Why Professional Dancers Are Terrible Social Dancers. Really.

I am a professional dancer. And I hate dancing.

Socially, anyway. Put me in a ballet class or send me to a Broadway audition, fine. Ask me to dance at the club? Oh dear lord…I’m sweating from the fear of just the thought. Why am I so scared to dance for fun, you ask? Because I SUCK at it. I really do.

You may think club dancing comes naturally to me, but no, my ballet and jazz classes from the age of 5 do NOT do me any favors on the dance floor. If anything, my training has only made me a worse social dancer. If you don’t believe me, let me explain to you just why professional dancers are such terrible dancers at the club…

We Think Too Much

Our years of training have left us with the uncontrollable need to analyze everything from our moves, to the music, to spatial patterns. We simply cannot turn off our dancer brain. Am I on the beat? Am I dancing too sharp? Too smooth? Where should my arms go? Why are my legs in that funny position? And while a normal human just tries to follow the steady beat of the music, we find ourselves trying to add interesting syncopations or follow the dynamic changes in the song. For what should be a fun, easy activity to let go of all the troubles in your mind, club dancing has a dancer’s mind running at full speed.

We Can’t Loosen Up
We have spent hours upon hours in dance class to learn where and how to put every body part in the perfect position. Our legs, hands, hips, fingers, and toes, there’s a position for all of them. And when we are on the dance floor, we can’t just let these habits go! Our shoulders are stiff and our hips won’t sway.  We look so uncomfortable, even crippled Grandma Betty is showin’ us up.

Too Complicated

For those of us professionals who do feel comfortable on the dance floor (e.g., hip-hop, jazz, or break dancers), we might just take it too far. When a good jam comes on at the club, you can find us coming up with crazy kick-ass choreography right there on the spot. We may look cool, but this is certainly difficult to dance with and can be quite an annoyance on a crowded dance floor. No one wants to see us show off, and no one wants to try to keep up.

Too Much Pressure

As soon as we let it be known that we are more than just nighttime dancers, but that we are real, daytime dancers too, the pressure that is put upon us to perform is instantly debilitating. “Dance for me.” “Show me what you got.” “Why aren’t you out on the dance floor?” These words are our greatest fear. For us ballet or modern dancers, “showing you what we got” is really not an option. No one wants to see that crazy shit at the club. And for us hip-hop dancers, we really just want groove and chill out, not put on a show for you (you have to pay us for that).  The expectation of greatness is just too much to handle.

So there ya go. Next time you meet a professional dancer at the club, do not be intimidated. If anything, you should expect the worst. Remember to give them a break if they’re not comfortable, and for the love of god, do not ask them to perform for you.

What Are Your Neighbors Shaking Their Tail Feathers To? A State By State Guide

What do you like to shake your tail feather to?

A new study thinks it can guess your answer based on the state you are from.


Learn Club Dance is based in NYC so we’ve got no complaints about Jay Z, but Alabama and Mississippi? Respect.

Also, we are completely blown away by California’s love for Daft Punk. Kudos California. We did not see that coming…

Actually, California keeps taking us by surprise.

A lot of the guys here at Learn Club Dance are bicoastal. There’s a lot of talk in the office between professional dancers and fancy filmmakers about how they are all “bicoastal.” Well this lowly blogger and stats aficionado is no jet setter, but I did happen to go to California for a wedding recently, and I was surprised by how different it was.

Side note, check out this study from the same map guys for the most popular wedding songs around the world.

First of all, you need a car. A good thing, because dancing in your car is a whole lot easier than dancing in front of strangers at a party, but dangerous, because you can go a little crazy being stuck in all of that traffic. Note, still beats riding the subway with the “showtime” kids.

Secondly, wow, everyone is really good looking. Now, I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is. But the folks in LA…they haven’t gotten that message yet.

A city of entrepreneurs. Not everyone is in film. That was a surprise. I met a cat blogger, was invited to a beauty bloggers party at an incredible mansion (seriously, the coolest thing I have ever seen!) and heard countless amazing small business stories. One blog I was put in touch with embodies that spirit and more. Next time you have skin issues or want to get your beauty on before a night out, check out the my awesome beauty blog. I just changed my shampoo and discovered a new soap, and I can’t stop getting compliments on it when I am out. And this lowly blogger will take all of the compliments he can get!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the club and dance scene in LA. More state and city guides coming soon!

