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How Has Hip Hop Changed?

Hey all! Today I want to talk a bit about how hip hop has changed over the years both as a culture, and also as a style of dance.

Hip Hop as you know started first as a cultural movement in the early 1970s by the youth of the Bronx in New York who were disenfranchised with the status quo at the time and wanted a positive way to release their frustrations and also inspirations through artwork, music, and dance.

In the beginning Hip Hop started as a cultural movement but quickly started to shift into a pop culture phenomenon once people realized they could profit off of the high demand for Break Dancing, Rap Music, and Artwork in the form of Fashion. Once this shift started the main purpose of commercializing Hip Hop became profit and the cultural aspects began to dissolve.

As a musical style most commercial “Hip Hop” is more of a blend of some Hip Hop influence and mostly pop music. Finding authentic Hip Hop music has become much more underground, while the vast majority of commercial Hip Hop is about capitalizing on whatever fashion or celebrity scandal is the most current and relevant.

In short, Hip Hop has changed greatly as a culture and much of the original message has been lost.

Hip Hop dance hasn’t changed much in regards to the individual styles: Breakin’ is still Breakin’, Poppin’ is still Poppin’ ,but many of the originators of these styles either aren’t teaching any more or are very displeased with how hip hop dance is viewed by the public. The reason is because T.V. shows are showcasing watered down Hip Hop dancers with weak fundamentals which is not reflecting well on the dancers who came before and paved the way for what Hip Hop dance has become.

Do yourself a favor and research the originators of hip hop dance:

Mr. Wiggles

The Electric Boogaloos

The Lockers

Crazy Legs

Poppin Pete

Brian Green

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