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Why Don’t Guys Dance?

A quick, even WEIRD history of guys learning to dance… Imagine walking into a club, party, or wedding, and having your choice of who you want to take dance with. Imagine being able to approach any woman (or even just that one special one) on the dance floor with complete confidence, knowing you’re about to […]

Trance Dance With Yoga

We all know dancing has some awesome benefits. You can burn some calories, impress your mates, and catch the eye of that special someone. But did you know you can dance yourself intro a trance – all in the name of inner peace and yoga. Next time you shake that tail feather, you can do […]

Sexy Moves For The Club – The Comprehensive Dance System From The Backup Dancers To The Stars With Bonus Dance Workout

Format: Color Region: All Regions Studio: Nightlife Media Group Run Time: 112 minutes ASIN: B0010F8JFM Get ready to learn the fun, sexy dance moves you’ve seen at the club and develop amazing confidence on the dance floor, even if you have never danced before! From the backup dancer to Beyonce, P Diddy, Gwen Stefani, The Black […]

How To Pretend You Are A Good Dancer

If you’re hitting the club or party tonight, or if you need emergency dance lessons for that big occasion fast and you haven’t had the time to practice our moves yet (shame on you!) there are still some things you can do to “fool” everyone to think you are a good (enough) dancer. 1) Sing The Words […]

A Science-y Guide to Choosing Your Cologne

It’s no mystery: he who smells sexy is sexy. Finding the right fragrance can be your ticket to success, be it on the dance floor, in the office, or in the bedroom. But how, you ask, do you champion your man stink? Make An Impression People don’t forget a smell. Think about a high school […]

Dance Floor Alter-Egos

Nervous to Bust a Move? Try One of These Alter-Egos on the Dance Floor “Just be yourself.” “Be the best YOU that you can be.” We’ve all heard how wonderful our true selves are, but when it comes to dancing at a club or a social event, sometimes just being YOU is simply not going […]

Easy Dance Moves for Guys

So you went to the club last weekend and noticed everyone doing the same thing: grinding. There’s nothing wrong with the grind, but let’s be honest it definitely tends to look and get a bit robotic at times:  Throwing some new dance moves into the mix will definitely impress some ladies. Try out some of […]

Learn How to Dance

If you’re reading this, then you’ve decided to stop being such a nerd at parties and you want to learn how to dance. If you want to learn how to dance, you need to start with a goal in mind.  Are you dancing for a specific upcoming event? For example, are you trying to learn […]