be able to put them all together in one, fluid, naturally occurring motion. What do I mean by that? Well when you learn how to dance, you’ll think of dancing as specific “steps”, but the goal here is to mesh all the steps into one without making it look like you’re thinking of the next move. Take this Usher choreography for instance:

Learning how to dance is simple, but it won’t be easy. But if you keep up with your practice, you’ll be able to smash dance floors in no time.

To speed up the learning process, check out our DVDs:

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Most Comfortable Shoes To Dance All Night In (Wedding Edition)

When I attend weddings, I find myself agonizing weeks before on what shoe to wear, only to be kicking them under the table by the reception so I can dance away without possible injury or embarrassment. While plenty of people opt for the shoe-ditch method, I find it to be kind of gross when you think about it. You have to worry about getting a pedicure or whether or not your feet smell. Why not have a good time while looking good as well?

I find that my go-to shoe for weddings is the simple, tasteful ballet flat. It’s dressy enough to wear with a cocktail dress and practical enough to make it through a round of “Cotton Eyed Joe”. And the great thing about ballet flats is that they’re usually on the inexpensive side and come in a huge variety of colors and styles. Here are a few that I thought would be awesome for a wedding.


Now, if flat shoes are not appealing to you, my next choice would have to be the ever-reliable wedge. Wedges are a relatively-new style invention and offer a sexy amount of height with dance-proof practicality. Some wedges are more casual than others, so make sure you pick one that is elegant enough not to stand out like a sore thumb. You can find closed-toed, peep-toed or strappy varieties. Here are a few of my picks.

5a37730dd98b330a1b89e5fb90a06ccc 78610bb7bc9d0eac6f5d80d44ebe7dbb c09da68f8af04ab3ed23a06516f6169d

Some weddings are a little less formal than others. If you are attending a wedding of a couple who tends to do things a little on the unorthodox side, I would recommend a good pair of Converse high or low-tops. Especially when paired with a suit, they give you a classy yet approachable look that will certainly be popular with the ladies.


My last pick for comfortable wedding shoes is really only appropriate if you are attending a summer, beach or destination wedding. Flip Flops come in all styles, from basic and rubber to bedazzled and leather. There’s a big disagreement in the wedding world over whether or not flip flops are wedding-attire-apropro so make sure you know the personality of the newlyweds before breaking out the thongs.




How to Dance for Beginners

If you’re a beginner, how do you learn how to dance? Well first, let’s explore what it means to be a beginner. Beginners are people who have the absolute bare minimum in dancing experience. These people may have been to a club once, or twice, but instead of trying to dance, they looked like this:

Learn Club Dance

If that describes you, then you’re in the right place. We’ll take you from that to looking like this:

Good kid dancer


He may be just a kid, but he teaches us an important first lesson about dancing: Just dance.  You’ll never be able to get to the level you want to be at if you aren’t able to just let loose and have fun. Just look at Taylor Swift. Horrible dancer, but who cares because she’s having a BLAST:


Once you’re able to do that, you’ll need to learn how to dance to the beat of a song:

The above video is crucial for those who want to learn how to dance at nightclubs and other evening venues where the music is loud and the people just want to let loose.

That being said, not every dance move or lesson you learn will be applicable to every style of dance. If you want to learn how to dance for beginners, it’s important to make this distinction, or you’ll just look silly and out-of-place:


First try this beginner’s dance move first:

Once you get the hang of that, try something a little more advanced:

What if you want to learn how to dance with a partner? The above videos will help you get used to moving your body, but they are really just moves for solo dancing. If you want to be able to dance with a partner, the most important thing is to find a partner to practice with. You can watch all the videos and read all the blog posts you want, but that’s just as useful as a teenager watching a Bruce Lee movie and trying to take on his high school bully. It’s about repetition, practice, and applying what you learn to a live situation.

Let’s say you do have someone to practice some dance move with. Here are a few videos to help you get started:

Simple turn:

Salsa step:

Another thing to note here is dancing with a partner is largely about rapport. One partner leads, while another follows. If both try to lead you’ll get a result to similar to something like this:

Dance head kick fail

Maybe you won’t end up head kicking your partner, but you can definitely count on a crushed toe or two.

Putting it all together yourself can be quite difficult. Our dance DVDs will show you how to pull off the exact moves in this article, as well as help you put them together in a fluid sequence, step-by-step.

Learn club danceLearn club dance women

5 Tips On Staying Sexy All Night Long

You agonize over your outfit and spend hours perfecting your look in the mirror only to look like a hot mess by the middle of your night out. Don’t let this happen to you. Dancing, drinking and having a good time shouldn’t have to wreak havoc on your hotness. Here are five tips to keep you looking fresh and fabulous all night long.

