Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing (Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith)

Check out this funny video from Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith about the evolution of hip hop dancing.

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Moves like the stanky leg, the biz, twerking, dougie, popping, waving, and well, all of the moves in this spoof are available in Hop Hop Past and Present. Check it out!

The Five Best and Worst Celebrities to Have as a Valentine

When it comes to Valentine’s Day and your s.o., things can get a bit routine.  Wouldn’t it be nice to share a romantic dinner with a famous person?  You could dodge the paparazzi and pretend like you don’t want your picture taken and put on a tabloid.  But then there are the drawbacks, like waiting backstage at a talk show and pretending Jimmy Kimmel is funny.  Here now are the Five Best and Worst Celebrities to Have as a Valentine.

Best:  Ryan Gosling:  It’s pretty easy to tune out the paparazzi and fans when you’re hypnotized by washboard abs.  And hey, even if he’s not romantic in real life, he’s an actor.  He can just pretend he’s a character that’s romantic in real life.

Worst:  Mickey Rourke:  You may remember that Mickey Rourke was the Ryan Gosling of his time.  That was before he dropped out of sight, became a boxer and had the ugly stick do a dance on his face.

Best:  Jennifer Lawrence:  Jennifer Lawrence is not only hot, but she’s got more charm than a thousand puppy dogs that were trained by George Clooney.  Well, read, talented and not the least bit pretentious; she’ll readily admit she’ll eat those chocolates you bought.

Worst:  Paris Hilton:  While not technically a celebrity, she is still famous.  Her insane wealth dictates that without insane wealth, you have little hope of impressing her.  Not to mention the danger of video taping her later.

Best:  Jake Gyllenhaal: Probably the only actor to give Jennifer Lawrence a run for her money in the charm department, Jake sweeter than the chocolate he’d probably buy for you.  Who wouldn’t ruin their current relationship to wake up with naked?

Worst:  Tim Tebow:  Yapping all night about football or Jesus is a lose-lose situation.  Sure he’s athletic, but what’s the point if all you’re going to do in the bedroom is watch TV?  Maybe you should pray for a Russell Wilson instead.

Best:  Alison Brie:  That sweet, girl-next-door look is like a ray of sunshine with a really nice rack.  Funny, talented and she can introduce you to the cast of Community.  Hopefully it will be Gillian Jacobs in her underwear.

Worst:  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino:  Wasn’t this musclehead’s fifteen minutes of fame up a half hour ago?  Only someone that’s fried their brain under a tan lamp for too long is going to sign up for this romantic fiasco.

Best:  Chris Evans:  You don’t want to date Captain America?  Are you some kind of commie?!  Evans took a shot from the handsome gun and got a full blast to the face and abs.  Plus who wouldn’t want to go to a screening of Winter Soldier with the star?

Worst:  Amanda Bynes:  Oh, sure, she’s cute, but that’s not going to get you out of the county lock up.  Assuming, of course, you don’t get put through the front windshield because you let her drive.

To Dance or Not to Dance: A Field Manual

After perfecting your dance skills with our videos, you may be tempted to show off your skills, but remember: “everything in its proper place.” To help you navigate these tumultuous waters, we have compiled the following manual.

Dance: At the Night Club
This one’s a no brainer, I mean “Club” is in our title. Whether you’re relaxing with a group of friends or trying to impress the ladies you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Not to Dance: At a Book Club
Unless the book of the week is the novelization of Flashdance, you’d best leave your new dance moves at home.

Dance: After Winning the Lottery
If you win the lottery, you can do whatever you want. And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, buy them.

Not to Dance: After Scoring a Touchdown/Goal/Catching the Golden Snitch
Nothing says poor sportsmanship like showboating. Even if your moves can put Warren Sap to shame.

Dance: At a Wedding Reception
Weddings are all about joy and happiness, and what better way to celebrate than sipping some champagne and busting out your favorite moves?

Not to Dance: At a Funerary Reception
Funerals are about remembering a loved one’s legacy, not shaking your groove thing.

Dance: At your friend’s Holiday Party
Friends, family, and eggnog. Nothing says Holiday spirit like slow dancing under the mistletoe.

