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How To Grind Dance | Grinding Dancing Lessons | Dance Grinding Moves

Get ready to learn exactly how to grind in clubs . . . learn how to approach anyone on the dance floor with confidence and ease, and learn today’s hottest and sexiest grinding dance moves . . . and dance the night away with the girl or guy of your dreams!

Men and women dance differently. Simply select which style you would like to learn below:

Club Dancing for Men Club Dancing for Women
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When you click “Learn More,” you’ll discover exactly how to dance at a club and exactly how to grind dance . . . with everything from simple, subtle, and sexy dance moves you can do while dancing apart, to smooth transitions you can use to break the ice, to fun, steamy grinding moves you can do to really turn up the heat on the dance floor.

We’ll reveal all of today’s hottest grinding moves and techniques, and we’ll break down every move step by step so you can start grinding in the club smoothly and naturally tonight!

Created by the backup dancers to the stars, our instructional dance videos will teach you today’s hottest dance moves designed for the absolute beginner in mind.

We tested hundreds of different club dancing and grinding moves to find the hottest, easiest to learn dance moves that are subtle, sexy, and practical to take to the club.  

And we selected the grinding moves any beginner can do with just a few hours of practice . . . even if you have never danced before.

Learn More Inside:

Just select which DVD option you prefer and click the “Learn More” buttons below to get instant access to free tips and video previews.

Club Dancing for Men Club Dancing for Women
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