Stay Hydrated! (And we’re not talking cocktails here).  Getting hot and heavy on the dance floor is gonna ultimately lead you down the road to sweatsville. Make sure to drink plenty of water while you’re out there in order to reduce dehydration and fatigue.  Drinking lots of water is also a great way to prevent a pesky hangover the next morning.

OD on Deodorant- Guys and girls, nothing is more disgusting than the smell of B.O. lingering all over the dance floor.  Prevent any embarrassment by liberally coating those pits in deodorant before you step out for the night. I’d suggest using a clinical-strength variety if you tend to get super sweaty. And whatever you do, do NOT try and mask your stench with more cologne/perfume. It just makes the entire situation worse.

Makeup Matters- Why spend hours agonizing over your cat eye only to have it fading and running halfway down your face by the end of the night? Pick sweat-proof and waterproof products that will last. Keep essentials like lipstick in your purse and reapply in the bathroom whenever things start to look off-point. Keep your hair looking soft, sexy and manageable all night by using a anti-humidity spray or gel.

Wear hassle-free clothing: No, I don’t mean show up in sweatpants, I just mean pick an outfit that will allow for a night of fun and dancing without falling down or riding up throughout the night. Nothing is worse than having to worry about a wardrobe malfunction when trying to have a good time. Also, if you’re prone to spilling drinks, I’d suggest leaving your light-colored garments at home.

Banish bad breath: If you plan on being in close quarters with a special someone throughout the night, I’d suggest going through extra lengths to make sure your mouth smells fresh, clean and completely kissable. Brush, floss and use mouthwash before you step out, and make sure to carry a pack of gum or mints in your purse or pocket to nip late-night beer breath in the bud.

While there’s a chance you may get a little sloppy tonight, your appearance never has to look it.

7 Reasons Women Adore Men Who Can Dance

Calling all men! This shouldn’t come as a shock to you, but women love to dance. So, what’s better than being with a man who knows how to break it down? Not much! So, if you need even more reasons to truly believe women adore men who can dance, check out the seven below!

  • It Shows You’re A Fun Loving Person – Think about it, when a guy’s dancing, he looks a lot happier than the guy sitting at the bar or standing against the wall twiddling his thumbs. If you’re out there on the dance floor really working it, it’s hard not to smile and have a great time. And, if you’re frequently dancing instead of slouching with your pinky out, it shows that you’re more interested in having fun than being a fly on the wall.
  • You’re Social and Self-Confident – Helen Fisher, PHD, has gone on the record stating when men are out there shaking it and showing the world their awesome moves, women think that they’re confident in their own capabilities. I mean, if a guy’s willing to get up in front of a group of people and display what he’s got, I don’t necessarily think that others are going to perceive him as an introvert who lacks confidence. Am I right?
  • You Can Move on the Dance Floor = You Can Move in the Bedroom – Yes, yes, unfortunately you can’t predict what a man is going to be like in the bedroom, even after you’ve seen his dance moves, but some women do instantly perceive a correlation and think, he really can dance, he must also know how to please…
  • It suggests You’re in Good Shape – Dancing is energetic! Unless you prefer silently swaying back and forth, dancing gets you up and moving. If you’re willing to shake it and you don’t end up keeling over begging for oxygen by the end of one song, you’re doing alright for yourself.
  • You’re Romantic – Especially if you’re doing the tango or a slow waltz, all of the touching and caressing suggests you know how to hold a woman and what she wants. You’ve practically stepped out of a romantic comedy. Congratulations!
  • You’re Willing to Make an Effort – The truth is, most guys won’t dance when they’re out on the town because they either don’t like their moves or they think it’s “not cool.” If you’re willing to step outside of that predefined garbage, women will most likely think you’re progressive, and willing to do something “she” likes in order to get her attention…instead of just buying her a drink.
  • It’s Been Proven by Science! – Some German researches were so interested in this topic that they decided to do a bit of an experiment. They asked 53 women to watch two videos of men dancing simultaneously. On one screen, a male who was a “good” dancer; on the other, a “bad” dancer. At this point, they tracked the eye movement of the women to determine which dancer attracted their attention. And, with no surprise, most women in the study thought that the “good” dancer was more “attractive” and “masculine.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and work with what your mama gave ya!

How to Dance at a High School Dance

When wanting to know how to dance at a high school dance, you’re going to want to learn some moves that look cool, but aren’t overly sexual or dangerous where you’ll get reprimanded by the watchful eye of the school supervisors. That being said, you will, guaranteed, be involved in some sort of dance circle and partner dancing.

Hopefully your mom won't be there in the circle after she drops you off.

Hopefully your mom won’t be there in the circle after she drops you off.