In the meantime, check out another cool study from the same map guys on gender listening and what men and women listen to differently. Hint, women prefer Beyonce a lot more than men.

Trance Dance With Yoga

We all know dancing has some awesome benefits. You can burn some calories, impress your mates, and catch the eye of that special someone.

But did you know you can dance yourself intro a trance – all in the name of inner peace and yoga. Next time you shake that tail feather, you can do so knowing that the gurus would have approved.

Not your cup of tea? The jury is still out for us too. But yoga has real benefits, and can even make you a better dancer too.

Learning how to control your body, working on your balance, and especially your inner peace can all help you on your journey to become a dance floor stud. Fellas, you will want to check out this yoga for men DVD over at www.bodybyyoga.training. They’ll whip you into shape without any new age spiritually.

Ten Valentine’s Dates From Hell

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance.  But with everyone’s expectations so high, things can sometimes go horribly, horribly wrong.  Not Bruce Jenner plastic surgery wrong, but still pretty wrong.  Here now are Ten Valentine’s Dates From Hell.

1.  Dinner with the Folks:  There’s nothing that can kill romance and boners quicker than eating with an older version of yourself.  Whose idea was this?  Even your parents want to be alone today.

2.  Dinner at a Super Expensive Place That Sucks:  You finally got those reservations, you planned for weeks, saved your money—  Only one problem: Turns out that expensive place sucks worse than the losing contestants on Hell’s Kitchen.  You and your s.o. spend half the meal thinking of all the cool places you could’ve gone with that money and the food’s so bad, you don’t even ask for a doggie bag.

3.  Weekend at the Overbooked Bed and Breakfast:  It looked so cozy in the brochure, but it turns out that every other couple in the region has also booked this place.  With paper thin walls, you have a front row audio seat to the couple in the next room getting it on.  And by the time you get down stairs for breakfast, all the waffles are gone.

4.  Take Out and Netflix:  You thought a cozy night at home could be romantic.  Unfortunately, you can’t agree on what to watch and the February cold and slow delivery guy means your dinner is about as tepid as the romance.  You try to skip right to the sex, but it turns into a discussion about who cleans what and then a fight.  Happy V-day!

5.  Work Date Lunch:  You thought you’d surprise your s.o. with a work date lunch in the middle of the day.  While it does impress your s.o.’s co-workers, it doesn’t phase the no-life boss for whom he or she works.  You miss your reservations at the fancy lunch place and end up eating Wendy’s in the company break room.

6.  Dinner and the Ex:  You found the perfect restaurant, one of your faves.  Unfortunately, you forgot that your ex introduced you to that place.  You lock eyes with them from across the room and now there’s a whole weird vibe on everything.  You almost leave when the ex starts a competitive PDA contest with their s.o., but you manage to tough it out long enough to skip desert and get the Hell out.

7.  Home Cooked Meal Gone Wrong:  You followed all the instructions on the Internet, but managed to burn the whole damned meal.  Now there’s just a lot of crying and tension.  The mood is about as conducive to sex as stiletto heels are to running a marathon.

8. The Cliched Date:  Your s.o. went through a lot of trouble: chocolates, flowers and rose petals leading to the bed.  It’s a shame he’s less creative than an episode of Two Broke Girls.  His transparent attempt to get you in the sack is about as inspiring as his New Year’s Eve idea of going to Times Square.  Maybe it’s not too late to salvage your profile at Match.com.

9.  The Date That Goes Completely Overboard:  Dinner at a nice place would’ve been fine, but your s.o. spent a quarter of their yearly salary on this night.  Limo, drinks, a show, dinner, hotel and an embarrassing amount of gifts.  Seriously, a puppy and a kitten?  Now they’re fighting and peeing all over the place, while your s.o. tries to get the violin player out of the room so he can make his move.  Now you’ll be spending the next two months hearing how he’s “too broke” to take you anywhere.

10.  The Half-Ass V-Day Attempt:  You weren’t expecting much, but you were expecting an effort.  Your boyfriend unwisely attempts to call restaurants for a reservations ten minutes before you’re supposed to leave.  With no where else to go, you end up in that Sports Bar that he likes eating pub food and trying to talk over a hockey game.  Then he has the nerve to mutter, “Glad that’s over with” on the way back to the car.  Guess whose genitals go untouched that night?