Not to Dance: At your office Holiday Party
Dancing at your Holiday Party is like Dancing in Orwell’s 1984. Sure, you can do it, but you better make sure no one is watching.

Dance: When your favorite song comes on
Whether you are in the car or an elevator, everyone is entitled to get a little jiggy to their favorite song.

Not to Dance: Unless it’s the Cotton eyed Joe
This one goes without saying.

Ten Terrible Dance Club Themes

We’ve all been to our share of terrible clubs. But before they create a new reality show called “Nightclub Impossible”, let’s all agree that we can eliminate these terrible dance club themes.

1.  Phat:  Aren’t you sick of clubs that have too many good looking people?  The bouncers at Phat never let anyone under 250 lbs through the door!  And you can get all the cocktails in regular or milkshake form!

2.  Geri’s:  The hottest club for geriatric seniors is now open late until 6pm!  Here you’ll groove to the hottest new releases your grandmother remembers.  It’s bar is fully stocked and a licensed pharmacists is standing by to make sure every dancer doesn’t miss a pill!  Absolutely no one under 55 admitted!

3.  Hot Plate:  Tired of going to dance clubs where everyone just stands around and drinks?  Then you gotta get to Hot Plate!  Upon entering, everyone checks their shoes at the door and when the music starts, we super heat the conductive metal floor!  You’ll dance or you’ll burn!

4.  Asteroids:  Do you lift, bro?  Well, you bettah!  Because no one enters this club without bench pressing 250 pounds, bro!  So what if not that many women get in?  It’s not gay, bro!  No weaklings in this club!

5.  Coldcuts!:  The first deli-theme dance club.  Sure, it’s a little cold, but it would have to be to store all this meat!  Everyone is for sale in this cool club in the Meatpacking District. Just grab a ticket at the bar/counter and buy any piece of meat, I mean person. Puzzling club economists everywhere, prices go down as the pounds go up.

6.  Pretentious:  This is obviously the most important club that has ever been built.  I’m sorry, but if you don’t already know about it, I can’t tell you about it.  The bouncers cannot let you in.  You have to already be in to get in.  But if you did know about it, you’d already know it was the best!

7.  The Wolf of Wall Street Nightclub:  Based on the critically acclaimed movie!  Have a wild time, just like those brokers!  Nothing is off limits in this club!  Drugs!  Booze!  Drugs!  Women!  Drugs!  Insider trading!  Then finish the night by being arrested by Federal agents and having your house and property seized!

8.  Boniface:  Party all night at the only dance club whose theme is based after 6th century pope, Boniface II!  Some people will tell you it was modeled after Boniface I or Boniface the III, but those on the “in” know that Boniface II was the one true party pontiff!  So get down to Boniface and be saved…from a boring night out!

9. Pitch Black:  This darkness-themed club has no windows and no lights!  It’s BYOB at PB, because good luck finding the bar!  You’ll love the feel of our decor, created by one of the hottest blind interior designers in the city! Everyone is a 10 at Pitch Black!

10.  Insanity!:  Some clubs claim to be insane and give you a crazy night out, but Insanity truly delivers!  Here, the bouncers are called “orderlies” and wear white uniforms.  Each dancer is escorted into the club, checked for sharp objects and then set loose on one of six padded dance floors!  You won’t hear music at first, but after one of our bartenders administers Insanity’s patented “calmer”, you’ll hear lots of things!   Mostly, you’re own screaming!


11.  Barn Raiser:  The area’s only Amish themed nightclub opens sharp at 4am!  BR’s dances include literally churning the butter!  Want to sit down?  Better get to work crafting a seat by hand!  There’s not power tools or music because there’s no electricity!  DJ Jebediah just quotes Bible verses and he can quote them all afternoon long!

7 Types of Ladies to Avoid on the Dance Floor

Last week we warned you about the 6 types of guys to steer clear of on the dance floor. Today, it’s the ladies turn. So study up before heading to the club tonight, gentlemen.


The Hive Mind
While the Hive mind is not the only animal that travels in packs, it is certainly the deadliest. This collection of lovely ladies will quickly close rank when approached by an outsider and is more than capable of dispatching of an inferior male specimen.

