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Which Artists Are Still Using Hip Hop?

Nowadays not very many musical artists are using actual Hip Hop dance and instead have opted for more of a jazz funk style of movement that has become synonomous with music videos and concert tours. Artists like Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, Neyo, Rihanna, and more all utilize jazz funk type choreography but are often labeled as “Hip Hop”.

In my opinion the only mainstream artists that are still using real hip hop styles of dance are: Chris Brown, and Missy Elliot. Both of these artists have featured legendary Hip Hop choreographers on stage and in their videos. Names like: Poppin Pete, Mr Wiggles, Buddha Stretch, and many more have all been seen lending their moves to these iconic artists concert tours and music videos

It only takes a few moments of watching these artists perform to understand the differences between the mainstream “jazz funk” style of commercial choreography, and the real freestyle based “Hip Hop” style of choreography.

Check out Chris and Missy’s many music videos on youtube today and see for yourself!

Here is a link to Chris’s new video for “Fine China”  His two main dancers Hefa, and Timor are so smooth with their movement! check it out!

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