Sexy Moves For The Club – The Comprehensive Dance System From The Backup Dancers To The Stars With Bonus Dance Workout

Format: Color
Region: All Regions
Studio: Nightlife Media Group
Run Time: 112 minutes

Get ready to learn the fun, sexy dance moves you’ve seen at the club and develop amazing confidence on the dance floor, even if you have never danced before!

From the backup dancer to Beyonce, P Diddy, Gwen Stefani, The Black Eyed Peas, Jay Z, and Shakira, comes a revolutionary new dance system that cuts out all the boring choreography, and teaches you the simple, attention grabbing moves you need to be sexy, natural, and spontaneous on the dance floor.

Sexy Moves for the Club has already taught thousands of women how to dance. You’ve seen it on CNBC, Marie Claire, Star Magazine, and on E News, and now it’s your turn to learn how to dance!

Filmed in a popular NYC nightclub, your instructors show you exactly how to “program” each move into your body so you can do them on demand, the moment you get out on the dance floor, without thinking about your dance moves.

Sexy Moves for the Club is conveniently split up into 4 sections. First you’ll get Sexy Moves For Beginners where you’ll learn fun, sexy moves you can use right away. Next, you’ll unlock the secret sexy movement of your hips in “Awaken Your Hips. Then, you’ll learn all of those sexy booty moves you secretly wished you could do yourself in theFlirty Booty Moves section! But that’s not even it! You’ll then use all the moves you just learned to tone your entire body with the Bonus Sexy Moves Workout Remix!

Watch as you tone your legs, arms, and abs as you dance the night away. It’s the fun way to work out, and you’ll love your new arsenal of dance moves! Once you master this simple DVD, you’ll be able to go out, have fun and “just dance” to any song, even if you’ve never heard it before, and without having to memorize even one single routine!

How To Pretend You Are A Good Dancer

If you’re hitting the club or party tonight, or if you need emergency dance lessons for that big occasion fast and you haven’t had the time to practice our moves yet (shame on you!) there are still some things you can do to “fool” everyone to think you are a good (enough) dancer.

1) Sing The Words

If you’re short on some dance moves, one of the best ways to show that you can still have fun on the dance floor is to sing along to the music. So even if you prefer Metallica to Rihanna, check out the current list of Top Club Songs, and listen to them before you go out!

2) Grab A Beer

One of the most common questions we get at Learn Club Dance is what to do with your hands. So to make sure your arms aren’t doing anything freaky, grab a beer when you head to the dance floor and remember: don’t dance with a mixed drink lest you spill that Jack and Coke all over your date’s new outfit, keep your free hand out of your pocket, and if all else fails, just “snap” your fingers. And I know I don’t even have to say it, but I will just in case; please do not fist pump! That’s for fighting, not dancing! Okay, one more thing about beers: Try to hold your drink at waist level. It looks more confident than holding a drink up by your chest!

3)Make Eye Contact

Dancing is all about being in the moment and having a great time. So don’t forget to smile, make sure you’re keeping eye contact with that special someone you’re dancing with, and don’t look around the room! By the way, don’t worry about stepping on anyone’s toes! If you are dancing close enough where you might step on their feet, then they already like you anyway!

4)Copy Everyone Else’s Dance Moves

Don’t know your left foot from your right? No worries! Steal a glance at the other folks dancing around you and just do what they do! Sure you won’t be the best dancer in the club, but you’ll be doing what everyone else is, and it’s a sure fire way to blend in!

5)Dance To Your Partner’s Beat

We have some great free videos on our blog and on youtube that teach you how to keep a beat. But if all else fails, just dance to your partner’s tune and even copy their dance moves (abort if they start twerking!) And if you’re still having trouble, just remember that the beat is not THAT important unless you’re grinding together. If you’re dancing slightly apart, and you’re having fun and smiling, your date will never know you’re not keeping to the perfect beat anyway!

6)Don’t Do The Running Man

A lot of beginners that can’t dance try to make a joke out of it, but it just draws more attention to the fact that you can’t dance. Instead, pick one or two “go to” moves and work on making them look really good! And since you can almost guarantee that a circle will form, especially if you are learning to dance for a wedding, take the time to youtube a move you can bust out in the middle of a circle or check out our video part of the Elite Series we call “Get In A Circle And Dance – Breakdance Moves For The Club.” Busting out even an easy move for a few seconds is so much more fun than saying no when all of your friends are pulling you in.