The Drunken Grinder
This Drunken Grinder can be spotted by her distinctive stagger as she makes her way from the bar. And while this lovely lady’s twerking would put Miley Cyrus to shame one must take care, as she’s been known to take the term grind at its face value.

The Inappropriate Slow Dancers
The music is thumping, the people around you are thrashing and jumping to the beat. Except for you. You are locked in the tender, soul crushing embrace of the Inappropriate Slow Dancer.

The Loose Cannons
If there was ever any doubt that you could have too much of a good thing, the Loose Cannons is your proof. To the outside observer, this generously endowed vixen might seem like the Holy Grail, but one must remember to be careful, otherwise you risk shooting your eye out.

The Dead Weight
Relatively rare at the start of the night, the Dead Weight only begins to emerge as the night wears on. Like something out of a Bob Marley song, this lovely lady has no qualms with leaning on you, the bar, or anything strong enough to support her body weight.

The Adam’s apple
This lovely lady can be recognized by her glamorous dress and killer dance movies. Many a gentleman has been so swept up in her charisma that they don’t even recognize her eponymous Adam’s apple. It makes you wonder, what other bulges she might not be disclosing.

The Wallflower
This lovely lady can be found lurking on the outskirts of the dance floor.  While the Wallflower may seem innocent enough to the untrained eye, one must be wary, for this cherry blossom is really a Venus Flytrap, looking for a free drink and a story to tell her friends at the bar. Talk about a man-eater.

The 10 Stages of Drunk Dancing

When you go to the club, you want to have fun and dance. However sometimes you require a little liquid courage in order to get out there and show your stuff. If you’re insecure about your moves, it might be difficult to put yourself out there totally sober but have too much to drink and you’ll probably embarrass yourself. So here’s a quick look at the various stages of drunk dancing, so next time you can recognize when you’ve reached that happy medium.

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Five Men You Should Avoid in the Club

Sports Guy:  His idea of dancing is tapping his foot while checking football scores on his smart phone.  That Jets handkerchief isn’t there to look cool, that’s the most amount of fan-related crap he could wear and still get past the bouncers.  You missed the five times he tried to walk through in his favorite jersey, baseball cap and lucky sneakers.  Hope you like Sports Bars, because that’s just where he’ll attempt to take you ASAP.

The Dude That Time Forgot:  Midlife crisis much?  Grandpa isn’t here to dance, he’s out to bag some chick half his age. He’ll buy you lots of drinks if you don’t mind drinking some kid’s college fund.  So unless you like gray roots and someone that might break a hip in the middle of a Body Wave, stay clear of this geezer unless you’re looking for a sugardaddy and an unpleasant confrontation with his wife two weeks from now.

Captain Addict:  Look!  Near the restrooms!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Captain Addict!  Yes, Captain Addict!  Strange visitor from another club with far more to drink than normal bar patrons!  Captain Addict!  Who can change a wad of dollars into a tiny bag of drugs!  Snort lines off of bare toilet seats!  He’s  a defender of truth, rehab and whatever it takes to borrow another fifty dollars!

Mr. Honesty-Free:  Most guys are going to exaggerate their resume to impress you, but this guy lies about stuff he doesn’t even need to lie about.  “No, I don’t believe you’re Jay-Z’s cousin, white boy.  And I don’t care that you’re drinking a Mojito, you don’t have to spend ten minutes denying it.  I saw the bartender drop it in front of you.”  Maybe if he actually spent brain power on some decent dance moves rather than the elaborate fantasy world inside his head, you would’ve actually given him the time of day.

Angry McAngryson:  Did you ever see the Incredible Hulk hit the dance floor?  That’s the look this musclehead is going for.  He’s so roided out, he can bare move without knocking into half the crowd.  Unfortunately, that just winds him up as he spills drinks and that gives him an excuse to start threatening people.  Unless you want to relive the several seasons of Jersey Shore live, stay clear “bro”.

Six Types Of Guys To Avoid On The Dance Floor

Every weekend, hundreds of unwary Americans head to the clubs to unwind. But few know the dangers that lurk on the dance floor. Below is a list of some of the hazardous people you might encounter.

