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20 Dance Moves You Can Use In Every Day Life

The dance floor isn’t the only place you can use your sick dance moves. Every day is a opportunity to show the world what you got. Use these ideas to cut a rug, even when you are just shopping for a rug. 1. Back Slide into the bath tub. 2. Go Around the World into […]

5 Best Dance Scene From Movies

Movies. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us DANCE? That’s right. Sometimes a movie is just so much fun they have to dance in the middle of it. Audiences love it and depending on who you have dancing you could a real Hollywood moment on your hands. Don’t trust me? Then […]

5 Best Places To Dance Outside Of The Club

Don’t have enough money for the cover charge? Hate pushing your way through crowds just to get a drink? Would you rather pull your eyelids off than watching douche bags spill drinks on your shirt? Then maybe the dance club isn’t the best place to get your groove on. Check out these ideas to cut […]

5 Dance Trends You’ll See In 2014

Dance trends come and go. One day you are galloping to Gangham Style the next you’re putting on a mask and dancing on your desk to the Harlem Shake. But what dance moves are going to get us out of our chairs in 2014? Check out our hot predictions and get those dancing shoes all […]