7)Get Around

For my seventh tip for how to pretend you’re a good dancer, make sure you are getting around through the course of the night. And I know what you’re thinking now . . . but that’s dirty. What I mean is that you should make an effort to not only dance in different parts of the dance floor, but that you should also dance with different people. You’ll be showing everyone that you’re the confident type of individual who knows how to have fun. And who knows, you might even be making that special someone jealous by dancing with everyone else!

>>> For more free tips, overall awesomeness, and instructions for how you can get any ONE of our DVDS absolutely free, check out the rest of our blog!

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Please share these tips. Pretty please?

20 Horrible Ways To Get A Girl To Dance With You

You and your boys are at the club, dancing up a storm. But for some reason none of the girls there are interested in dancing with you (and you thought the worm would get any girl excited). You’re going to have to take drastic measures to dance with a girl tonight. Just don’t try any of the ideas below.

1. Tape dollar bills to your chest.
2. Dare them to do it.
3. Tell them their butt’s on fire and you have to grind it out.
4. Dress up like their best friend and sneak on the dance floor.
5. Pay them $50 to dance with you.
6. Have your friends create a wall of bodies to keep her on the dance floor at all times.
7. Hook a bungee cord in between your belts.
8. Hire a hypnotist .
9. Take her family hostage and demand she dance for their freedom.
10. Pay her $100 on top of that $50 to not call the cops.
11. Bribe the DJ to play her favorite song all night long.
12. Threaten to dance with little sister if she doesn’t.
13. Use a lasso.
14. Get a devil to possess her.
15. Ask a ouija board to see if she a ghost will come down and make her dance with you.
16. Turn off all the lights in the club so she can’t see who she is dancing with.
17. Grease the dance floor so she slides into your arms
18. Hire actors to pretend to be terrorists taking over the club and her one chance to save the hostages is to break it down.
19. Build a time machine to make you King of All That Dance.
20. Hide a magnet in her purse and wear your large metal belt buckle.

10 Best Vacation Destinations for Dancers

Does your idea of a perfect getaway involve shaking your groove-thang at the hippest nightlife our world has to offer? Before you consult your travel agent and pack your bags, be sure to consider these 10 cities where those looking for dancing won’t be disappointed.

Miami, Florida Drink all day. Play all night. Let’s get it poppin. You’re in Miami! Home to some of the states’ hottest nightlife including Cameo, a South Beach nightclub which features some of the hottest DJs the world has to offer. If bumping and grinding near a gorgeous beach is what you’re after, I suggest booking your flight now.

Cabo St Lucias, Mexico is the go-to destination for drunk college kids and veteran vacationers alike. Obviously the place to be is Cabo Wabo, owned by legendary rocker, Sammy Hagar. The place is known for the diversity of its dancers as well as its tequila, so bottoms up amigo!

Amsterdam, Holland We know that nightclubs are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this European city, but Amsterdam actually has some pretty awesome places to let loose on the dance floor.  Famous Amsterdam clubs include Paradiso, Melkweg, AIR and Escape but there is also the famous Red Light district to visit if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Rio De Jenero, Brazil may be the country’s second-largest city, but it is definitely first when it comes to having a good time. Clubs include the swanky and exclusive Miroir as well as the long-running  00-Zero Zero.

New York City is considered one of America’s most diverse cities and the choices in nightlife completely mirror that. Studio 54 and Bungalow 8 are considered to be the birth places of disco, and should be on every savvy club-goers repertoire. And for the more adventurous, check out the dives and hole-in-the-walls that permeate the East Village and the Meatpacking district; some of NYC’s most eccentric areas.

Las Vegas, Nevada is a city that runs on providing people with a good time. There are plenty of clubs to choose from such as the far-east themed TAO and the swanky Marquis, which boasts several DJs and seven swimming pools in its 60,000 square-foot total space.

Berlin, Germany is one of Europe’s go-to cities for nightlife. There are still lines to get into clubs at 9 in the morning and it definitely rivals NYC for the title of “The City That Never Sleeps”. You won’t be able to sleep either as you party at places such as Berghain, which is located inside of an old power plant.