Young man in nightclub approaching camera with arms outstretched

The Stomper

Since the very beginning of Dancing there has been the stomper. He is a fool with a heart of gold and two left feet. Many a pedicure and floor length dress have fallen victim to his poorly placed step. While it is advisable to avoid The Stomper altogether, if one must engage with him then it is recommended to bring your steel toed stilettos.

The Frankenstein

Whether he’s doing the Mashed Potato, the Macarena, or YMCA, one thing stands out about the Frankenstein: his Arms. Over extend and over used, his arms often act as a limbo beam for his partner to duck and dodge. It’s best to avoid this guy’s stiffies.

The Minimal Effort Guy

This guy’s favorite dance move is the “Too Cool for School Shuffle.” It is a dance best performed wearing thick rimmed glasses, a beanie, and a Nickelodeon T-shirt. This dance looks deceptively simple, but it takes years of musicianship classes to successful master its eponymous step, which occurs precisely one and a half 16ths behind the beat, along with years of river dance classes to keep his upper body perfectly still.

The Too Much Effort Guy

This guy’s constant gyration makes him look like the prequel to the movie Speed; if his dancing ever falls below 50 beats per minute he and everyone on the dance floor will be blown to pieces by the bomb Denis Hopper’s cleverly concealed in his overstuffed trousers.

The Lifter

Possibly inspired by a past life in the Bolshoi Ballet, this guy is especially dangerous thanks to his penchant for lifting, twirling, and even occasionally tossing his partner. While this might seem like harmless fun at first, one must remember that they are never more than one White Russian away from disaster.

The Escape Artist

Last and probably the least, the escape artist isn’t so much known for his dance moves themselves but rather how he uses them. Each shuffle ball change may seem perfectly innocent, but in fact they are a clever rouse designed to lead his unwary victim to the edge of the dance floor. Be wary if he tries to excuse himself to the bar or the bathroom; as he may never be seen again.

How Your Choice of Drink Telegraphs Your Dancing Abilities

Let’s be honest, when you’re at a club you’re not just dancing, you’re also drinking.  And while small talk and how you dress can telegraph what kind of person you are, your choice of drink can tell a potential dance partner what kind of dancer you are.  So behold the science of mixology combined with the science of danceology!


Tequila Shots:  You like Salsa Dancing.  You’re not very good at it, but after six or seven shots you won’t care.  Enthusiasm counts for a lot.

Rum and Coke:  You can’t really dance, but few frat boys can.  You are really good a grinding inappropriately against hot chicks until they walk away from you and your popped collar.

White Russian:  You drink these because you like pop culture references like the Big Lebowski.  Naturally, your dance move is Gangnam Style unless the Harlem Shake comes back in style.

Mojito:  Like all gay men or metrosexuals, you have many dance moves, but you don’t need to be wearing a necklace of glowsticks to know it’s all about the rave for you.

Coors Light:  Well, Tex, you and your rattlesnake shit-kickers can’t get enough of that line dancing.  As if there were any other kind of dancing to Toby Keith music.

Wine Coolers:  Your big hair and industrial strength tan mean that the Guido fist pump is your favorite move.  Besides, you can do any moves that require head shaking or you’d likely take out an eye with those jangly earrings.

Cosmopolitan:  You love this drink because it’s pink and you won’t spill it as you constantly do the Body Wave, you’re one move, over and over again.  Then again, you’re hot, so the guys don’t care you’re not a So You Think You Can Dance finalist.

Scotch on the Rocks:  You’re too manly to dance.  You’ve come into the club to satisfy your current girlfriend’s desire for a night out.  You spend most of the evening people watching for character traits you can put in your current novel and will probably end up in another three-way with your girlfriend’s female dance partner.

Appletini:  You’re not that hot, but you insist to everyone that you are.  That’s why you’re favorite move is the Cat Daddy, which you learned since watching that Kate Upton video.

Mai Tai: Being fat and a borderline alcoholic has never stopped you.  Whether you’re male and rushing around the dance floor in your Hawaiian shirt or you’re female in a skirt one size too tight, after four or five drinks you have to do that booty shake.




Shit People Say in The Club

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