At high school dances, the dance circles are your opportunities to shine and really impress the heck out of that one guy or gal that you’ve had a crush on since the 5th grade. So as the overweight and just a tad bit creepy DJ spins the bumpin’ beats, you should be able to bust out a sick knee drop to kick things off:

Followed by a cyclone wave:

Then finally, wrapped up with the James Brown:

Now you’ve got the crowd “oohing” and “ahhing”, but then your biggest high school rival shows up to steal your thunder, showing up and being all like:


This is when you need to bring out the real moves. Like the dance moves in this routine:

So now that you served up some of the finest humble pie around, the beats cut to slow music. Now you’re going to have to bring out some of your best partner dancing moves that you know. The moves above just aren’t going to work out when you’re dancing with another. Trying, will only make you look something like this:

Roxbury school dance

So if you really want to know how to dance at a high school dance, you need to learn how to move with a partner. So none of this:


But something similar to this:

And also this:

In a slow dance, one person has to lead while the other follows. Typically, the guy leads and the girl should follow in-step, but it’s perfectly plausible for a girl to wear the pants in a relationship. If this is your case, consider handing in your man card (image source):


We’ve given you the tools to kill it at your next high school dance, but it’s not nearly enough to outshine everyone at your school. So if you really want to be a superstar and learn how to dance at a high school dance, check out our DVDs.


The Steamiest Dance Sequences

They say that you can judge how someone is in bed, by how they dance… If that’s true, then these dancers must be some of the hottest people on earth because these dance sequences are so steamy it’s hard to believe they’re all from movies that are only rated PG-13 or R.

Take the Lead

This tango scene is pretty hot…

…but it doesn’t even compare to this one…


…giving new meaning to the term “it takes two to tango”.

The Thomas Crown Affair

Rene Russo’s dress alone could get this dance scene on the list…

Sin City

It’s Jessica Alba. Enough said.

Shall We Dance

Leave the light…

Center Stage

This might not be the sexiest dance scene, but it is quite possibly the sexiest ballet dancing you’ve ever seen.

Meet the Millers

Jennifer Aniston like you’ve never seen her before…

…in probably the only sexy scene that started in khakis.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Quentin Tarantino’s fans have been talking about his alleged foot fetish for years… and this sexy scene with Salma Hayak just might prove it.

Magic Mike

Really, any single frame from this movie would’ve qualified… but this might be the best one…

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had both long denied that their relationship began while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith… but the sexual chemistry between them is pretty noticeable in this scene…

Years later, Jolie did admit that they “fell in love” during the making of this movie.

Dirty Dancing

It’s no surprise that this scene was deleted from the film.

How Not to Dance With Your Mom at a Wedding

When the big day finally comes, you’re going to have to dances, fellas.  And one of the most important dances is with the most special lady in your life.  No, not your favorite Hooters waitress, your mom.  Here now are a few tips on How Not to Dance with Your Mom at a Wedding.

1. Don’t “Drop It Low”:  Your elderly mother cannot “shaker her money maker”.  Are you crazy?  People are videotaping this.  Don’t scar your kids before they’re even born.

2. Don’t Pick Inappropriate Music:  You need something classy and icon.  Robin Thicke is too sexy and Sex Therapy goes on for like four minutes.  Any song with the phrases “your body”, “got to get with you” and “doin’ it” can also be deleted from the DJ’s iPod.  Do yourself a favor and let mom pick.

3. Don’t Twerk:  Or for that matter, don’t do any dance that Miley Cyrus would do on stage.  Judging by her current hairstyle, do you think she makes rational decisions?

4. Don’t Get Really Hammered:  Sure, you got issues with your mom.  And yes, giving up bachelorhood has made you really really want to get obliterated.  But this is no time to test the tolerance of your liver and how long you can hold back acid reflux.  They’ll be plenty of time for gin and regrets after the reception.

5. Don’t Try a Really Complicated Dance Move:  Yes, you took eight weeks of ballroom dancing and six weeks of salsa to placate your fiance, but your mother has been following your father’s lead for 30 years.  If you do anything but the three or four steps she’s used to, you’re likely to derail her rhythm in front of your entire family.

6.  Don’t Attempt to Make a Viral VideoYouTube videos of people doing funny and/or choreographed wedding dances are played.  Yes, the first few times someone did it, they were funny and charming, but we’re all as sick of them as your Facebook updates.  Just do a normal dance so people can get their cake and ditch your reception.

7.  Don’t Screw This Up:  After her own wedding and your birth, your wedding ranks up there as one of the most important days for your mom.  If you screw up this dance, you’ll be hearing about it for the rest of your life.  Your entire marriage will be a constant reminder to your mother of that “awful day you embarrassed me”.  And every time your mother berates you about it, you’ll get to be berated again by your wife.  So maybe think twice before dismissing those dance lessons.