Ibiza, Spain is considered by many to be the mother of all nightclub destinations.  You will find everything from beachfront dancing to nightclubs with music spun by some of the world’s greatest DJs. Space, Pacha, Amnesia and Privilege are considered to be some of the best nightclubs on this party island.

Atlantic City, New Jersey is one of the best party locations along the famed Jersey Shore. Two of the best clubs are HQ at Revel, the city’s newest casino, and the Pool at Harrah’s, where you can dance and get soaking wet all at the same time.

And for Those Who Like Cruises why not check out a Ballroom Dancing Cruise? Several well-known cruise companies all over the world offer these themed cruises for people who love or want to learn how to ballroom dance.

We are lucky to live in a world where people know how to have a good time. Remember to brush up on those dance skills before you start packing. You don’t want to look like the typical bumbling tourist.

Tips on Fighting Your Way Out of a Dance Club During a Zombie Apocalypse

The zombies are coming, it’s only a question of when.  The Walking Dead isn’t just a horrible drama on AMC, it’s an instruction manual on what to look for in a zombie apocalypse.  (Hang with the guy with the crossbow.)  But you’re not some Georgia redneck in the woods, you’re an urban club goer.  You’ll probably be three martinis deep when the undead burst onto the dance floor and start biting everyone in the club.  Here now are Tips for Fighting Your Way Out of a Dance Club During a Zombie Apocalypse.

1. Get your back to a wall:  Even if you’re stuck in the restroom, you need to keep the potential zombies in front of you where you can see them.  With all the lights and noise, you’re not going to hear them coming up behind you so eliminate that threat.

2. Grab a weapon:  Potential weapons found in the club, best to worst:  Fire extinguisher, table leg, knife from the bar, piece of sculpture that’s club-shaped, whiskey bottle and finally, your purse.  Come to think of it, forget the purse unless you’ve got a metal nail file in there.  You’re probably better off punching the zombies with your fist.

3. Repeat the zombie rules:  Remember, there are women here and many of them have not seen a lot of the zombie movies you have.  “Do not let them bite you!  Aim for the head!  Double tap to make sure they’re dead!”  Even the most remedial zombie fighter should be able to grasp these instructions.

4. Head for the roof:  Unless there’s an obvious exit that isn’t choked with panicking club goers or hordes of undead, the roof is your best bet.  Keep control of the access door, find a fire axe and cut out several steps.  Live humans can jump the gap in the steps, but zombies will just fall right through.  And if you have to get off the roof, there’s bound to be a ladder or fire escape that is zombie-free.

5.  Avoid dead ends:  Hiding in the restroom or the DJ booth might seem like a great idea during the initial attack, but these areas are death traps in the club.  With no escape, the zombies will eventually kill everyone, doubling or tripling their numbers, making it easy for them to push their way into whatever little space you thought was safe.

6.  Hit the lights:  What would really help distinguish your average club goer from a blood-thirsty corpse is regular lighting.  Strobe lights and colored lights just confuse everything, so if there’s anyway you can turn up the lights so everyone can see what’s happening in the chaos, you might actually help yourself and others survive.

7.  Ditch the high heels:  Those $300 pumps looked great walking in, but they are useless when trying to outrun a mob of shambling undead guys.  The last thing you need is to break a heel trying to run away.

8.  Cover up:  Zombies are going to try to bite you, so if you can get to your jacket put it on.  The less skin you expose, the less vulnerable you are.

Bonus Tips:  Things Not to Do

1.  Don’t light the zombies on fire:  This just makes them scream more and light other things on fire.

2.  Don’t follow the bouncers:  They’ll be heading right for the zombies under the false impression that they’ll be able to stop them.

3.  Don’t trust someone that got bit:  Someone who is bit will soon be a zombie.  Keep your distance and don’t turn your back.  You’ll be bashing this person’s skull in momentarily.

4.  Don’t bother  to call the cops or EMT’s:  Since it’s unlikely patient zero was in the club at the time of the first infection, it’s quite likely the cops have their hands full all over the city.  Most of the EMT’s and hospital staff are probably dead already anyway.  Anyone that still answers the phone is not going to believe what’s happening until it’s too late.  Call your friends and relatives with guns if you call anybody.