Best Wedding Dance Routines

This seemingly-normal entrance turned funky

This His Vs. Hers Dance Battle

The wedding ceremony that basically turns into a musical

A couple with a love for MJ

And this groovy one

The dance that makes us lose control

 The couple that’s all about dirty dancing

This Breakdancing Couple

These Newlyweds who are in “California Love”


Even Snakes Can Dance: 10 Critters Who Can Bust A Move


If you’ve got any kind of finger on the pulse of pop culture, you’ve seen Snowball’s youtube channel. This sassy little parrot has made a career out of rocking out to the Backstreet Boys like it’s 1999. Check him out:

My Dog Spot

Ok, so it’s not my dog. And it’s name is actually Stuart, but let’s not split hairs! This little fella has the salsa style down pat and errbody knows it.


Little known fake-fact: B-boying started in the Congo. Mighty Joe Young was not-actually the forefather of the dance! But really, here’s one of his descendants making us humans look bad:


To the especially hopeless: let this be a lesson. There’s nothing a catchy jingle and some clever editing can’t fix.

The Superb Bird of Paradise

Last time I tried to puff my head out and hop around a lady, it didn’t go so well. Now it all makes sense:


Didn’t you know? Happy Feet was actually a documentary. Although you’d never guess it from the distinct lack of Morgan Freeman voiceover.


And no, I’m not referring to the big drunk guy that steps on my toes and spills my drink at a Rihanna concert; I’m talking literal elephants. Just keep your martini close.


So you say you’ve got two left feet? Poppycock! Says the charmed serpent. Evolution may not have been kind to nature’s perpetual less-thans, but no one can deny this swag:


They may be skittish, but these little creatures sure know how to bust a move. But of course, it helps when you’re sexy and you know it.

Blue Footed Booby

Sure, they’re not the prettiest birds on the planet, but their colorful feet alone drive the opposite sex cuckoo. Because – duh – gettin’ lucky is all about showing off your best parts.

Iconic Dance Moments You Know You’ve Tried To Recreate

Certain pop culture moments just stay with you after you’ve seen them. They’re not necessarily the best scenes from movies or television or music videos, but for whatever reason they’ve stuck with you over the years. Any of these scenes might’ve been part of your childhood experience or remind you of a certain point in your life. Maybe you’ve watched them over and over… maybe you and your friends tried to reenact them. (If you haven’t tried to recreate at least one of these moments then you probably at least wish you had.)

These are some of my iconic pop culture dance moments. If you’re near my age, you’ve probably done at least one of the things on this list.

The “lift” from Dirty Dancing
(especially in a swimming pool or lake)


Any of the moves from the library scene in The Breakfast Club


Pee Wee Herman’s “Tequila!” dance


Will and Carlton’s “Apache” routine from Fresh Prince of Bel Air


The Kid ‘N Play dance from House Party
(my personal favorite, I do this every chance I get)


Snapping like you’re in a West Side Story gang


Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video


Were you born to hand-jive in Grease?


Dancing on the bar like in Coyote Ugly
(Bonus points if you got more than two steps done before they kicked you out)

coyote ulgy

Dance without pants like Tom Cruise in Risky Business


Fist pump like you were on The Jersey Shore


Headbang in the car a la Wayne’s World


Anything John Travolta does in Saturday Night Fever


Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the VMAs


Five Commercials With Incredible Dance Moves


While commercials can be an annoyance when interrupting our favorite shows or music videos, they also often charm us with their catchy tunes and funny set-ups. As Mad Men teaches, advertising has long informed culture whether we like it or not, but these five commercials have such great dance moves, we certainly don’t mind!

#5 Microsoft Surface



In 2012, Microsoft debuted their new campaign for their tablet with this flawlessly choreographed, step dancing influenced ad. While it had leaked on Youtube, it made its grand debut during an episode of Dancing With The Stars, unsurprisingly. The ad features many notable dancers pulling their best moves, including head spinning and some out of this world flips. The incorporation of the product itself into the routine is so seamless and innovative that you almost forget you’re watching a commercial!


#4 Ipod Silhouette Commercials




Apple’s iconic campaign from the early 2000’s defined Apple products with unique color schemes, fly music, and extremely hip dancing. Not every ad featured daring movement such as the screen grabs above, but they all are infused with an exuberant groove that was so powerful it captivated the early Millennium generation.


#3 Target Dorm Commercial



This 2008 ad features two new dorm-mates meeting for the first time, and designing their new living space together by way of a good-natured Step Up influenced dance-off. The two really do create the perfect dorm room from any college girl’s dreams, and pull some amazing stunts while doing it.


#2 Gap Khaki commercial




In the optimistic times of the late 1990s, swing music and fashion were just starting to make a comeback in a big way. Gap solidified this trend by their energetic, bouncy, and boundlessly gleeful commercial from 1998, where professional swing dancers spun, kicked, and triple-stepped their way into advertising history.


#1 Pepsi Generation Michael Jackson



Going back even further in time to the 1980s, at the zenith of Michael Jackson’s power, we see an adorable group of children perfectly imitating Jackson’s signature moves to the tune of Billie Jean. This ad has got everything: the shoes, the sparkling glove, and that unforgettable moonwalk. Pepsi has always used pop stars to create exciting ads, and this classic is no exception. When Michael sings “You’re a whole new generation,” to the children and the audience, it’s hard not to feel a touch of nostalgia.



12 Dance Tips We Can Learn From Animals

1. Practice makes perfect. 


2. It’s okay to lose yourself in the music. 

slide_303944_2588201_free (1)


3. You were blessed with a mighty fine backyard. Remember to use it. 

funny-animal-gifs-otter-dance (1)

4. Same goes for those hips. They never lie. 


5. When the beat drops, so should you.


6. Don’t be afraid to bust out some moves you learned in Zumba last week.


7. It’s okay to create your own moves if you’d like. 


8. But you can never go wrong with a little Cha Cha.


9. Your friends can make the best dance partners.

download (4)

10. Other times, your sexy self is all you need.

download (3)

 11. Being a creep won’t score you a hottie.

download (1)

12. But being yourself certainly will. 


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Puppies Dancing (because sometimes, we all need to see some puppies dancing)

In honor of this week’s puppy bowl, here is the best collection of puppies dancing ever compiled on the internet. Get ready to say “Awww,” and remember, it’s never too late to teach an old dog a new trick!

This puppy has some great stage presence!

This video is so good, it might be a human dressed up as a dog:

This dog made it to the pros. Skip to 2:43 to get right to the action:

And of course, things wouldn’t be complete unless we include a puppy moonwalking:

Okay we threw in this one too, because honestly, we just can’t stop. Warning, there may be some “tighty wighties” in this video. But give him a break, he’s foreign.

We can’t stop. We may have a problem. But your co workers are starting to wonder what you’re doing over there giggling and you have to get back to work. So here it is, la finale: