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Free Bonus Video from the Elite Series

Just imagine doing this move out on the dance floor at party, a wedding, or anytime a circle forms. Imagine dropping down to the dance floor and twisting your way up.  You’ll get this move, along with dozens of others you can do to really awe and impress your friends! I hope you had fun […]

Free Elite Series Move 3 – Dougie

  In Own The Dance Floor, you’ll learn the hottest dance moves from today’s hottest dance moves, and you’ll be able to bust them out on the dance floor at your next wedding, party, or club. It’s a completely innovative way of learning, and you’ll see your body transform after just a few hours of practicing. Find […]

Free Elite Series Move 2 – The Jerk

  I hope you had fun learning this move!  To find out how you can learn the rest of our iconic hip hop dance moves, click here! Own the Dance Floor, the Elite Series is divided into 5 DVDs.  “The Jerk” is from Hip Hop Past and Present, which shares the hottest dance moves you’ve […]

Free Elite Series Move 1 – The James Brown

  Own The Dance Floor, the ELITE Series is a must-have for anyone who wants to become an amazing dancer. If you’ve completed the Own The Dance Floor Series, and you want that smooth and natural look that the pros have, then there has simply never been a better way. You’ll learn how to practically […]